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  1. Sir Are you arguing that a sytem designed to make you prem longer is bad because it makes you buy premium for longer?
  2. Is a fair point but the restriction of priests is the grind itself not the prem because if someone wants a priest taht badly they will prem for one now then spam Trade to try and cover the prem cost. This way everyone will have acces to one on same prem and depending on how they balance it they would still need casts from other priests and not even 10% of them will be heavy grinded. Maybe you worry that even a 50 chan priest could in theory land a 100coc so people could just have it on and cast when favor naturally regens to hope for a high roll and frankly the chances of that hapening aer same as rare rolls atm so it will happen but not to a signigicant degree to remove need for high priests. This will be casual Joe playing with casual Jane on same prem. Taht would be the meat of their income. Because Wurm needs to target families not weabo's in order to make some real moneys. Look at chat now is all weabo's no wonder Wurm is ded since bridges were put in. High end players will be hardly impacted and, as i explained in the 1st post, not necesarily in a bad way.
  3. Fair enough if that is what they want Wurm to be like. Is just that in all other MMO's you pay a sub and have some character slots to play and test out on the same account so it would be nice if Wurm had a minimum of 2. Another way to go at it would be to add role unlock as a mark shop thing so people could remove the 1 crafter and 1 preist on same account if they wanted to. Also since they will need to make a link toon to account feature to get the existing toons linked with and account then why not let people decide to just keep a slot open and link a friend's toon as their 2nd toon on their premmed account so people could still play thanks to their friends. How many new players are lost to coming in, liking the game, starting to forage for coin or selling bricks in order to prem then getting burned out on doing that because that is not what they wanted to spend their time on Wurm. Adopt a newbie feature! Link a newbie to your prem account on 2nd slot and win... uhm... more like pray they don't break ###### up ... uhm maybe this will be hard because they would have to be on diff login and premissions. But not impossible! Get to work wurm devs! I believe.
  4. No is just having a priest alt for no extra prem cost. The toons would be separate so you would have to grind them and play them separately so they would have own stats and skills just like it is now.
  5. Hi! I wonder if it would be possible to make premium account based and have each account with 2 slots: one for a crafter and one for a priest. Crafters and priests have own flavor and are dependant on one another so it would add each player the ability to experience more of Wurm's mechanics without having to prem another toon in order to test if they like having a priest or not. Wurm has not followed the trend of having a player account where you could play multiple classes/specs on the same premium and is fine but at the same time it loses money because people could play more if they had more chances to warm up on certain mechanics. Say someone decides to make a priest alt. They prem then grind faith and channeling for 1-2 weeks and might decide... meh when prem month runs out i will make this one a holding valuables alt. But if they had a crafter and a priest slot on same prem they might revisit it down the line since is there to have a change of pace from what they normally do in Wurm and slowly warm up to it and have more enjoyment in playing wurm. Could make some priests mechanics less frustrating if everybody had a more or less grinded priest of their choice ready to be used when needed. Could make the prem price higher than the single toon we have today but less than 2 prems so that is a nice compromise. Because in Wurm progressing your character takes more effort than the industry standard i don't think the in game economy will be too flooded with enchants since the people that are heavy grinders already heavy grinded their priest and casual players don't have enough time to grind it. As a matter of fact it would increase the enchant demand since everybody will be able to ahve a priest and cast some spells.. guess what... those spells will be poop... but they will know of their existance..and then they will go to Trade and look for someone to cast a really high spell that they want but their own priest can't land since is not grinded. It could also create an oportunity for people to invite a close one to play with them: have your significant other play the preist as you play the crafter, or ask a fam member or a friend. That would be a great way to attract new players also if they have a friend playing Wurm and they get invited to play one of the toons they might get the bug and decide to make own account and play with someone they like better All i know is that usually stuff gets popular and widespread if people ask their close ones to check it out so this would be a good way to please everyone: - current old players can link a crafter and a preist on same account and pay less than now (or pay more if now they just prem one or the other as needed then let it run out) -hermits can have a crafter and a priest they can play on same account and reduce the need to interact with all them pesky germ dispensers they call "other people" by 20% more! - people that never wanted to play as a priest could decide they might aswell try it now since is there and actually get to play content Wurm has but was not accesible to them and even if they dont grind the priest to high levels they will still be able in time to cast spells on their deed because even a low med priest can have good value. It would require another heavy round of priest balancing or 90% of people will roll Vyn priest it would have to be a crafter and a priest role lock so that people don't make 2 crafters or 2 priest and completely miss the point of having variety. This could be a problem with wanting to priest your crafter or waht hapends if you depriest your priest by mistake? Could make it so that if is an intentional player decision to priest the crafter or to depriest the priest then have it allowed to be 2 of the same kind on an account? Or could just make it 2 characters regardless of their role but then miss the chance of exposing the player base to a priest and a crafter role for the same ammount of money they pay to prem.
  6. Marks are ment to be a loyalty reward currency not a shop currency. So they will only have silver and playtime in the shop... oh and character rename for real money when is ready... maybe.
  7. They would get a choose a server pop-up after 48h of gameplay and if they dont choose anything they will be send to Inde. So noone could stay there forever. Teh server would be there to fill it with green only mobs and have the newbies get some fight skill learn how to make healing covers, how to explore with no minimap, how to recover their corpse after sliding to death on a slope and have a more newbie focused ca-help. They could also make newbie friendly events tehre like the slaying of a pheasant
  8. There would still be a portal thingy to choose a server sooner if chosen ofc.
  9. Make a mini start server with just green mobs and have the newbies play their first 48h (playtime) in it then be presented with a window to choose a start deed on the normal servers. This way they are not in danger so can just learn the game and the 48h playtime running out will auto kick them to Inde if they dont pick a choice so they cant stay forever.
  10. Few problems: - you cannot lose your weapons in pve or pvp ever and don't need to repair them. - you cannot shatter the hands while casting so can just spam untill you get 105 on everything - people could dispel/cast on hands for channeling grind depending on the spells they get, bye bye need for serryl jewelry. Find a fix for that and im up for it If weaponsmithing scaling damage is not something you want how about make it so that you take hands damage when punching making you need to heal more often?
  11. I have the same issue needs to be made atleast 3s pressed before activation or have an option to disable the feature in settings please.
  12. Oh still a nice QoL improvement. Guessing the butt facing could be caused by the fov setting i am using the max one which is 120 i think.
  13. This means we won't be facing the horse's butt when zooming back in or is something different?