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  1. Amen. It's baffling to me how anyone could fail to recognize this highly significant and glaringly obvious point.
  2. Yeah, I feel like this is among the more egregious of the numerous methods they have of forcing premium purchases. What could possibly be the justification here, especially considering the fact that we earned those marks by buying premium in the first place? It's like if a coffee shop were giving out free coffees to customers who bought a bunch of coffees, like where they punch your card every time you buy one and whatnot, and then when you finally have all the holes punched and you try to claim your free coffee, they tell you "You may only have a free coffee if you pay us the price of a coffee." Bah! Loyalty needs to go both ways guys. Else the customer's gonna end up feeling burned.
  3. Many players mistakenly believe that that if they’re unable to navigate on day one, they’ll never be able to. When I first started playing the game, I would often get lost within 50 tiles of my own deed. Now I go anywhere and everywhere without a problem or a care. To to get better at navigating, you have to practice. If you practice, you will get better at it, and if you don’t, you won’t. It's one of a handful of skills in the game that reside entirely in the player, rather than in the character. For this reason, I’d be extremely saddened and disappointed to see it disappear. It would make the game a lot less interesting and a lot more run-of-the-mill. Therefore it's a hard no on the mini-map from me.
  4. Can someone please enlighten those of us who weren't around for past contests as to what they entailed? Thanks.
  5. Probably best to put off our panicking until we have all the relevant information and have had a chance to give the new system a whirl. We can speculate until the cows come home (), but in the end it means nothing with regards to how gameplay will actually be affected.
  6. Very enthusiastic +1 to the OP re. map tooltips (wish it hadn't gotten derailed by the horse thing, which should have been a separate suggestion). It's these types of inconveniences that can make the game seem a bit clumsy and unpolished at times. This is such a small change that would make such a huge difference in terms of QoL. Please consider.
  7. After the tutorial, when new players are choosing a server at the portal, the mouseover text for SFI reads as follows: “Chaos is PvP and all other Freedom Isles are NON-PVP environments for premium and free to play accounts. Theft is a risk in the Freedom Isles and you have the means and responsibility to secure your property and items using the required locks, structures, fences, and proper management.” No dire warnings about NFI though: “Freshly launched lands featuring three PvE and one PvP islands.” Theft should be mentioned in the description of both clusters (or neither), so new players do not wrongly assume it is only an issue on SFI.
  8. Never said I wanted to read something positive, or that negative posts in general are somehow bad.
  9. It's hard to understand how anyone could have only negative things to say about a game that has kept them entertained for five/ten/fifteen years.
  10. Very much agree here. My free time is limited and I want to spend it doing fun and relaxing stuff, which does not include endlessly combing through the forums and trade chat trying (and mostly failing) to figure out how much a certain item should cost. Every time I buy or sell something, I have this vague worry that I'm either getting ripped off or inadvertently ripping someone else off, because there is no straightforward way to get a clear sense of how much an item is worth. I also have zero desire to negotiate or haggle with other players; this is not the kind of "social interaction" I'm interested in. For these reasons, I keep my involvement in the market as minimal as possible (which is pretty minimal), although it is something I have enjoyed immensely and used extensively in other games. I would absolutely love it if there were a simple way to see everyone who is offering to buy or sell, with prices, in game, of course with some type automatic commitment to buying or selling at that price. Trade chat and forum listings could continue as supplemental advertising for anyone who wanted it. But as long as those remain the only methods of gauging prices, the market will continue to be an aspect of the game I do my best to avoid.
  11. The fact that a lot of people believe something is true does not make it true. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argumentum_ad_populum
  12. So if I understand correctly, your point is as follows: If a suggestion is made many times, but ignored by devs, it is a good suggestion and should be implemented. I therefore suggest that you must pay 1g to anyone who agrees with this suggestion.
  13. This is faulty logic, and is simply not true.
  14. Year of 1100

    Thank you Demona and anyone else who worked on the event.