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  1. Nighthome online

    Server updated to 1.915 Join Nightworld h Free deeds we need players to tame the land!
  2. Nighthome online

    Hi Well it's been a busy month I now have permanent home and the server is official. We have 3 active player and about 20 unique signups I looking to get at least 20 active players so we can get a real economy going! Join Nightworld h
  3. Coal mine

    Coal should be a resource for steel making gathering 20 logs to make charcoal is very time consuming
  4. Nighthome online

    Our server is really starting to get going we now have 4 active players. Our economy is started we have Copper Mine , Iron mine , Black smith and Farm Still lots of room to stake your claim Join Nightworld
  5. Nighthome online

    I know My server is only a few days old. I know most people are Leary of investing time in new server and have had many last few weeks and go down change and or disapper That is why I don't play on other people's servers Know that My wow server has been online for over 10 years and still is It never had reset only updates and anybody who created a account still has one. I think I am probably one of the oldest if not the oldest private server although never popular 20 active players with maybe a few hundred signed up My DnD gane lasted 20 years the only reason it stopped was all the players were entering their 30s and 40s and did not have time to play any more ...although I am getting requests to resurrect it I been looking at wurm for years and decided to commit to this game...the server will continue to run as long as I can maintain a pc I wont say never but I will be very unlikely your work will be lost unless there is some sort of decay system or somebody takes over destroys it....the map will not be reset or the server shut down...and will continue for the foreseeable future as long I can run the software
  6. Nighthome online

    While I am neutral about PVP I believe it should be allowed but with consequences and have reason not just to destroy a players work but if there is reason in the story . Eg a evil group of bandits take over a village burn crops rob trade...the good guys for a group to remove them. There has to be reason for pvp and consequences like the area becoming hostile to you if you commit pvp Not Pvp for no reason just because you are bored so you destroy other peoples work. I know it's fine line and some people just want to gank but I hope it does not happen on my server And I discourage it
  7. Nighthome online

    Wonderful thing is even with just 4 people we are starting to develop into a community 4 people on Ark or Conan would be gearing up for battle killing and Raiding each other. Because the skills in this game encourage people to work together there is so much potential here
  8. Nighthome online

    Agreed...I did remove the password although I would like my players email just for contact info to make communication easier and to know who is on my server BTW we are community of 4 not many for village yet but at lest its something... people haven't settled into trades yet but I am sort of tending tword smithing Today built a cart Found a source of iron been prospecting for one for 4 game weeks so far Will be setting up a blacksmith shop in the next few sessions
  9. Nighthome online

    Who said I was insulting people just comment on general attitude Sending a email to request a password is a lot less invasive than what a wow server asks for. I just wonder how much effort a person will put into the server if they wont even send a email That said the player base is so small and the competition to start a sever you can't afford to insult or reject anybody who will try your server. BTW had 3 people sign in yesterday so it's good start considering the player base hope to get few more people!
  10. Nighthome online

    Have 3 players signed up considering the base is doing ok...but going to take a long time before I have viable community Had some fun meeting new people hope to get more to try the server I also took off the password in hope to entice people to try seems to much effort to send a email to request the password
  11. Nighthome online

    Thanks hope you find a server that meets your needs
  12. Nighthome online

    I tend to think the opposite in my 40 yrs experience as gm. I set a general very vague story to start then I develop what the players want while keeping the background story line going toward it's goal I will not radically change the base server but I will add things to aid what the player is doing. My hope is the players become part of the world effect and build stories that others can take part in I will provide infrastructure that players can't provide for themselves but hoping I wont have to do much. My main problem I see is small player base spread over many servers What will be unique about my server is that whatever work you do will not be erased by sever ending or restarting except if it's a game breaking exploit. Expect it to be very long term project. My DnD campaign ran over 30 yrs and 1000 game years. My wow server replaced my dnd game And now I hope this wurm game to continue that . I will add things to make the server living world but I might add maps as travel server but wont erase this server and only mods to add the pliability not change the game. I hate playing on other servers because they end or the owner gets board And official severs cost money and sometimes change the game so much it's different game eg WOW and cataclysm and linage 2 If you join my server you will always have place to play the game as it was meant to be played in law as well as spirit I don't commit to this lightly I am under the obligation to other people who invest their time and money and my enjoyment comes from seeing them having fun,
  13. Nighthome online

    Right now my server is blank slate It's totally vanilla and default what is will develop into I honestly don't know because I just learning the wurm system and wurm has so much potenail What I want if I get enough players is vibrant living world with politics and diplomacy between player groups with living economy and trade Some pvp but with consequences. Not just people raiding each other for raiding sake like most survival games A world with Kings, adventurers ,merchants and bandits a where you can be unique I feel wurm might have the potential to this But this is long term project like my wow server will be online as long as there is system that can run it.. I am starting it on my pc but as it scales up I have friend who owns a server farm and will migrate there .
  14. Nighthome online

    Ok thanks I learning the worm system what works and what doesn't . When I started my WOW server it was just a map with wow characters as it developed into wotkl just before cata ruined the game....now is 99.9% functional I hope my wurm game will develop the same way....I will start with vanilla and add features over time that players make the server fun. But I will not add anything that is not thoroughly tested and does not fit with the original concept of the game world I also had over 40 years of experience running a DnD campaign so I know how to develop a world with adventure and story. I feel the wurm system has great potential to develop a great character driven world I have 10 people interested but not ready to commit the time yet
  15. Nighthome online

    Simple It's a default server until I see what my players want and interested in I wont put all sorts of crazy mods etc that I will have to reset in few weeks...this is long term project like my wow server I might add other maps etc but the main sever will be using the base maps I will use server travel to add new maps if people want it. As far as mods and other features I will be very careful and see it they are useful and won't destroy the balance of the game I also believe in free PVP but with consequences and fits in with RP