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  1. I imagine they would let us create an account and then link existing characters to that said account based on a slot limit. Key word: imagine
  2. Well, Samool said in the roadmap: The final thing that I want to announce today is that we're also currently working on a long desired and requested feature which is a complete account system, the main purpose of which is to consolidate character ownership into a single account, improve the security of your accounts and ease the management of them. This will also help us with adding some more features that you could manage about your characters without logging into the game, improve account recovery methods and more. We'll reveal more details on this soon. So fingers crossed this will include a way for people to rename their character(s).
  3. Is impossible to balance the priests in a pvp environment as long as one light has 3 gods and the other just 1. I am aware that wurm pvp is not necesarily designed or ment to be a white light vs black light matter but as long as there is the 3 gods vs 1 god situation either the 3 gods will be too goot and have all white light kingdoms populate while black light is deserted (like on chaos) or have to make lib be able to compete with all 3 of them which means black light Defiance uber alles. So my solution would be one of these: 1. make Magranon black light so then you can balance 2 vs 2 2. make Vyn and Fo pve gods only and only allow Mag for WL and Lib for BL on pvp servers (with the portal mechanic it would be possible for someone to be a Vyn preist on pve and a Lib priest on pvp) and can just delete Chaos or make it portal access only too. 3. Add 2 more BL gods so you can balance 3 vs 3 4. Remove priests from the game completely and just make followers be able to cast some combat and utility spells and design a new system that would perform the role of items enchanting. 5. Remove priests from just pvp servers and allow followers to be able to cast some combat and utility spells and have items enchanting be done thru tomes (instead of tomes granting just buffs with a lill debuff just make them be able to hold a spell and charges/favor. For example a follower would grind a skill and once the skill passes a treshold spells will be unlocked then they could activate a charged tome right click and altar and choose what spell to be binded on that tome and then have the charged tome in inventory and activate a statuette and be able to cast that enchant on an item, and once the charges on the tome run out they will stop having that ability untill they recharge it or get another one and then find a way to sacrifice stuff to charge tomes and bob's your uncle. L.E. In case you decide to add 2 more BL gods here are my suggestions: You add a god called Tich and she will be the BL counterpart of vynora giving the 10% xp on stuff (like Tosiek was) You add a god called Rofl and he will have the strongest spells in the game (BT+LT+Venom etc. in one spell) but..... all these spells will have a positive or a negative effect and each time there will be a 50% roll to decide if the effect will be positive or negative For example say you are fighting a mob with a weapon enchanted with Rofl's new spell that is BT+LT+Venom etc. each swing that hits is a 50% roll that decides if all the weapon's effects for the swing will be applied on the mob or on the player:) Sure you could try to balance it and make it so that in the event the roll goes against the player just 10% of the effect to be aplied in order to make using Rofl's spells feel less frustrating but the ideea is to have him be this flavour: can give the best spells in the game but those spells, half the time, will go against you:) So now you can finally balance VynFoMagranon vs TichRoflLabia
  4. Do you know why they dont have birds in the game? So they don't fly over and poop on someone's private property!
  5. Did you have a toon online at the time? Because when i open a new client to download updates while i have another client running then it fails the update after finishing downloading the files.
  6. I think it should explain the core gameplay features of wurm: - to perform an action you must first activate (not equip) a tool/object etc then choose an action from the right click menu or a keybind press. Make it really clear that any action usually needs a tool and a raw material. Then quick show of the crafting window and most importantly how to use the crafting window to open the objects list (bottom left corner) then type the name of any object finalized or part of a bigger one to find what they need to start it and what other subparts are needed. Could make as example a wooden staff. So you would type the staff word in the search box navigate and find the wooden staff then use the carving knife(?) on a log to make the staff. And that would be to show how to make a simple object from a tool and a raw mat and finding what the recipe for it is using the search option in the crafting thingy. Then look for spear in the search thingy so you can show them multi subparts items work so they can see it needs a staff (wooden or metal) but also a spear tip thingy, but you dont know how to make a spear thingy so you double left click on it and is gonna show you what tool and raw material you need to make a spear tip (anvil + glowing lump). And once you make it you go back to spear and just make it using the wooden staff and the spear tip. - quick tutorial on how to find and use a mailbox and make sure you touch upon weight/volume and rune impact on what can be mailed and received thru mail. Also mention something about wagoneers as the mean to mail bulk heavy stuff. Explain Trade chat a bit then finish the vid telling them that CA_Help is literally there to help anybody at anytime and no question is dumb. If you dont know ask there. - Then make one to explain that all objects can be interacted with but metal related ones need to be glowing and have a lump glowing too in order to create or improve. Since it has potential to be a short episode just explain how keybinding works, how they can change thru the menu or console commands and also that they can keybind more than just actions they can also have (/weather /uptime /balances /who /help /guards!) - basic explanation of survival by explaining all water sources (ocean, lake) are drinkable then show how to cook in a pottery bowl a simple meal/breakfast, then show how to make a clay bowl turn it into a pottery bowl then make a knife and process the ingredients (chopped minced grounded etc) to create a meal that also gives increased affinity timer. - basic explanation of the improving system (usually you need 5 items some of them being raw materials some tools) then explain repair and decay. Make sure you explain atleast 5 times during the short improving tutorial how item scaling works and that any new player spending 2-3h imping their longsword to 30ql or leather jacket is not wasting their time doing that and the item scaling makes those items viable. Mention the imp cap formula so that they dont think: oh i have 10leatherworking skill i can only imp to 10ql, but only mention it once we dont want them to get scared:) - then go into gathering professions so you can show how to deal with a slope, how mines are 2D and how come they hit a tree and died to bees then explain how to have animals taken cared of and hitched to a vehicle that is used to move the raw mats to the imping and storage buildings and explain how storage stuff works and a small demo on how to make a storage shack. Make sure you explain that the ql of the raw material is usually a hard cap on how high you can imp an item with the exception of leather. - then explain how in order to move large quantities of stuff you would want a boat and explain how they work. - basic explanation of body characteristics and religion, mainly touch upon the effect of mind logic on action queue, body stam and str on not dead and follower bonuses for each religion (just tell them to be vyn for 10% xp is ok) Really important to explain and make the distinction that mind logic decides what their action queue cap is but body stam decides how many they can perform and make sure they know completing an action out of stam is a 90% hit on skill gain. You are not allowed to show or talk about combat and pvp just say an overhaul is in developement no eta.
  7. No matter how many chat lines they add up they will still become repetitive so i think the solution would be to make the wagoneer guild be one involved in mistery and a vow of silence....all the members have sworn to never speak again as to never risk revealing any info about their cargo and destination. There, no more chat lines needed or have local light up by their pesky lines.
  8. That is the best news possible and most important since any ideea or bug needs manpower to be implemented/fixed so this is great! I really hope the team will manage to attract talented hard working devs by offering pay and i hope you will consider giving paid contracts to some of the existing volunteer devs in order to increase the time they can actually work on Wurm everyday, as i would imagine the volunteers devs have to go to a paid job then come home and work on Wurm during their spare free time which is never ideal but is very much apreciated. I also hope talented hardworking and passionate devs like Sindusk will get hired, i know there could be some reservations from the dev team regarding such a move but honestly the players as customers dont care, we want good content to be added constantly and he can definately help out with that. Overhauling combat to have more emphasis on player's actual input and participation is something we cried for a while and am gratefull is being worked on and with added incentives to exploring the map it will definately help motivate people to leave the deed more often and have some active fun while taking a break from the on deed skill grinds. Idealy i would want combat to feel real time but that would imply a drastic change from a Wurm second to a real life second which i dont think is possible considering it will affect time passing and seasons etc but for me personally getting into combat making a choice and then having to wait for a wurm second to pass to see the effect of my choice/input is less than ideal and it also promotes weird tactics like circling each other in pvp moving in and out to get a hit in can get old and feel draining. Definatelly excited to get more feedback on the screen/UI while in combat and not have to read the combat log window that is excellent news! Also making special moves more viable is a really good move in the right direction as it would give the advantage to an active player vs an semi-afk one. Right now if you are out woodcutting digging etc when you get attacked by a mob it feels almost annoying because now you have to sit there and wait doing nothing untill you stop missing and the mob dies while you dont have to press any keys and then ahve a sigh of relief and go back to grinding. By making combat more player input oriented and maybe by giving an IN_COMBAT modifier to keybinds you could make that transition from skill grind to combat more fluid and seamless as you could have a key assigned to an action while out of combat (for grinding) and another combat related action while in combat (say you have X on improve out of combat and special_move1 while in combat). So lets say you would want to add a keybind with the console you could press F1 then type: "bind x improve" and then type: "bind_in_combat x special_move1" or make it more simple like bind and bindic etc. and then the game will check if the player is in combat or not and based on that will perform a diff keybinded action for that keys. The wurm second vs real life second could still make that system feel a bit sluggish as you would ahve to wait up to what is it 8s? sometimes to get the in_combat check or could tie it to some action in the combat log.. say you get a: "moves in to attack you" message in the log so then the game automatically tags the player in combat and activates the combat keybinds even tho the wurm second has not passed, to make the transition feel more instant. Finally, account system is bae!:)
  9. So if we answer the question about stuff we would like to see more on the stream with: pvp then Retro is gonna go solo roam pvp or is more like a general will see what he can do from the feedback kind of thing?:) And yes i know he would probably not be inclined to do it because his preference is pve and does not think solo pvp is fun or viable but that is kind of the point and hopefully would lead to an interesting discution.
  10. The only thing i could think of is that they don't want people to lead a cart in pvp with their mates as passangers then climb a dirt wall of an enemy deed so that the passangers dont lose any stamina? But that can be fixed by disabling climb mode while leading a vehicle.
  11. That is a good point. Wurm should provide people with the tools necessary in-game. Is not going to decrease the difficulty of the game if you only need to use a 3rd party website to get the result you are looking for it is only going to make life harder for newbies. The difficulty is still going to consist in the time and effort spent on gathering the cooking materials and prepparing the ingredients, the cooking itself should be extremely clear so that people, veterans and newbies alike can have a clear result in what they are about to cook.
  12. Hi! I was wondering if you could use the prospecting code (where you get more detailed info the more skill you have) to make it so that cooking skill can be used to determine the affinity of a food item before being cooked. Basicaly the goal here is to use Lore and depending on the skill level of your cooking to get an accurate result about the difficulty and the affinity that meal would be and for like 90+ cooking even make it be guesstimating how long the timer would be or something.
  13. Hi!:0 I was wondering if you could add an option in settings to enable Faith Bonus to show in the buffs bar with the power number on the icon? I know one can use the hud settings -- spell effects to enable that window but this would be a good QoL addition for many priests in my opinion.
  14. The way i see it we pay for premium time thats it. The loyality program is a bonus they give to the customers and should not be looked at like a shop per say.
  15. Maybe they worry ppl would just get the vehicle lead then hop on their fast mount and go 40km/h but that is not a problem as long as they make it so vehicles can only be lead if they have animals hitched to them (all slots filled) and the player issuing the command is on foot only. They dont even have to make it complicated just check if the vehicle has full hitch and the player is on foot then just activate the Lead option when right clicking the vehicle just like you would do with a mount. L.E. And then use the message "You cannot do that while mounted" like you get if you try to forage/botanize while riding.
  16. Imagine having your crate with dirt window open but can't take the dirt from it because the vehicle is now half a tile too far away:) Imagine going on an archeology rampage and not littering the place with fragments because now you can put them inside the vehicle following you. Could also make it that a special animal trait is needed in order to lead it while hitched to a vehicle to switch the meta to 60 AH but it might gate out new and casual players. Also could just make it that a new vehicle is needed, something between a large cart and a wagon but i would imagine alot of ppl with rare large carts or wagons would not like this solution.
  17. Hi! Can we please be given the option to lead animals that are hitched to carts and wagons? It should work the same as leading an unhitched animal and in order to have the vehicle follow you around you should need to lead all the hitched animals to it. So 2x for a cart and 4x for a wagon but nobody will cry if you just make it so that only one hitched animal need to be lead because i would imagine that would be more newbie friendly (no need for multiple ropes or halter rope) and would be easier to code? The reason for this request is that people could go around on foot, woodcutting or diggin or mining and lead the hitched animals to a cart or a wagon so that they can put the contents of their actions in the crates inside them. Also if you want to drop dirt could be helpfull do to it on foot while you lead the cart/wagon with the dirt inside and is following you around. It would be really nice not having to backtrack all the time to go get your vehicle then retrace your steps from pile to pile to decide what you are gonna put into crates. This way it would be easy: you cut mine or dig... look in the pile... get what you want in the vehicle crates and move along while the vehicle follows you around.
  18. Yeah i agree. I made a saddle rack, tried to store the saddles with bags in them, did not fit, put them back in the large storage thingy, saddle rack is sad now.
  19. Give BL equivalent of 10% extra xp on 95% of skills. Also:
  20. Add BL equivalent for: CoC Nimble Mindstealer Mend Wisdom of Vynora
  21. Make all servers pvp let all tree hugers go play minecraft, there, problem solved. Oh wait Rolf did that already....:)
  22. Increasing natural favor regen is not the answer, for me the fix would be to let priests get favor for performing actions the are allowed and be able to choose the favor or the normal reward. As an example a libila priest can activate a picaxe and then mine a vein and get the shards right? What if you make it so that the same priest can activate their statuette instead and start mining the vein but gain favor instead of shards/lumps etc? This way can make statuette ql and enchants for it actually matter.
  23. Another solution would be to just have the terrain mapped by the server during the patch restarts, then check for mobs on high slopes and basically kill them off by changing their age to Dead. This way you free up the mob slots to respawn in different areas that were hunted clean. Can add uniquest and mission mobs to exceptions from this rule to avoid potential issues. This could be the best solution because then on servers down during patching there will be no lag for the player and if the server mob pop would be near the max the creatures killed by the slope rule will basically spawn on same slope area if is doing a density check but if some non sloped area have no density because of player hunting then they will get mobs respawning there. L.E. Once the slope check is made it would have to be another check to see if the tile is deeded to avoid killing people's deed mobs or maybe have a table of deeded and perimeter tiles that are excluded from the calculations in the first place.
  24. And that point being hitting 100 skill mark Man i had 52 prayer on my priest when i went to Epic to get the 70 prayer to complete Benediction that i gathered in 1 year of Freedom play. On Epic, going from 52 to 70 prayers took me 2 weeks of 1h prayer spam each day.... that is a total of 14h. You come pray on Freedom for 14h and then have an opinion on wether or not Epic is easy mode skilling in comparison. Hmm how about imping gear? Can imp an item to 90ql on Epic faster than a 70ql on Freedom I dont doubt that skilling and gearing up on Epic is hard work, because it is, in comparison to Wurm Unlimited 20x servers In comparison to Freedom skilling system is easy mode. Now if you imagine the devs are gonna keep rolling new servers every month to keep the new players flowing while spending the same ammount of operating costs on 4x servers with 2 people on them instead of using those 4 servers over and over in order to achieve the same thing, i am affraid you might get surprised one of these days. Rolf if gone, no more Epic will stay on as long as one player still plays on it.