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  1. Or they could make the entire background (the stone/marbly bit) turn shiny white while sleep bonus is active in order to still provide an obvious visual indication that your sb is on.
  2. Hi! I am wondering if the alligment hit from listening to an oposite light's sermon could be removed on Freedom cluster (maybe keep it on Chaos). Reason being that for sermon groups oposite lights count as listeners for the others so they help with the faith gain but the penalty for doing that is losing 4 alligment each time. Does not sound much but 4 alligment every 30m can tank your ability to land cast quite dramaticly for a low and mid channeling priest. Is not that bad i would say you go to a sermon group to grind faith can just fix the alligment after but here is where the problem really is: Impalongs. You go there to grind chan and to cast on people's items but if your BL you lose all your alligment in 1 day then proceed to shatter people's items just because? Sure the easy solution is to just have the WL and BL altars 5+ tiles apart and just have the imping bins between them but is still sort of not really a fix since an impalong is a help me help you kind of a situation and WL and BL being able to be listeners for one another nets more faith gains. If it cannot be removed make it like minimal please? For instance my lib priest had -100 alligment for the Lunalong. Specifically asked WL to let us know when sermoning so we can book it 5 tiles away or was just keeping an eye on Event tab but with so many events going around is hard to spot the sermon initiation msg. Now am -78 alligment and affraid to go back:)
  3. Positives: - can meditate on both sides (transfer rate is poop but still a boon i guess) - can play your freedom priest as a crafter (provided transfer rate is not poop) - new untouched land and the sense of discovery and adventure Negatives: - skill transfer is not in still nevermind the rate - you start from 0 and you do this for 6 months to get some skins and 10% of the grinded xp while someone on freedom keeps all the xp, items and buys a skin (why are they not getting 10% of a skin then!?). And even if they do make them get 10% of a skin then they wont buy untill 10 skins are the price of 1 currently:)
  4. Why not just compromise and rename it to "Tich"!?
  5. Please provide a meaningful point of view or stop posting i dont need the bumps even tho i apreciate them
  6. Nah boats should disapear too. No free rides. If people want to keep their stuff in a boat they can rent a parking space on an active deed for their boat. It creates a new market and promotes player interaction If you dont trust them then can just make a 1s upkeep deed and store all your stuff there. No storage should be for free anymore takes space from people hoarding items for years and not logging back for another few years but the server has to load their crap all the time even tho they have not made a single payment towards Code AB in years. Pay for it or lose it. Virgin land for new players.
  7. ' I mean this is ment to create born again virgin land for new players. So they could even use things like the beacon code on jackal to have areas that expand little by little and have the decay rate of stuff in range of a started town be alot stronger and get lower and lower the further you get. This could also help educate new players about the ql of stuff they make matter when considering how long it takes to go poof and that imping them is a thing. This way new players taking the inde portal to a server/start town of their choice can find good land around it to get themselves started while the experienced players can deed further away and have less decay. This also means that newbies will get to live near starter towns which means merchants in them can actually sell stuff now? Full wipe is better because just having accelerated decay rate could make those areas even more littered because now ppl just drop stuff there to grind repair skill in spring:) So i still believe the winter clean-up would be a good equaliser for items and lessen the littered feel of a server. I mean you go to find a nice quiet lakeside spot to terraform and deed but all you find is abandoned terraformed ######.. Is like the real life version of plastic bottles and containers It should be easy: you want to keep it? pay the maintenance for it. Now the mailing system will give warnings so no need to keep track yourself. If you dont pay for it it will be wiped to provide a spot for a new player. You can always return and use your already grinded skills to create teh stuff you need in alot less time and with some more xp gain too.
  8. That is great to hear and welcome to Wurm but this is a suggestions thread so why you do this? Are you undercover Wetwogwade trying to troll us back?:)
  9. The new system that sends e-mails with: "your deed expires in x days" should help ppl decide if they want it gone or not. And guess what.. if they decide to pay maint even tho they are not playing but dont want the stuff to be deleted over night you will still get money from them. So is a win win right? If player decides to keep they deed Code AB gets the money .. if they don't then teh plot gets wiped clean and a new player makes a deed there and Code AB gets the money. Right now stuff rots abandoned for months/years not making Code AB any money while preventing a new player spend their money on a new deed because he cannot find a non littered piece of land. LE Emoo sugested to just accelerate rotting based on last time the creator loged in. This way the non prem active players are not losing everything every winter while the stuff of someone that has not loged on 3months+ can just be wiped full in next winter from the 3 months have passed? Alternatively wipe all every winter and non prem players can live in starter towns or caves. It never hurts to have an incentive for people to prem so....
  10. One of the major issues with Freedom cluster is the fact that the servers (especially the water front) are littered with old terraformed deed area abandoned building etc. making it hard for new people to settle and enjoy themselves (someone made a thread about a guy that started Wurm came to xan could not find good waterfront untouched land did not find the sense of adventure/taming new land because of it so quit). So what if you make winter be the great equilizer? Once the snow melts.. all the abandoned buildings and items (carts boats etc) and disbanded deeds would be wiped.. deleted .. make them go poof and have grass and trees grow instead making it look like virgin land? Sure the mines should be left alone but i think it would help. And even if you just delete the disbanded deed buildings and items you still gain performance from less items to load and for the server to keep track of. And even if ppl will come back after months or years is ok if they cant find their boat anymore just make another one that means 1 extra client for the boatmakers or if the player has the skill can do it himself alot faster than 1st time. I know that a very important part of Wurm's identity is the fact the players have a long lasting impact on the world and i dont want that to be lost. But if a player leaves not only you lost that customer but the stuff he leaves behind may prevent a new player from making Wurm his home for a while untill he moves on to other game too. So i think the highways and bridges are ok to stay but i would very much think that clearing the ###### on the coastlines made by ppl that won't even come back is a good move in order to provide oportunities for new players to feel like they are having a fresh start and taming new land. You can even use this to create a perk for the new loyalty system Wetwo is working on: for every month you were premed you get 0.5% less decay for the stuff you made while you are inactive. So make ppl scream and shiver yelling: Winer is coming! secure my sheet pay my deed or have it wiped. I guess a good compromise would be to put the jackal beacon code on the deed token of starter towns and have full wipe in 200 tiles radius then accelerated decay for the next 300 (sweetspot to grind repairing?:) and a bit less for the next 300. This could make newbies cry out on CA_HELP: all my stuff i made for weeks is gone now!? and someone would reply: are you near a starter town? And when they say yes you can go: well you played at a started town for weeks you have the skills to adventure and found your deed now. Leave the tit of the starter town for the new new ppl!
  11. And you think is balanced that a priest can regen 3x stamina like a normal character while being able to cast spells too? I think is not but they should get more towards specialisation. If it were up to me all priests should just get 3x favor instead of 3x stam on sleep bonus.
  12. Hi Currently sleep bonus provides the extra xp and 3x stamina regen. Why not make it give 3x favor regen too? If that would be double dipping for priests can make it 1.5x for stam and favor for priests?
  13. Exclusive glimpse into the new combat system: Revolutionary triple wielding of a huge axe and 2 dragon claws!