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  1. Also the shoreline...although not every shoreline maybe? Not sure. I've heard this too, now and again. Pretty sure there is a particular spot in Haven's Landing where you can hear it, or at least there was once. It's intriguing. No idea. Maybe if we keep a list here in the thread of places it can be heard, we can unravel the mystery.
  2. My problem with this whole "knowledge" issue is that gaining the knowledge is a process that is outside of actual gameplay, for the most part. Having to keep track of calendars and rift sites and deed locations and the like is non-immersive and--more important--boring. You should definitely have to put some serious effort into finding a unique, but not that kind of effort. It turns the whole thing into an unexciting administrative task, which in my opinion is the opposite of how it should be. Ideally there would be no way for anyone to predict when or where the spawn will happen. I have zero idea whether or how that could be accomplished, but in my dream world that is how it is.
  3. Finding white-dotted flowers for the first time, after years of playing, was one of my most memorable moments in the game. This kind of experience is a huge part of why I love exploring. I want more of it, not less. If white-dotted flowers had been as common as every other flower, that moment would not have happened for me, or for anyone else.
  4. Will our data be collected, analyzed, and/or shared, either now or in the future?
  5. I've even come across a few that are unlocked on one end but locked on the other, so you have to retrace your steps all the way back to get out, and then attempt to go around. And going around isn't always easy because some deeds extend all the way to the water line and/or a mountain. Fun times. These are the moments when my pipe dream of a server with restrictions on building and terraforming burns extra bright. And yes I know such a server would change the game to the point that it wouldn't really be Wurm any longer, but I still wish so much that it could exist.
  6. We need more transparency around all current rules, processes, and mechanics related to uniques. Many (if not most) players are more or less clueless about how they work. At least some of the drama and toxicity around the issue stems from this ignorance, and could be curbed if we were to attempt to combat it. More important, getting everybody up to speed on the topic could help more players get involved in unique hunting, leveling the playing field to a certain extent at least. I’ve been wanting to post about this for a long time but I kept putting it off because I didn’t have the time to put into constructing a detailed and polished suggestion. But I want it off my mind, so here are at least some of my non-detailed and non-polished thoughts on the matter: 1) Create a separate, optional in-game tutorial on unique mechanics and etiquette, along the lines of the fishing tutorial. 2) When a player encounters a unique, a pop-up window appears with information about potential next steps (how to claim it, how to initiate an impromptu on-the-spot slaying, etc.) This pop-up could also potentially just be the tutorial I mention above, but I see the tutorial as all-encompassing, while the pop-up would be more concise, covering only the information that applies to the situation at hand (e.g. something like spawn mechanics would not be relevant here). 3) Create high-quality text and video guides covering topics like spawn mechanics, how to claim a unique, how to pen it, how it will behave before and after it is penned, how to organize a slaying, etc. Ideally these would be created or sanctioned by devs/staff, or at least devs/staff would have significant input into the content. Player-created content could possibly be good too, but the potential for spreading misinformation would be a concern. These guides should be on the wiki. Players should not have to weed their way through the forums, picking up tiny bits of information here and there, not even sure that what we're reading is accurate because it's some post from five years ago by a random person who may or may not know what they're talking about. (I know this one is a long shot, but I figured I’d just throw it in here anyway because it would be awesome.) 4) Also a long shot but whatever: Create an easy, accessible way for players to “practice” dealing with uniques somehow.
  7. There's no denying this thing is pretty darn cute. There's also no denying that it is 100% out of synch with the vibe and the atmosphere of the Wurm world. I understand that people like cute things, and I don’t want to rain on that parade. Hell, I like cute things too. I still smile and say "awww" whenever I see a foal or a lamb in the game. But some cute things, like foals and lambs, make sense in the game's world, while others, like teddy bear backpacks, do not. I feel like it might be wise to draw a line, or at least make a compromise. Like, if something this out-of-place absolutely must be be brought into the game (and honestly, I question the necessity for it at all), maybe make it a stationary, decorative item that will only be seen indoors for the most part, rather than a wearable that rides around on players’ backs slaughtering immersion left and right. Devs, I beg that you use caution when tinkering with this beautiful, wonderful world I've come to love and treasure so much. Many thanks.
  8. I can relate to this sentiment, because I often feel this way myself. But in this particular case, I think the concern is misplaced. OP went out of their way to be respectful of others' views and playstyles, to an extent that I rarely see on these forums. The proposal was thoughtfully constructed to allow those who want to use pens to continue to do so, but in a way that also addresses the concerns of those who are dismayed by the effects that current rift pens have on the landscape. Everybody wins. It's a great idea imho.
  9. The poll was a sham from the start, its main purpose being to create a veneer of acceptability for the inevitable, railroaded result. I'll add to what I said in my previous post that I find it curious that votes had to be cast publicly here on the forums, instead of through the typical anonymous voting format. I'd imagine there are quite a few lurkers out there who declined to vote because of this, especially considering the highly confrontational tone of this thread. I'd also question whether a poll is the appropriate way to decide the issue, even if it could somehow be conducted in an entirely impartial manner. But it's done. There's no undoing it. I wish we could stop talking about it because it's just depressing at this point. I've previously defended NFI against accusations of selfishness, and I do still believe that it's best to avoid judging the many based on the actions of a few. But I'd be a liar if I said this whole mess hasn't made me think twice about the whole "NFI is toxic" mentality. I thank and commend all those who fought for opt-in.
  10. As long as we assume there are 14 deed owners on Cad. Edit: And as long as we assume everyone who voted is a Cad deed owner.
  11. You realize that this phrasing you’ve chosen is not exactly neutral, right? That you’re putting a negative connotation on the choice to vote no? And that because of this, the poll results don’t necessarily mean all that much? Let’s imagine you’d phrased it differently. For instance, you could have said this: Question: Shall we change the Cadence Community Map to an opt out model? I vote Yes. It would benefit me if things were this way, and that's pretty much all I care about. But perhaps my views would be best expressed in visual form: I vote No. Just as I wouldn’t be too thrilled you walked past my house, saw my name on the mailbox, and took it upon yourself to publicly post my address, I am not in favor of this proposal. Would it make any difference to me in the above scenario if you oh-so-graciously bestowed upon me the choice to opt out of my address being publicly posted? No, it would not. Especially since I may very well have zero idea that any of this is even going on. And especially since if I go on sabbatical, have a family emergency, etc. and forget to pay my rent, y'all can just pop on my by place and rob me blind since you know exactly where to find it. Not to mention, whatever my reason might be for wanting to keep my deed location to myself, it's valid. Valuing privacy is not a crime or a character defect. Alternatively, you could have said the following (preferably without all the preamble concerning your personal opinion and snarky comments about witness protection initiatives): Question: Shall we change the Cadence Community Map to an opt out model? Yes No
  12. Depends on who you ask, of course. I was just stating a fact, not trying to make a point. However... You are assuming that everybody finds it more fun to find a treasure than to sell it for a high price. Everyone's definition of fun is different. To some, making money = fun. Personally, I rarely buy or sell anything. I've done a few maps, which I've found to be extraordinarily fun. Haven't sold any of the loot and have no immediate plans to do so. From the devs' perspective, I'd imagine that it's a delicate balance between making the game "fun" (whatever that even means, considering the above) and keeping the economy robust. And that is as it should be. As players, we tend to focus almost solely on how the game could be better for us as individuals. But that perspective has very little to do with how to keep the game going in the long run. Lots of assumptions you've got going there. I'd pop an "in my opinion" on the front or the back of that statement if I were you. And maybe throw in at least a fact or two to back it up.
  13. I don't think you can say that with any degree of certainty. If a ton of players headed out at once and started clearcutting, things would not grow back as quickly as they do now, obviously. Probably the last I'll say on this topic as I doubt we'll be reaching an agreement on it. Edit: (And let's face it--almost nobody would be replanting.)
  14. Maybe only humanoid mobs then? Could be like recipes. Also kind of fun to think of trolls and goblins hunting for treasure.