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  1. Display a message in the middle of the screen when you target is immune to your weapon's damage type. Just watched poor Grumbs and chat unable to figure out why he cannot hit a Deathcrawler mob. He could not because he had a Venom weapon equipped at the time and they are immune to poison damage. Is at 1h05m in this VOD:
  2. I would like a keybind for repair all equipped gear so this way it would not only repair equipped armor pieces but weapon and shield too, ofc they would try to repair jewelry backpack toolbelt too but since 9 armor pieces + 2 weapon+shield means you would need 11 action slots so 10 mind logic you would have to press the repair keybind multiple times anyway so not a big deal.
  3. Hi! Since most people get frustrated that we cannot take bites of affinity pizza when we are full and sometimes that does not allow us to eat all the affinities we want i was thinking, what if the devs lets us combine slices of already made pizza into an Wurmian Pizza and when we take a bite of that pizza we get all the affinities the slices gave but at 10% timer lost for each slice added. For example let's say you want body str body stam mining soul str, that's 4 affinities so you take a slice of each full house pizza giving them that had let's say 10h aff timer each and you combine them into an 8kg (since each slice is 2kg) Wurmian Pizza that gives all 4 affinities in one bite but at only 6h since lost 40% duration for combining 4 different slices) This could solve alot of headackes as people would only need to wait to be able to take one bite and can also take a slice of this pizza with them on the road and have the timers refresh and go out at the same time. Could try the same thing with beverages by making the Wurmian Cocktail where you combine diff affinity beverages to have a mega zip but since we can just drink when we want this is not as needed even tho people would be happy to have a multiple affinities cocktail with them still.
  4. It is a reply to this: Basically someone asked ChatGPT the AI thingy how to improve the pvp experience in Wurm and based on the reply i concluded that adding pvp only content with meaningfull rewards will make the pve players cry about how they are forced to pvp to get the rewards too so i tried to find a solution to a mechanic that starts on pvp and ends on pve so they don't have to do that. And my presumption was correct judging by the 2 replies above. Do not worry tho you will still get your monthly flower pot.
  5. Hi! been watchin the discution in def pvp thread and got to an ideea while trying to find solutions for some stuff there and here it is. Basically is an attempt to make pvp and pve work together and depend on eachother for fun stuff: A basic solution would be a hybrid one where you have the pvp people fight for an item on pvp server then they have to bring it to a pve server where after saccing or doing something pve related will allow that item to be opened/interacted with in such a way that will spawn a reward or something that will be killed for a reward. Sort of a treasure map that can only drop on pvp but can only be opened on pve and this way pvp can provide for pve and pve can provide for pvp without having to perform each other's chosen role. You might ask: but what is to stop the pvp crowd just do the pve part to open it themselves? Answer: Nothing..close to nothing.. lazyness maybe? But hey you take the risk should have a real chance for reward no? For example one could fight in pvp and everytime a person dies is a 1% chance a treasure item would drop or you charge up one killing toon (similar to champion points for kills as a champ) and once you get like 10 20 ---50 points whatever you can go to your light's altars and dump that kills charge in exchange for an item. Let's call it : Libila's Sideboob. And now you take the item and you sail it to a pve server. And you plant it in an evironment where the holy site for the deity the item serves can spawn. Then the whole server gets a beam like a rift beam but is the color of the deity either black or white. And now people on the server can come to this item and imp it but here is how. They right click it and choose a skill then they only pray spam and they gain pray ticks and that skill xp ticks. To be more specific: you are a crafter you reach the special item and you right click it and from the menu you go like: Bind skill and you get all the skills in game except characteristics and med maybe and you just choose one. let's say you chose Shipbuilding. Once you choose you cannot change the skill bind for 16h irl (same cd as med stuff right?) And now you pray spam the special item (praying gives fatigue btw) and you receive praying skill ticks but also Shipbuilding skill ticks. Players can also spam Fart emote on the thing for a 10% chance to cause a humid drizzle effect in a 5x5 area from the object. Say after 16h you decide to switch from Shipbuilding to Fishing. You rebind to it and now when you pray spam you get praying skill ticks and fishing. In exchange for the 10% humind drizzle from fart the 5x5 area around the object blocks sermoning. This is so people won't have sermon wars or ninja sermons on potential alot of people at the thing but one could set-up a sermon grp outside the 5x5 area and can ask people to slide in their DM (sermon area) but by doing so it will act as a confirmation they do want to be sermoned on. Now once people prayer spammed for days let's say after 5k 10k 50k etc prayers performed the object reaches stage two where it shuts down the beam becomes purple and cannto be interacted with anymore. Once it turns purple a timer like rift begins and after 1 irl week when it starts will function like a buffed rift. Stronger mobs and waves but based on the presence of people in local and as rewards we could have a dragon instead of a warmaster and/or have mm boulders (that connet be higher than 50ql) instead of the rift mat's nodes. The initial planter (player that sailed the thing from pvp and went and did Plant or Secure action on to begin the first praying phase) could be presented with a prompt to choose an opening time so they can make sure the 2nd rift phase will open at the time they have chosen. For example i get the object from pvp is a mag thing i take it to cele to a desert i plant/secure it then i get a pop-up and i choose 9pm my time. Now the white beam goes up ppl come and pray smap and grind their bind skill once that is done the 2nd phase starts the beam goes purple and the 1 irl week timer starts and will open the first wave at 9pm my time in a week.
  6. I can't believe you are asking them to circumcise forges 😂
  7. Treasure maps should drop hunting arrows on pve and war arrows on pvp too:)
  8. Well since they dont let us butcher and bury the mobs seems odd they would intentionally let us sack them.
  9. I was having Spell Effects window up to check if i am in domain to be able to sack or not. The thing is if you sac in your god's domain you get favor too, but if you are in a different god's domain you can still sac but won't get the favor which is why this does not seem intended because most tiles are in a god's domain which means you can get rid of the ambush mobs faster than having to get them all to 0 health. They did add an icon on the buff bar (the blue one second from the left on the second row in the vid) but problem is that also shows when is not domain and all priests get 15 power domain but they cannot sac since is not domain is weird. So would probably be best if the icon would stop showing in those cases too. If no domain no blue buff icon for domain pls devs:) Or have it of diff color just like you have diff color same icon for holy sites buff. Maybe have it be same color but grey instead of blue and could be green instead of blue if youre in your own god's domain.
  10. If people really dont wanna grind even 30 meditation then another option would be to Detox by using karma.
  11. Hi! I was wondering if you could add for toons with 30med an option to right click body and choose Detox. Detox will remove the coffeine buff. The reason why am asking for it is that you get 10m of sb when you log in but then you have like 50m coffeine timer so need to sit on your hands and not grind for 50m since you want to use sb but not at the coffeine burning rate so you need to have a way to get rid of it. Detox could have a 16h cd like all other meditation things. It's main goal would be so you can log your toon in take a cofee zip for the 10m sb then detox to remove the cofee and turn sb on and start your grind.
  12. Make the specific action of a holy site behave like a rite spell, as in do not show up in the list if is not available and on cooldown. This way people can just see if they can use it or not by just right clicking the holy site and if the action is there then is off cd if is not they know to just check later.
  13. That moment when you argue that the population of an MMO should be kept forever segregated because players interacting with other players may hurt the game, again, IN AN MMO 😂
  14. I had both carpets in this pic in my inventory on the one on the left i used Drop on the one on the right i used Place and it floats. L.E. picked and used Drop on right one: Then picked again and used Place: L.E. 2: Is possible is a visual bug for the placing toon only since after loging in a diff toon the placed carpet looks proper set: Picked them up with new toon and one Drop on Place same story :