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  1. Very nice guide Ruger, I hope everyone reads it before trading on Wurm.
  2. In-game, not on the forums.
  3. I don't really know what's happening, I think they just tracked the coins and I was unlucky enough to be in possession of them. Pretty much out of my hands now, as the funds were "gifted". You were lucky to get out of your trade with him Kegan when you did.
  4. Face to face trade, not cod, as I was in the area. Yeh Enki has been pretty helpful.
  5. I'm not planning to start a buying/selling dealer type thing, I just saw some silver going for cheap and knew it would sell for me. Please don't think I plan on starting a silver dealership
  6. Like Keldun said, I thought I would buy some, then auction off what I have in 2, 1g auctions, starting at what I paid for it. Sure I was only standing to make 20-30e, but I'm at college and that's 5-6 hours work pay for me, which is quite a nice bonus to make flipping what I thought would be an easy profit. Some people disagree with that sort of practice, but in my mind it's a legitimate way to earn some extra beer money, although now I'm down ~10 hours work. Oh well, good job I'm a gambling man haha.
  7. The account I delt with was nearly 2 years old, I reckoned that was a good indicator. Do you have any idea if people do get their stuff back in this situation Alyeska? I'm pretty concerned, as I did spent real money on the silver and my account. It's been a couple of days already and communitcation with the GM's is somewhat slow. They have a lot to deal with, I know.
  8. Alright, so it's not a purchasing thread, but I figured this is where most people would find the information useful. A few days ago, I purchased some silver from an account called "Kayze". I got it cheap as he was apparently quitting and needed a fast sale. The deal went through fine, I got my silver, he got his euros. The next day, I go to log into wurm and find my account is banned for reason "Scamming". After seeing that, I decide to check out the forums and message a GM to try and resolve the issue, as the deal I made with Kayze went by with no complaints on either end. After some research, I find that Kayze, who I bought the silver from, appears to have scammed it from someone and then sold it on to me. I know this must suck for whoever he scammed, but now, I'm down my real euros, my entire in-game bank, not just what he sold me PLUS my account. All because I traded with someone who obtained their gold from illigitimate sources, even though the deal I personally made, went without a hitch. A word of warning to you all, please only buy from reputable sellers as of today and I'll *hopefully* see you in-game at some point in the future if/when I get back my stuff. Trade safe, people.
  9. I'm with Protunia on this one. F2P is a demo and should be treated as such. As for spawning on home servers, a couple of hours can get you there quite easily via boat or even swimming.
  10. Contacting Gm

    How do I contact a GM if I cannot login?
  11. Starter sickle - Very good idea as long as you're taught how to use it in the tutorial also. No-Drop Compass - I've never used a compass in Wurm. There's no need to and it'll only make people more lost I feel. Simply paying attention to deed names, landmarks and where you're walking, you can navigate perfectly well.
  12. Yeah, Im just editing them together now *Edit: Pictures added. They are a little large, but it lets you be able to read them clearly. Sorry to anyone with a slower connection The bsb's on deed contain around 20,000kg of logs, 600 cotton and 1000 wemp.
  13. SOLD - PLEASE LOCK/CLOSE Hi everyone, due to some unforseen financial situations, I am going to have to sell the account I bought only a week or so ago. The account comes with 25 silver in it's bank account, several very good horses and a large number of enchanted tools, 96Ql fireworks, enchanted armor + weapons, a few bsbs filled with resources and a food storage bin with 1000's of corn and cooked meat. Details of the deed are below the skill dump. The account is "Nymander" and is currently at my deed on the Independance server. It has premium until the 11th of September. LVL 6 path of love 5 hours sleep bonus no warnings and still has his transfers Skills dumped at 21-Aug-2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 7.6623135 Tracking: 10.76493 Milling: 14.498946 Coal-making: 21.065777 Prospecting: 40.420242 Polearms: 4.0541143 Halberd: 5.989065 Long spear: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Religion: 3.8711147 Prayer: 8.509295 Preaching: 2.0 Healing: 15.659058 First aid: 32.10265 Archery: 17.344305 Long bow: 1.9797745 Medium bow: 9.568749 Short bow: 9.005376 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 10.689967 Shields: 8.618001 Large wooden shield: 11.085708 Medium wooden shield: 1.099 Large metal shield: 1.1011244 Small metal shield: 1.0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Axes: 29.500235 Huge axe: 4.783121 Large axe: 19.537407 Hatchet: 36.81774 Small Axe: 1.0 Swords: 17.009304 Two handed sword: 9.161451 Shortsword: 1.7648487 Longsword: 25.3775 Knives: 27.8667 Butchering knife: 38.059067 * Carving knife: 25.4279 Woodcutting: 56.84129 Mauls: 23.867138 Small maul: 2.0629077 Medium maul: 40.916656 Large maul: 1.1518539 Carpentry: 65.71037 Fine carpentry: 38.00352 Ship building: 44.66552 Fletching: 25.124788 Bowyery: 19.000092 Nature: 35.09768 Gardening: 21.296078 Fishing: 6.511844 Animal husbandry: 43.54963 Meditating: 20.306087 Milking: 7.560654 Farming: 50.01627 Forestry: 23.042189 Botanizing: 22.586136 Animal taming: 18.052635 Foraging: 16.856047 Cooking: 21.701086 Dairy food making: 4.8555107 Hot food cooking: 42.152916 Baking: 4.6764364 Beverages: 4.113162 Butchering: 25.729862 Fighting: 62.281162 Shield bashing: 3.5261352 Taunting: 2.3919196 Normal fighting: 44.239956 Defensive fighting: 13.067971 Aggressive fighting: 2.66478 Weaponless fighting: 1.6237787 Alchemy: 11.4203615 Natural substances: 26.023867 Miscellaneous items: 56.231144 Stone chisel: 28.257568 Hammer: 52.171875 Sickle: 20.023947 Scythe: 14.497432 Repairing: 41.3981 Saw: 10.896053 Pickaxe: 66.27925 Rake: 37.55337 Shovel: 49.742657 Pottery: 10.897801 Firemaking: 19.227137 Digging: 67.11341 Mining: 63.138134 Smithing: 45.35566 Metallurgy: 15.487959 Jewelry smithing: 43.762882 Locksmithing: 7.1084943 Blacksmithing: 54.382267 Armour smithing: 21.2267 Shield smithing: 50.20524 Chain armour smithing: 30.054533 Plate armour smithing: 20.131945 Weapon smithing: 33.02384 Blades smithing: 26.84142 Weapon heads smithing: 28.417196 Ropemaking: 22.409777 Masonry: 59.360268 Stone cutting: 40.37288 Tailoring: 24.70866 Leatherworking: 54.30567 Cloth tailoring: 33.388054 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 23.50062 Soul strength: 24.366823 Soul depth: 24.149342 Mind: 29.113882 Mind speed: 21.105179 Mind logic: 34.01217 Body: 36.144547 Body stamina: 27.225357 Body strength: 34.1199 Body control: 28.684961 The deed is located at 20x, 39y on the community map. It is called "Skylit Shore", however on the community map it is still called "Deworio". The deed is 31 x 49 in size and has an upkeep of 3s 3c 80i per month, with over 8s in its coffers. (Enough for over 75 days). The deed is semi-terraformed however I have yet to build anything on it apart from a 2x2 pens for my horses. There are 6 Iron veins and a silver vein with the entrances on-deed. Also included is a sail boat. The deeds expands out into the water where the dock is. This can very quickly and easily be raised to create somewhere around 200-300 more tiles within the deed as the water is very shallow around the edge. The auction will run for 3 days and will finish at midnight (gmt) on Friday the 24th of August. I am only accepting paypal. Starting bid - 50e (Minimum increase is 1s) Happy Bidding and Good Luck!
  14. ...You call the police and inquire about KOS'ing that door to door salesman that's been calling at your house every day