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  1. Grifo might even pop his sleep bonus to counter this!
  2. same but i get 144hz game kept crashing without error msg but what i found is that if i change the FBO from core to extension it stops crashing.
  3. I stopped crashing after i switched the FBO from Core to either Extension or Disabled game looks poopier but no crashes so far. Try to experiment with that.
  4. I had crashes with no error msg while running just 1 client and what seems to have fixed it for me is change FBO to Extension or Disabled from Core. Basically remove shadows. Game will look poopier but no crashes so far.
  5. Hi! Can we please have the faith not reset to 50 after dechamping anymore? Reason would be that the player already grinded the faith past to 50.. many even all the way to 100 why would they have to lose half of it and regrind something with a 3h cd that needs 6+ prem listeners just to reset the faith giving prayers? Not to mention that dechamping usually happends after dying in combat 3x times or after 6 months of faithfully serving their deity so why would they lose faith? Channeling does not get reset right? I mean sure goes back to old level or if it was over 80 stays the same? Why would faith not work like that?
  6. New: Added the ability to drag and drop equipment onto animals, and an option to quickly unequip animals.
  7. The graphic settings from my work comp that never crashes but only has the 1 monitor but alas still crashing on the dual monitor setup.
  8. Do you guys happen to have dual monitors or just he one? My client at home has been crashing with no error for a while now randomly while playing the game on one of the 2 monitors. So i copied the settings from my work comp which has 1 monitor and never crashes. The one difference i keep seeing is the home client being defaulted to 144hz refresh rate but even after changing it to 60hz it would still crash.
  9. Bro im BL i dont have a choice. I can either go there with more diggers and 1-2 Lib priest in which case i wont be able to grp fight versus your Fo's and Mag's combat priests attacks and spells or i can have combat priests too and then maybe win the fight and have the enemy respawn inside the deed being attacked but now all my priests are done cant help us remove the massive dirt wall and get in and your answer is: well is not our fault you only brought 2 ppl that can dig Also you both say that latelly thres less Fo's and more Mag's for WL and even tho Fo's can dig the Mag's cannot. Well they dont need to since they can Goat Shape themselves and start climbing if they go low stam still guesss what they can get a Refresh from a Fo priest. Libila cannot do any of that so need to dig or not getting thru. L.E. The only play as a lib priest would be to cast corrupt on the dirt wall tile to make it a mycellium one right? Because on wiki it says lib priests and followers get less stam drain on myccelium tiles. But we dont know how much of a stam drain discount that is but i would imagine because of the slope people would not be able to shovel cultivate to remove it?.Is the slope of a tile preventing just the sowing action or the cultivate one too? Because if it does not then is over a WL guy can just come activate the shovel and cultivate the tile and is over is dirt again. We have drain stam? Is like 15s to cast and need to have the enemy character or mob in range and they must have stamina to have a chance to gain any significant ammount. Youre telling me that if a lib priest starts to climb a dirt wall the enemy will peak one guy from top and not move for 15s straight after a big message apears in middle of his screen that says: X begins to cast Drain Stamina on you!. If i were WL i would just toggle climb walk a toon on the opening so he has no stamina and bait a drain stamina cast just to crush the lib priests dreams:) Meanwhile a Fo priest can just cast Refresh on himself or anybody else and get full stam while a Mag priest can just cast Mass Stamina and refresh everybody then shrug at libila priest peasants asking to be able to dig
  10. Yes but will only 2 diggers there will be no progress made on the wall. So now i can have Scorn of libila, Drain health, Pain rain, Fungus trap etc but the deed is not falling.
  11. No this is my question for your scenario where you said BL dont have to be priests? I cant be a non priest and dig or be a priest and cast those? So which one is it? Can i pvp as a BL non priest and be able to dig or i need to be a priest to cast all of that in which case i cannot dig:)
  12. On pve only Mag can strongwall, on pvp all priests can strongwall and this change was made citing pvp balance. My argument is, considering all deeds on pvp servers have massive dirt walls why can't all priests be allowed to dig in the interest of pvp balance?
  13. Allegedly third hand information. But let me humor you Okay pvp expert lets run a common scenario on a pvp server: WL attacks a BL deed... when they get to the dirt walls they can all start digging it down right? Most pvp priests in a WL kingdom are Fo's so they can spam ligh of Fo and refreshes while helping out with the dirt walls. What happends when BL attacks a WL deed? They can sit and watch how their 1 or 2 non priest dudes try to dig out an entire dirt wall by themselves? Oh they dont have to be priests you said? So they can just start digging and fight the defenders Light's of Fo's, Refreshes, Firehearts etc. with what?.... the .. power of friendship? Lets not forget that alot of the BL bonuses are from mycellium that WL can just remove with a single action with their shovel while BL cannot do that to remove any of the WL's terrain bonuses. You dont play Chaos you dont play HotS so you dont have any clue what the discussion is all about and have been attempting to derail this thread with your small jabs and comments for a while. So my invitation stays... if the info about you being a dirt wall hugger on Epic pvp and only coming out to organise a barmitzvah or whatever you guys called going out 20-30 grp to pvp, if all of that is false.. please come to Chaos and fight any combat priest with your non priest toon and after lets exchange notes:)
  14. 1-2 toons that are used for crafting do not make the bulk of a pvp kingdom and definately not the fighting force. Now please come with your non priest character and 1v1 anyone on chaos and see how you do. Then have an opinion. Aparently you were some epic pvp-er (pun intended) from 10 years ago who staid inside deed and only came out when had a ton of people around. Nice pvp bro:)