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  1. Wanna talk about balance?:) ok Magranon atm: Follower abilities +15% skill gain to Fighting subskills, all “weapon” and "Shield" skills & their subskills, and Archery & its subskills. +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Body Control scaled by alignment. +1 Offensive CR (does not stack with +2 Offensive CR for priests in favoured terrain). +1 range for world slope/flatness mouseover info. +10% QL gain when improving metallic items. Priest abilities All abilities of Magranon followers. Ability to cast Magranon spells (see below) Priests of Magranon with 35 faith can walk on lava without taking damage.(best fastfood worker potential) Priests of Magranon with 40 faith and 20 favor receive a 15% bonus to damage dealt in combat. (All they have to do for taht is log in lol 15% dmg all times) Priests of Magranon with 60 faith and 30 favor are inspired in their deity's favored terrains and have less stamina drain there. Magranon priests get the bonus on rock, and priests belonging to Mol-Rehan get the bonus on sand as well.(in combat no stam no life) Priests of Magranon with 60 faith and 30 favor have a 50% chance to retain half of skill levels lost on death. Excludes Fighting skill. (mini pok built in) [14:23:28] Magranon is with you and keeps you safe from the spirit's touch. Priests of Magranon with 70 faith and 35 favor have a 35% chance to keep items at death. (Resurrection stone overrides this passive and apply 50% instead)(think this used to be Lib) [08:07:32] Magranon is with you and keeps your items safe! Priests of Magranon with 70 faith gain +2 offensive combat rating.(moar powah!) Priests of Magranon receive double favor gains from sacrificing metal items. Can use bows. On top of it has frantic charge (movement speed and attack speed) so with lead cap set down at 2 now this is even more value. (Can be casted on mounts too but i think does not work on chaos anymore?) Goat shape so they can climb dirt walls Focused Will to heal themselves Mass stamina to give stam to them and friendlies around is also like a 16s cast or something Then we have Fo that can ride hellies for free with no aggro and can light of fo in any type of armor (lib scorn has a built in 33% chance to interrupt cast if in heavy armor) because you see scorn is a combat spell while light of fo is not. If is not then why can it be casted in combat?:) Also has Refresh so they can get stam back with ease too. Meanwhile in the BL camp: One priest: Libila Follower abilities (PvP Only) Followers of Libila can absorb mycelium, healing a random wound for 7 damage. This consumes the mycelium tile. (99% of tiles on a pvp server are NOT mycellium as it spreads in lib domain and kingdom influence only) (PvE Only) “Consume Corpse” ability to regain health from corpses by consuming their residual life energy. Only usable on non-butchered, non-damaged corpses, and when permissions would allow butchering. The player must have any item that can be used for butchering, activated before the consume option will appear. The player does not need to have wounds to consume a corpse, if they want to. Health gained scales with creature CR, depending on creature type, age, and conditions (such as Champion or Greenish). Automatically targets your most severe wound, like healing spells. Sets corpse as “butchered”, so there is a choice between this and butchering products. When Rite of Death is in effect, Consume Corpse has a chance of triggering an effect similar to a Mind stealer enchantment. (rite is up once a year when i casted it used to be like 2000 days since last cast) 10-minute cooldown timer. The food bar of followers of Libila will slowly be restored while standing on mycelium. Mycelium will raise nutrition to a maximum of 99.(ccfp decays still so cant use afff food) Can butcher human corpses without alignment penalty. +15% skill gain to Religion & its sub skills, Alchemy & its Natural Substances, and Thievery & its sub skills. (so is good to grind faith and channeling, combat? leave it to mag) +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Soul Strength scaled by alignment. Ability to get meat from butchering human corpses. +1 Offensive CR (does not stack with +2 Offensive CR for priests in favoured terrain).(again muycellium only that enemy players can just activate shovel and cultivate to get rid of it in 3s) +10% QL gain when improving leather items. Abilities All Libila follower abilities except the bonus to improving leather, as priests can not improve items. Ability to cast Libila spells (see below). Priests of Libila with 30 favor receive 10% increased favor regeneration. (noice!) Priests of Libila with 60 faith and 30 favor are ignored by monsters (this does not apply to all hostile creatures, as some are not considered monsters (like bears). This also excludes rift monsters and legendary creatures.). Priests of Libila with 60 faith and 30 favor are inspired in their deity's favored terrain and suffer less stamina drain on mycelium.(again no mycellium around bwo!) Priests of Libila with 60 faith and 30 favor are protected by Libila, giving them a 75% chance to receive 50% skill loss on death.(beats the hell out of mag's 15% dmg at all time i love it) Priests of Libila receive bonus favor gains from sacrificing corpses. Priests of Libila receive favor bonus for sacrificing animal parts.(probably the strongest perk of lib) Priests of Libila receive slightly more favor than other gods from sacrificing butchered products. Mine (Vynora priests cannot do this). (Mah and Fo can) Cut wood (Fo priests cannot do this).(Vyn and Mag can) Can use bows. And on top of that Lib is the only priests that still needs 100+ favor aka link to cast their spells (the skeletons in various iterations that have the AI of kindergarden me) No WL spell that needs 100+ favor left btw. So BL does not even have a priest that can dig.. when all deeds are hundreds of slope of dirt walls And if youre not a preist on a pvp server you get rolled even for the tangleweave and the dispell is worth to be one, or more like: needed to be one. So yeah i would argue a pvp focused 2nd BL priest that can also dig is what is needed. Or revamps Lib but the problem with lib is because is 1 versus 3 you either make it too strong or too weak and you end up with noone playing lib on the pvp servers where it was ment to be played.
  2. Hold on i can save it! Suggestion to make a shapeshifting BL priest: - unlocks forms with faith levels ex: 10 - crab 15-seal 20-spider 30-snaku 40 - donkey 50-unicorn 60-bear 70-hellhorse 80-deahcrawler 90-drake 100-dragon - shapeshift form will decrease the enemy pendulums chance to track by 50% but will make all creatures be hostile to the preist (think a chiken walking about sees a shapeshifter priest and thinks: IMPOSTER! and turns red and charges in) - has a buff spell that gives the ability to spy like using a spyingglass but at 75% max range of an actualy spyglass - has an offensive spell that can turn an enemy into a statue stunning them for the duration even if dmg taken and duration is countered by the target's soul str. Will dismount/disembark the target cant be casted on targets in boats? or could it? - has a single target heal spell that turns the target into a goblin that can still be hit but will be healing for the shapeshift duration for like 2%hp/combat window+power of the cast adds 3%/30 power - has a spell that can be casted on gather tools that adds 5% chance to get a treasure map / rare roll for every 30 power (or could make it similar to how nimbleness adds it's bonus) - has a spell that can be casted on tools that will negate all chances to turn an item being imped by them into a rare but the rare rolls can grant treasure maps instead. Can stack with BotD but NOT with Coc/woa *evul laf* - has a spell that can be casted on boats that will make fish attracted to the boat (basically make your own fishing spot) - has a spell that can be casted on vehicles that slows the aging process of the animals hitched to it (inb4 new meta have 300 large carts to keep your hell horses hitched to it and prevent aging so buffs can't be too got but not neglijable either) - has a weapon spell that works like ED but it transfers water and stamina to the player wielding it from its target - priests have a 15% dmg reduction buff at all times (the reverse of a mag priest 15% more dmg at all time) - priests naturally regen favor 25% faster than normal while in shapeshift form - has a spell that can be casted on a player and will have a window pop up and be able to choose a temp affinity that will last based on the pwoer of the cast (sort of a BL alternative to wisdom of vynora) - has an armor spell that negates the weight of the armor piece with a max camp of 50% weight reduction at 100 cast power and does not stack with other armor casts - has a shield spell that reduces the dmg taken by it with a cap of 30% at 100 cast power but reduces block chance by a cap of 3% at 100 cast power too - has an offensive spell that will negate the target's potential tile combat bonus for the duration but the target can dispel itself or by friendly priests to get rid of it - has a tile spell (similar to Fo's ward) that will block sorcery from players inside the area that has been "warded" (no more truestrike spam hype) - priest has immunity to fall dmg if above 30 favor (similar to fo's immune to thorns) - priests can lead mounts without the need of a rope (needs to activate an item similar to halter rope) but still capped at 2 on pvp servers and capped by AH skill on pve servers (imagine the joy when a priest of [insert new BL deity name here] shows up at a public slaying with 7 wild horses for ppl to use) - priests and followers cannot use res stones but they will not lose skills upon death - priests and followers will convert health lost to drowning into stamina (if youre 90% healt but ran out of stam while drowning you will lose health normally but the ammount of hp lost will become stamina gained as long as there is room on the bar to gain stam) But stamina gained will not prevent drowning ticks untill 3 of them took place. (So cant outstam get a drown tick gain stam and stop drowning from that 1 tick) - has a spell that can be casted on breedable animals that will decrease the chance of bad traits if it's breeded with a close relative by 50% or maybe 33%? - if priests are above 30 favor uniques are not hostile to it - has a pendulum spell that will list in Even tab the name of all guard towers in the range of the cast, does not stack with other pendulum casts - has a jewelry spell that will give phisical dmg reduction by a % - has a bow spell that negates night difficulty debuff and increases the optimal range by 1 tile/30 cast power? or just use Nimb code, does not stack with BT - priests can mine and dig not woodcut (rip body stam grind on epic lol) - followers and priests have a 10% longer rare window - priest and followers do not get any bonus while walkin on mycellium but when they are not on a mycellium tile they get a "lust for mycellium" buff that makes their water/food/ccfp drain faster (reverse Fo code) but will gain 5% movement speed and dmg done on ALL other tile types If the devs wont add this new BL priest ever can we atleast get this "lust for mycellium" thing on libila's then? I begsies! Could also just remove all the skele spells that need 100+favor to cast from Lib and just replace them with some of the things you like from the above suggestions too.
  3. i hate yellow pots because it means wurms has the technology to make a shapeshifter class but devs are bombarded with: can we get leaf walls and logs cabbonz pls wurm build game ok
  4. Remove champs Remove warbonus (you literally cannot build a large community on one deed because of how war bonus scales growth and decay based on how many vilagers there are) Maybe make warbonus character bound as in the more combat actions you perform the more you build up and ofc would have a cap so ppl would have to go out and fight mobs in order to get their buff.. which in turn will make it so people will start running into each other and thus get to .. i dont know.. pvp:) Could use the same system as the shield pen training one so 15m cap and can't be domestic born etc. Nerf acid potion dmg Remove the 1/3 chance of interrupt from Libila's Scorn if wearing heavy armor or add it to light of fo too. I dont care if scorn is a combat spell and light of fo is not in interest of balance make them work the same or noone is gonna want to play libila. Oh wait.. nobody is.
  5. What is nuts to me is that every time people ask for a server merge or atleast a portal to Defiance from SFI we get the answer that is technically impossible because of code, but then here we are the clusters being connected by chat anyway. Sure is most likely that the difference in code is not related to chat but one can only wonder is it that hard to make them compatible? Who wrote the code? the aliens? is like the same people dev de game since steam launch announced and now. Same thing happened to Jackal the chat including the trade was working across all freedom they had to separate them in a later patch. So is doable but i think they are neck deep into working on the part2 of exploration so i would suggest a compromise: color coordination Basically you color the people's names based on their cluster, say people on epic will have white or grey text while the ones on defiance will have light green or someting. This would help if the color of the text can be change easily so it could be done in a very short time. L.E. there is also the obvious solution of making it like the trade channel: everyone will have server tag at end of name and maybe make the people on same server as you have the blue text thingy.
  6. It's 2022 am sure Keenan can figure something out:)
  7. Why is there no portal to Defiance from SFI? People using it would not have their tomes, med, faith, fs transfter right? So why is there not one? Are there technical issues or have the devs said anything about it or noone asked? They would rather have ppl prem a char on each cluster or whats the issue? I just wanna use it so i can imp some arrows to get body control on my toon taht is a lib priest on SFI and cant do that lol
  8. The ideea is that championhood makes high end accounts like Snoo Silakka Rocklobstar to become too strong and thus making the rest of the server pop not want to go out and look for action anymore because they think if they run into one of them is not much they can do even tho they have solid accounts aswell. Case in point your boys: Silakka sits there and tanks all your champs and kills them too. Sleepys argued that champs should be kept so that 30body toons can champ up and be competitive vs the old players. None of the KJ champs in this vid are 30 body toons not even close and they still get dunked. So i would argue that champing up wont save the low stats toons but will scale very dangerously high for a chunky toon like the ones i mentioned before. All online games have this "problem". They cannot offer new toons being as strong as old ones because then why would ppl want to play if they dont feel like they are getting stronger. You need to decide what it is that you will enjoy about the pvp side of wurm and if it is combat and bonking heads then just have to accept dying as "the price of doing business" and just try and apply to a kingdom. On Chaos you could try Jen Kellon, Sparta or Pandemonium. Yes you might be suspected of being a spy since not many new accounts venture into pvp but you will get in just fine if you can take and dish out a joke or two and play as a group. Also if any of them accepts you i fully expect you to spy on them for me :0 Once you are inside i shall mail you a metal brush and your job and only job as a spy will be to go around and just use the brush to take the paint off of all the pink bright green and every other god forsaken poopy color these so called men of battle chose to put on their gear If they are wearing the gear and refuse to take it off just invent a tickle game or something you gotta improvise sometimes. Back to the topic: champs feel underwelming if played by a low stats account while scaling insanely strong on a chonky boy account. So they have to go in order to help reduce the number of immortal horned cocoa puffs running around Chaos Also if you remove champs but dont nerf acid is gonna be a 2-3hit game.
  9. Hi! Essence Drain is a spell lib casts that gives healing and applies internal wounds at the same time. Sounds amazing right? So they nerfed the effectiveness of it to the ground so a 90ED would heal the equivalent of a 30LT. And so noone is using it. So i was thinking what if the devs remove the internal wounds part of ED and replace it with a stamina gain effect? So now ED would heal and return stamina.. . at a poop rate but still is something. This could be usefull as often times ppl grind their character they gear him up then they go out stam out and get dunked on. This would help those situations where they could use ED to gain enough stamina to parry/block and buy some time for help to arrive? maybe? How about you are in pve climbing to get a chiken half a mountain up and you are out of stam and a darn spoidah gets on you? Die to mob or fall damage inc? or use ED get so stam back to kill the bugger.. get the chicken.. praise Libila So yeah i think that addinge a weapon enchant to give some stamina back would help ppl that find themselves in those situations where they are out of stam and feel like they have no options available. And as long as is balanced to give enough stamina to keep block and parry but not be able to spam specials it would be welcomed by most (i would hope
  10. Hi! Been playing some CK3 lately and got intrigued by their lifestyle perks system. Basically you have the ability to specialise a character based on what your plans/interests are for a specific period and by doing that you accumulate perks (little bonuses and buffs) that improve your toon and are specific to that said lifestyle. I think this could be either a complement or a replacement for meditation paths because rather than meditating once every 30m or 3h and have an rng chance to get a skill tick then wait 18 days to spam meditate to hopefully get a question pop and advance in that path you can now choose a lifestyle based on what your plans are with that toon and then by playing the toon and performing activities you gain xp that is then used to unlock perks that enhance your toon in performing even better at that specialisation. For example you could have lifestyle: Smith (perk1: 10% less dmg on tools from imping perk2: 10% less rate of cooling of lumps perk3: forge you fuel will burn as if it was 90ql a.k.a. max ql perk:4 can imp with cold lumps perk5: can get treasure maps from imping) Explorer (perk1: 10% movement speed on non road tiles perk2: 20% less stamina drain while moving and climbing perk3: 50% faster compass perk4:uniques can smell you and are drawn to you perk5: you ignore the weather and always sail as if strong wind from behind Fighter (perk1: 20% less dmg on your weapon and armor from usage, perk2: 5% more chance to crit and said crit will also act like a 50 LT, perk3: your healing grants you 90% of your heal enchant as health and 10% as stamina, perk4: you have a 33% chance to not use stamina when performing a special move, perk5: you can focus 2 steps/focus action or, perk6: your focus level does not decay as long as you are under 70% hp Priest (perk1: 10% faster natural favor regen perk2: 50% slower alligment decay perk3: 10% more favor from saccing items perk4: non processed items (non chopped diced etc) give 50% more favor (for the lazy priests that dont wanna chop or dice) perk5: all items you sac as a priest while under max favor will still count for deed bonuses Could make it so that one can only have one lifestyle chosen at a time and can switch between them with marks keeping the chosen steps (similar to how meditation works) or reset it at some pagan (goblin camp or religious sites altar) but with the steps reset aswell. There won't be a time gate tho and just have the steps be usable by performing actions using skills that are part of that lifestyle but won't be exclusive to just one (for instance fighting would be suitable for both explorer and fighter)
  11. Hey devs put this in but only allow it on Epic. *evul laf*
  12. Summon soul unlocks at 80faith but would need a link to cast.
  13. Step 1 is not recorded because i am a derp and did not check what monitor shadowplay was recording. Was a really hard clue but got lucky Siegfried told me exactly where should go. It was just N of the Mario thingy in the NW desert. Step 2 these clues have to be read well it said within 1 tile of G16 near Eckerbrisk and ran around that for a while untill got lucky again and Obliv told me that tower is actually up at Restless. So when you get these types of clues remember the tower is inside one adiacent tile of the one in the clue (could be different based on the difficulty of the treasure map would have to revisit this once i get lower diff ones) Step 3 was fairly easy but requires the use of the map dump. Hoping they will find a way to incorporate them into the game. Step 4 was a really lucky roll as it was just the SE island that was a landmass withing the circle. Step 5 was same deal like 2 but this time i knew it should be one adiacent tile and it was so. The tower was a map tile north of M22. Step 6 made me scratch my head but luckily Steelmerc came in clutch and figured out where it is in like 10 seconds:) I enjoyed the treasure hunt. The mobs are not that dangerous but not afk-able either. I also liked the fact that it brings life into the local Freedom chat and i would not have been able to complete it by myself for a long while. The rewards are a bit poop for a map with spawns at every step so would like to see that tweaked a bit.
  14. I would say remove champs but make war bonus be given/gained for having deed members spend time out on the map but not inside a cave or a building. Maybe make it so you gain it while out on the map and fighting a mob so you cant just have an alt afk in a mine to farm war bonus. Sure no system is perfect but having people know that if they go out they will get benefits is a good ideea since the biggest block to pvp taking place is folk not wanting to leave deed. Even the champ system could be made dynamic and less punishing. Like instead of having ppl champ up at the altars you could just have it free flow and have the god's reward champion status to players for their deeds/actions and ofcourse once they are afk /stop playing the others dont need to wait for months for the slot to open it would just be lost organically due to the god awarding champion to someone else in the kingdom that is active. Maybe in a less powerfull way too like only give as a champ the ability to imp/cast and maybe the ability to have a 2nd med path active or like a 20% dmg taken reduction and 20% damage dealt increase. So is worth to have it but not game breaking. I think that should be the mantra of the pvp devs when looking into balancing/changing things: make it strong enough to be worth having it but not game breaking.
  15. Yeah now is super fast drops i was 94 nutri and food and now am 47% nutri and 59% food after 15minutes.