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  1. Why not give actually meaningful names like: PvE: Tich PvP: Norolf (which is obvisously the name of the Notch and Rolf couple )
  2. I got exclusive info that the start town for HotS on the Rumble pvp server will be:
  3. I was thinking of how they could re-use as much of existing code to make this happen so how about this: You will have huntin arrow, war arrow and marrow. The marrow will function as a minigem as in: based on the marrow's quality a priest of any faith can vessel favor into it. And then everytime a player priest or not shoots the marrow with any type of bow 1 favor is extracted / shot and the marrow takes damage just as a gem would take damage from favor being taken out of it. So let's take a medium set-up: 70ql marrow with 70 favor in it would fire 70shots and take like 30 dmg total from them? So fletching is still needed to re-imp it to a good quality, favor is still needed quite often to recharge it and priests can grind channeling thru vessel without needing gems. On a personal note my crafter has 70+ bowyery and fletching got them in 1 week because i wanted some body control (look it up on niarja if you want), i make suggestions based on what i think it would improve the game for everybody: 1 day character or 10 years character.
  4. Yay we got the bedroll now we want the water bed
  5. Hi! I was wondering if you could give Mag and Libila a spell that can only be casted on arrows and will then make it so that for each 1 power or the cast it will count as a shot. Could make it so that it loses 1 cast power/shot or make it so that each shot is a roll between losing 1 cast power or taking damage on the physical arrow. So a 100 power cast on a single arrow could count as 100 shots. This will remove the need to have a ton of arrows with you and also the need to go pick them up. Not having to go pick the arrows up all the time, not caring if the mob ran away with them and stuff like that would be such a great quality of life improvement. It will not remove the need for fletching as the physical arrow itself will still need to be imped and repaired. Could make the spell stack with nimb/botd/woa or rotting touch etc or not, as a way of having to choose: damage but heavy micro or comfort but less damage. If you think that this could be so good that it would replace the melee combat as the primary way of killing stuff in Wurm you could make the "magic arrows" damage on curve based on the target's CR so could do tons of damage to under 40CR mobs, then like 50% of base damage to a 40+CR and like 25% damage to a unique or a player. This way ppl could still be able to kill the enemy's mounts in pvp with ease but will hit like a wet noodle when they try to kill the player with it after. Could call the spell Marrow and put it in by X-mass! The goal here is to make the Marrows the meta for grinding archery related combat skills but not have the punch to replace melee combat as the meta versus strong oponents, farming rifts or in pvp. If balancing that could be too much of a headacke and ppl could just still have 40 arrows with 90+ cast on each and just take the dmg debuff and spam the arrows as a way of killing without having to have armor or lose health then just make the spell have a backfire roll too once in a while (thinking about 2-3 backfires every 10 shots?) The backfire would be a percentage of the dmg the player caused to their target then diminished by the player's armor and characteristics. The ideea here is to make the player take dmg to remove the ideea of: hey i know is little damage but i am not in danger myself so i just spam small shots and have 10 bow strings with me is fine! If is still too good could make it so that it needs to be a special arrow that can receive the cast if you have to separate the backfire code from the existing ones and could also make it be max cap imp based on the imper's weaponsmithing skill. So a person that has 70 fletching and 30 weaponsmithing will imp normal arrows to 77 but the Marrows only to like 46 but then the weapons and armor curve will kick in so the 46 Marrow will be effective 60 or something right? TLDR: Cast on arrows that will add magic shots based on cast power and will remove the need to go retrieve arrows or care if mobs ran away and now the arrows you spent forever imping are lost. Have the Marrows damage curve based on the target's CR so it does not become the meta way of fighting and replaces melee combat. Less base damage or not being able to stack the cast with nimb/botd/woa or rotting etc. could be an aditional way of having to make a choice between more damage or more comfort.
  6. [21:15:07] Lurker in the Woods has been cast on it, so it will locate rare creatures. [97] [21:15:07] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) [21:15:07] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [80] Starting Bid: 6s Minimum Increment: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 18s Sniper Extension: 1hr
  7. Hi! I was wondering if you could add the ability to make fish oil in Wurm as a way to add more recipes and grind Natural Substances. Also would make ppl want to fish more? We could use the wood pulp press to get the fish oil instead of a fruit press.
  8. Tools in the inventory do show the enchants on mouse over but if i mouse over them on the toolbelt the enchants do not show just the name quality damage and weight do.
  9. The buff text seems offcentered and hard to read: the UI scale in the pic is 95% but even at 100% is the same if not worse. L.E. also the leather armor chest piece does not seem to show on the character even tho i have it equipped.
  10. Hi! When choosing the preview client to test the new UI will the client remember my normal client keybinds or will start with default settings?
  11. Use the fishing net in a shallow non ocean water So inside a mine or a shallow canal should be good. Inside mines is less fish variety so i just dug a 3x3 fishing zone with 2-3 slope under water and am doing it there. You just activate it and choose Fish will have a 60 seconds timer and depending on skill you can catch 0-x fishes. I started at 18 skill and was getting 1 or 2 / 60s now i am almost 50 and getting 4-5 Once it finishes the 60s timer you must empty the net before being able to fish again. Should get you to around 60 skill at a decent rate. L.E. Can use the fish you get to cook with (50+ql) and to grind animal taming (under 50ql) can do it on a pig then switch to black bear at around 40 taming.
  12. Hi! Was wondering if the priests locate soul could be used to find the god's avatars on servers too. Can pendulum spells do that already? like lurker or is just a rumor?
  13. Name the pve server: PVP Server Name the pvp server: PVE Server Imagine the panic and disbelief each day for pve ppl as they see they are connecting to the PVP Server and the other way around