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  1. Davih, while I may disagree with you, I definitely do not hate you, or bear you any ill will whatsoever. If I ever start hating people or bearing them ill will because of their views about pixelated dragons in an imaginary world, somebody please just cart me off to the loony bin.
  2. What makes you think it's just luck? Genuinely curious. To me it seems pretty clear there is a decent amount of player skill and experience involved.
  3. And this claim is based on what evidence or experience? What specifically do you mean by "toxicity?" This thread looks more like debate than toxicity to me. And if a poster gets toxic on the forums, that is on them, not the game mechanics. So, anything besides this thread, or past threads where these issues were discussed? You don’t know anything about me. I’d ask you to leave off pretending that you do. I just don’t understand what it is exactly that you’ve had enough of, unless it’s the idea that you have to actually do some stuff to get good loot. And until you can put forth any argument as to why things must change, other than some vague notion of “toxicity” and an unsupported claim that tons of players agree with you, I will remain unconvinced.
  4. The content is not locked. And the reason you should bother to try is because it’s the only way to achieve the goal. The only way to find a unique is to look for it. If nobody except 15 people are out looking for them, then it’s not all that surprising that those 15 people are going to be the only ones finding them. Let’s imagine that every single player in the game, except the 15 who are already in a group, decided they were going to band together and form one enormous hunting group. They made an educated guess about where they might find uniques (there have been plenty of hints dropped in this thread and others), and all of them went to that area and started looking. And they kept doing this every single day, devoting every hour of playtime to the endeavor. I’m guessing they’d give the established group a run for their money. But if you are not willing to even attempt to get in the game, it's a bit ridiculous to demand something for nothing, under the guise of "it's best for the community." Like, I should get a 90ql weapon, but without having to grind WS. Or, I want an enormous castle, but someone else has to mine the stone, cut the bricks, and build it. But it's all for the good of the community! Please.
  5. Unless you have personally polled "almost everyone" who plays the game, I'd suggest you amend it to something like "me and my friends."
  6. 100% agree. If it can't be fixed (or if it can't be fixed quickly) then both the shop pages and the wiki pages for magic chests should be updated to include the complete details about how the thing actually works. Players will feel scammed if they spend marks or silver on an item, only to find out later that it doesn't work the way they were led to believe it would. And the next time they think about making a purchase, they might end up thinking twice.
  7. Agreed. I love the idea of a wild server, but all desert is a bit much. And because resources couldn't be taken from the land since all tiles would be protected, found resources could definitely be a thing. Meteors spring to mind as an example. Make it a hunting AND exploration server, not just hunting.
  8. -1 There is already way too much unnecessary hover text mucking up the view and creating irritating visual noise. Those who want info on skills can and should go to the wiki.
  9. Haven't entirely convinced myself yet, but I'm not sure I see anything inherently wrong with this practice. If one player takes the time to study the market and another doesn’t, it makes a certain amount of sense that the first player would reap the reward. If I trade without understanding what my commodity is actually worth, I risk losing out financially. Should my ignorance be my responsibility, or someone else's?
  10. Here's how it looks for me (except less enormous): It's not exactly crystal clear what is going on here. At the very least, please align the columns and remove the commas. And the currency denominations should be denoted with words, not letters (e.g. "Gold" instead of "G"). Honestly the entire thing could use a complete overhaul. Perhaps something along the lines of: ITEM 1: backpack, leather QL: x.xx DAM: x.xx Weight: x.xx COD: Yes Mail cost (paid by recipient): 1 copper Your price (paid by recipient to you): 0 Gold 0 silver 0 copper 0 iron ITEM 2: [subsequent items listed similarly] I'm sure there are better ways to do it, but that's my best shot off the top of my head. Then once you've filled in the form, a pop-up appears that clearly indicates the amount you will pay to mail the items, and the amount the recipient will pay to you upon receipt of the items, along with options to accept, cancel, or return to the previous screen (i.e. the one above). Mail is a financial transaction. The details should be presented as clearly as possible.
  11. Especially when sending items COD, there should be a confirmation screen which comes up before the items are sent, which clearly indicates how much you are paying and how much the recipient is paying, and gives you the option to confirm the amount or change it, so you don't accidentally charge the wrong amount.
  12. With regards to these accusations of “selfishness,” I’d suggest we all think twice before assuming we have any insight whatsoever into the character and motivations of people we’ve never spoken a single word to in game, much less IRL. As an example: I might be tempted to assume that the next person who organizes a public slaying is doing so in hopes of being heralded here on the forums as a “Community Hero”—pretty clearly a “selfish” motivation. But I’ll do my best to remember that, in reality, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the mind of some random stranger I heard about in a video game. — I found a dragon on my own. “Found” is not really the right word though; “stumbled across” is more in line with the reality. I've never actively searched for uniques, and on that day I was simply doing what I love to do most in the game: exploring, i.e. riding around, alone, in a remote area, to see what I could see. You might call it a coincidence that I ran into that dragon, and in a way it was. But at the same time, just as someone who spends many hours grinding a particular skill is rewarded with the ability to create a high quality item, one could make the case that on the day I found that dragon, the many hours I’d spent riding around remote areas (at the expense of grinding skills, I might add) had finally paid off—that in a sense I had earned it, along with the right to decide what to do with it. — I thought a great deal about whether to do a public or a private slaying, and a host of factors influenced my decision. These were two of the most influential: 1) This would very likely be my one and only chance to take part in a private slaying. I’m not now, nor have I never have been, nor am I ever likely to be part of a unique hunting group. I didn’t want to regret passing up the opportunity. 2) Around the time I found the dragon, there was a post similar to the OP up on the forums, accusing the organizer of a private slay of selfishness. I was afraid of being in that position, of being judged and maligned by people who had no real knowledge of me at all. But I was even more reluctant to let my fear of being in that position dictate my decision. Ironically, if that forum post hadn’t been up just at that time, I might have gone with a public slaying. But I ended up doing it privately. I have a great deal of respect for the fighters and priests who participated, for the amount of work they put in to get their skills to the point where they could handle such a formidable foe. What reward does high FS bring? Not much on PvE, especially if you don’t have butchering to go along with it. Why should these highly skilled fighters be bullied into sharing one of their only rewards with others? Do we accuse the player who spends hours grinding weapon smithing of being “selfish” for not giving away their high ql weapons to the rest of us, free of charge? Is the player who spends hours skilling up a priest “selfish” if they don’t do free casts for others who haven’t put in the same amount of work? — So anyway, that’s my unique story, the bare bones of it at least, the forest but not the trees. Maybe I’ll do the trees another day. And if y’all still want to call me selfish, go right on ahead. I won’t say I don’t care, because I do. But I know for a fact that you’re wrong.
  13. I love this idea so much. I could not agree more with this: My experience when Cadence opened was the same, and I also had a blast running around Melody on a newbie alt right after it launched. It saddens me that I may not get to experience that again, or at least not for many years. The more developed and familiar the new servers become, they less I enjoy them, to be honest. On Cadence you could ride almost anywhere before major terraforming started happening. As more and more deeds and roads go up, exploring becomes less of a joy and more of an annoyance. Terraforming is both a huge draw and a huge drawback of the game. I would absolutely love to see a new server with no terraforming. Not really sure about the no-deeding thing though—personally I would very strongly prefer to be able to brand at least one horse (maybe to the starter deed?) in order to be able to more easily find my corpse if I died. Also, without deeds, the server would clearly not bring in as much income, and there might need to be some way to compensate for that loss.
  14. Maybe instead we could give the devs/staff a gift and stop hassling them for five minutes in a row.
  15. Well, cloth tailoring *is* involved in making the fabric components of a tent (square pieces of cloth). I suppose it could be endlessly debated whether putting the fabric parts together with the wooden parts is more of a carpentry thing or a tailoring thing. But my original point was more about the fact that, in such a debate, most players would come down on the side that benefits them the most. E.g.: I have higher FC than cloth tailoring, so I'd rather the tent stay as an FC item, for purely selfish reasons that have nothing to do with the question of whether the actual real-world process of making a tent is more in line with carpentry verus tailoring skill.