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  1. you can rune the tin version that you make the straw one is a one time gift and cant be runed i think.
  2. They should make epic a hunting ground and the current playersshould be given a perma pok buff on their toons and send with 1 skill on freedom:) Dont let them start with: uuh but muh items! easy come easy go come grind on freedom bish:)
  3. Hi! We have been told the dev team are working on implementing pontoons and the possibility of building structures over water. I could only imagine the pontoons will allow building highways over them aswell to connect said water pontoon deeds to a highway system and wagoneer. But that could make it possible to build a pontoon highway to the edge of a server and have it connected to another pontoon highway on a different server thus connecting the highway and wagoneer systems between servers? Would that be something that people want? What would it mean for the boat builders? It would surelly be neat and streamline bulk movement thru wagoneers across servers?
  4. Maybe also make it able to gain tomes there from doing missions and once used they would transfer with the toon back to old cluster?
  5. How? on Freedom it is like that at the moment WL and BL can be freedomers together and sermon together on same cd. Why not make it a pmk perk so people can have their friends join the group regardless of what light they chose. As for balance i dont know since all pmk's would have the same oportunity to have WL and BL priests in their kingdom is all about how strong their groups are and if anything having all priests in same kingdoms could finally be a good situation to rebalance some spells since noone will be able to cry youre buffing this light and nerfing the other since all changes will affect all pmk's in same manner. I know they might be reticent since on Defiance they dont have pmk's but they could enable pmk's there too (People will spend money to make pmk's and deeds) and since on NFI there is still alot of cash around this could be a good addition to the money sink systems in place. The pvp scene is small enough already having these restrictions removed would give the players complete freedom to play with their friends as any deity at the cost of just copying the freedom code into the pmk code. Could just make it so at the moment of the declaration read when the player is presented with the choice of template to also be able to check a box that says: "Declare Religious Peace" within the new kingdom about to be formed which would enable having members of the oposite light religion of the chosen template but not be able to have own pmk art. And the new pmk's that don't tick that box would just have to go thru the current process of getting own art in while not having the option of benefiting from the religious peace inside own realm. That way it would be easier to spot the wagon kingdoms from the ones being for real. Sure some could argue that selling pmk art is how they fund their other endeavors but hey at the end of the day theres nothing stoping them from looting the art from the other pmk's right? So now you can have pvp and sell their pmk art it just takes having to fight for it. What a crazy concept:)
  6. I think the best solution is a compromise so should look at the skills that most people enjoy and try to keep it in that sweetspot Everybody likes to work a little bit for it but if is too much it feels like a chore so i reckon 2-3 layers of depth should be a good pick without counting the need to have a tool as one of the steps. And that should provide ease and can improve the depth by adding more variations for the final product. Take beverages for example: can make gin right? so you have the basic sugar+water+wheat i guess? not sure the recipe is not relevant. So you have few steps to get to it get the mats and put them in a cauldron. Now if you add a berry or a fruit or something it changes the gin you get so you get normal gin that gives an affinity and then can get blueberry gin that has own afff.. and so on and so forth. But what is also bad about beverages is the slowness of the stills... i think is ment to limit the ammount of booze ppl can spam but that is not a fun mechanic. Noone is limiting how many pizza's ppl can make and other ppl still looking for pizza's right? So maybe should look into skills that have a chokepoint like that and either reduce the quantity made but speed up the process or make it so you drop a whole barrel of undistilled you fire it and is lit for 1 irl week straight. Because now ppl just get frustrated with the stills no matter what: they fuel and light them when they remember and sometimes they realised they forgot the stills again.. or they fuel them but forgot to check for teh undistilled thingy in all of them. That is a way of implentation of skill that should be limited in the future in my opinion.
  7. Hi! I was wondering if you could use the cast Dirt code on a bsb from the Fo priest to make a new spell for Libila and Magranon that can be casted on a quiver and create arrows. A 100 power cast could make the arrows a 50ql (and that should be the max ql cap possible with the spell) and maybe use the zombie pet code that makes it die after 24h if not killed by something else to make the arrows go poof if they were not used during that time. Can make like a 20 favor 40 diff spell and make it so that the power of the cast also influences the number of arrows made or have it fill the quiver (40 arrows) but make the favor cost higher? Maybe 50 fav for 50 favor for doing that? The spell is ment to help people (especially priests) be able to grind archery and body control while the 50ql for a 100power cast and the 24h timer poof mechanic is ment to prevent from having the spell be on par with fletching and compete with it in pvp. People will still want high ql casted arrows for actual combat while being happy to just use the quiver spell when they are just grinding the skill on pve mobs. And the reason for Lib and Mag to be the ones to have it is that both light would have access to it and Mag could use another good spell out of the 3 WL gods while being in sync with its combat oriented flavor. L.E. Alternatively could just use the BT code in reverse and have like a spell that is casted on bows with a power of 1000 or 100 or 10000 and cant stack with BT or anything other than Nimbe/Coc or BotD and everytime you shoot the bow you lose 1 power and the QL of the arrow damage should be 50 or 40? This could be a more elegant solution as it would remove the need to retrieve the arrows and make archery grind actually fun while still having the downside of not having BT on the bow and if is still considered unbalanced could just make it so the arrows dont do any damage on uniques, rift mobs or players in pvp. Could also make it so the fletching titles give an overall imping boost (use the armorsmiths code) to normal arrows so that the fletchers can make higher ql arrows and sell those to pvp-ers?
  8. Hi! Since wurm is not designed to be a WL vs BL thing like wow is (alli vs horde) and since the alligment/sermons were normalised and intertwined for both lights why not remove the restrictions for pmk's in terms of having both WL and BL priests in their ranks? And could just make it so that all pmk's can have 1 champ of each deity and that's it:) Can just leave the template kingdoms as is and make it like a pmk perk:) You could remove the need to add pmk art in exchange for this maybe?:)
  9. What if they rework it as in make it so the war bonus is not gained from saccing stuff but by having the deed's members go and fight enemies and for each fight the winner would get 0.5% war bonus added to the deed they belong to and the loser would get 1%. This way is grinded thru actual fighting and the losers would get double the gain so it acts as a catch-up mechanic and be willing to go out and fight still? And could make it so the minimum req's to be eligible to gain war bonus for your deed this way could be 70fs and 30body? Dunno just take the code from the elite's slayings that sets up those min requirements and paste it there. And they could add some other mechanic that would give war bonus for pve in the exploration update and that would actually still be good since it would also incentivise ppl on pvp server to go out more and increase the chances of having random encounters with the enemies. Also just removing it would work for me aswell:)
  10. In a pure technical sense you are right it can be interpreted that way. But not because he is doing something wrong but because half of his job is in direct conflict with his other half of the same job. He cannot play both bad cop and good cop at the same time.
  11. Yes but those 5 or 25 or 50 or 500 developers would still have to be guided and acountable to someone. Puting one of them in charge like it is now it only means that person has to split their time and attention so instead of being very good at one of them they are probably struggling to keep them both afloat or worse gave up on doing that, went numb and stopped caring. L.E. Bottom line is that you cannot be both their friend and their boss and Samool is in the position of having to be their boss and set deadlines and maybe make sure some of them stop slacking while still having to go and do the buddy dev part few minutes later. So if they are a group of friends then the management part suffers because noone is strict with their friends right? And if they are not friends then working on the actual projects is gonna be very hard since everyone would hate his guts right? So you cannot have the same person do these two very important jobs that often are supposed to be at odds with one another: classic project manager asking for more content faster in convo with the leader of the actual dev team that has to tell him to F off they need the extra time to get the job done properly, but when they are the same person this whole dynamic does not exist so there is no productive back and forth just coders being pestered by players to put this very X specific thing they want. Theres no filter.
  12. Yeah, while mounted and in 3rd person view you are doing the shooting arrow animations and hear the sound but no actual arrow is fired you still have the same ammount of arrows in inventory. If you zoom in 1st person you will start shooting properly so i guess is still an issue with mounted position being calculated acording to whre the mount is facing just like in melee combat. Problem is i tried aiming the horse towards the intended archery target but the 3rd person shooting still wont work even in that scenario. I keep telling myself they dont fix it because they are working on new models and animations and when those are in is gonna be fixed. Fingers crossed.
  13. Samool has the skills and the knowledge to be a very good developer i just said in my original post: dont have the talent manage the company/product/band/relationship etc.