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  1. Yes! How about killing god's avatars before their mission is done? Will it spawn a new mission?
  2. Congratulations Nathaniel Repairante! This is bittersweet because i was rooting for Pandy:) and i liked how many missions we completed on Cele because you were gasping for sb everyday:) It benefited us all hope you will still kill the avatars if we find them:)
  3. Well i can guess why first aid does not give points because then ppl will just show up get hit once go back and heal and the rift will progress too slow. But i think the best compromise would be to give heals from LT and ED points because they only come from hitting a hostile mob while giving first aid heals around 10-15% skill points in comparison just so that people will get some points for healing themselves but not make it more worth than to actually fight the mobs.
  4. Does LT and ED heal ticks from weapons count toward healing points or just priest spells and first aid?
  5. hi! We seem to have 3 missions only again on Celebration and after asking about it in ca_help Demona confirmed there are only 3 on Inde too. Other servers report 4 missions each.
  6. I mean with that attitude you are probably sleeping on the couch alot so yeah is possible to wake up tired i guess
  7. Hi! Since you are looking into ways to change fatigue and playing chekers does not do anything why not make it so that when toons play checkers they would lose fatigue?
  8. No matter what they announce or don't announce this is our collective reaction when reading the patch threads: So as you can see no matter what they do they cannot win so they might aswell do what they think is best for the game and not let the forum teary reactions influence their resolve.
  9. Excellent! Are fixes for not being able to shoot bow or track while in 3rd person being worked on or they dont have to since you are changing to new models and animations and those will work with them?
  10. Hi! Tutorials in wurm are the most often revamped feature so it shows that the team is still struggling to find the best way to provide the information the best way possible to newbies. Whenever i try a new game i always try to skip the tutorial asap but then be able to find specific information as i need it and i think most ppl are like this: they yell "just let me play the game!!" in the tutorial and then only get frustrated when they want to find out something specific as they go about wurming. This and the fact that wurm is incredibly wast means that the only solution is to make a bot like Cortana and Alexa. And have the player be able to ask that bot how to make a sickle how to create a bed etc just load all the wurmpedia into it and use like the twitch addons for text to speach to make it talk. Is gonna be called Wurmtanalexa ofc:) Also we should be able to have it tell us how the wind is blowing when is a rift starting etc maybe even seasons? (not harvest seasons just when the next one is coming etc.) TL:DR Rather then investing dev resources on making a new new tutorial every few months just load all wurmpedia in a bot that will use text to speech to give the players the answer for specific stuff they are looking for.
  11. For crafters: vynora For priests: vynora, fo, libila, magranon
  12. What if they nerd the ql like they intend to but they also make the imbues extend the ammount of ores you can mine from a vein before is depleted? This way when players find a vein that is high ql they can extend its lifetime.
  13. How are you not when you say that because of a religious occasion i should have a certain conduct? You should be a good person because you have principles and a moral compass not because of glorified superstitions.
  14. Can random religious ocassions not be forced upon people tho? Looks like this year can't be done.. maybe in 2021?