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  1. Wurm Online has to be the cause, these problems only happen when I open the launcher.
  2. Whenever I try to open the Wurm Online Launcher, the launcher window moves away whenever I try to mouse over it, which means I can't click the "play" button, not sure what is causing it. Another problem, earlier when I was able to get into the game, whenever I tried to click anything other than Wurm, I couldn't click it. Anything running my explorer.exe was basically frozen while playing Wurm. I had to exit out and then end task explorer and reopen it. Earlier today I installed Java x64 because I got the constant crashing, but the problems just started happening about two hours ago. Anyone else have these problems? Anybody know the cause? Reinstalling wurm isn't the best option for me, considering I can't cap 1 MBPS DL speed usually.
  3. Id like to join too. Deed I was in got ruined and everyone went their separate ways. I died and lost everything. Been playing for five months though.
  4. 2 Silver is $2 worth. 100 Iron > 1 Copper 100 Copper > 1 Silver 100 Silver > 1 Gold Don't let people trick you. And Good luck getting there!
  5. Post image, Direct link Copy, paste into forum.
  6. So, things like tables and other decorations could be used to hold objects such as Cooking items, Cloth items, And / or one corpse (Max weight 50.00 It can hold)