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  1. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    with or without pinneaple?
  2. [Fixed] Game crashes shortly after login

    I had same issue game was crashing 20-30s in and i fixed it by going into the wurm/configs/[profile_name]/gamesettings.txt and switching fbo_enabled=2 to fbo_enabled=0. Hope it helps. My game is running with no problem after doing that.
  3. Enable equipping items/self casting on the stamina bar

    Really?! Taht is awesome did not know that! Can you equip stuff also?
  4. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    Hard decisions are to be made: You cannot toon in but we can summon you in!
  5. Hi! We can drag armor/weapons from inventory to our chars body and get auto equipped provided we have that char window open could you possibly make it so that they can be dragged on top of teh stam/ccpf/favbar and still have the same effect? Can priests self cast by mouse hovering the same stam bar thing and not have to open char then hover the little man in the corner please. It would be really nice if same thing could happen with healing just activate a cotton or healing cover and hover stam bar then press your First Aid keybind and get started on healing? This one could be tricky because how does the game decide which wound to prioritise? Could use the new LT code that heals the wors wound now right? to decide what wound it would be healed first by hovering over stam bar. I understand that many ppl may play with stam bar in top left corner and they may not care about such quality of life improvements but others would definately love them. Thank you!
  6. Mass Hallucinations - Path of Insanity

    I think the issue would be people that dont want/care about path of insanity getting annoyed by halucinations popping all the time they go to a group activity. Imagine if 3-4 path of insanity ppl go to a rift or an impalong... their halucinations could get really old really fast:) Also normies cannot see the halucinations of the crazies in real life so it would not make sense:) Could be a drain on the server and the client side having to render the halucinations for more people too.
  7. Hi! I think that having the item enchants and their respective power show up on the item tooltip could be a nice quality of life improvement. It would remove the need to rename items with that info, it would enable people to notice how much their tool's enchant has deteriorated so they can get a re-cast without having to remember to throw an examine on it. The 30+faith is to motivate people to become followers or priests. Alternativelly you could make it a path of knowledge perk... that info thing at lower stages is not that good compared to refresh and enhanted grass and similar stuff other paths have. Could make it lvl4 PoK: see the item ql and damage and lvl7 PoK see the items enchants and their power. I would like it so that all could get it with the 30 faith. And then instead of having your sword named: Lt55N80AD etc could name it Gladheateher or any flavour name people might choose. Thank you.
  8. Make Open action be a toggle not a single action

    Ooohh spicy! Very good question tho in a game with not enough keys to bind an overall trim/consolidation where is oportune would not hurt. I think Buddha mentioned something about being able to bind a key that would trigger the default action on stuff depending on context and what you have activated.
  9. Make Open action be a toggle not a single action

    Yeah i just ordered a G305 i am kinda hyped about it! I use this guy's site for deciding on what peripherals to get he is very good at it and ranks stuff properly while providing measurements for the stuff also: I am not a wasd barbarian! i am an esdf scholar and i think a toggle on Open or how Gwyn put it "open/close being a single´╗┐ keybind" is something that would improve my gaming experience in Wurm. Is perfectly fine if you don't care for it, i am sure lots of people would not, just i am sure lots will. Is a suggestion thread if they decide to make it happen, excellent! if not... such is life... i am sure theres tons of ideeas and "stuff ppl need" on their plate anyway.
  10. Make Open action be a toggle not a single action

    Yeah but in order to have the Close work you have to have your mouse hover the object and most of the time the actual opened window of that object is standing in the way of you being able to mouse hover the respective object but thank you for the good keybinding tips:) Also just having it be a toggle it means you can just close any window you are mouse hovering over so is quick and easy without having to try to find the object the window belongs too in order to press shift+[key] for the close action. So by having to do all those extra moves is easier to just click on the X of the window. With toggle you can just quick tap take a looksie then tap the same key to have the window go away without even having to change hand position nevermind try key combinations. But like i said is probably a personal preference some will agree some have different habbits.
  11. Hi! I think it would be a good quality of life improvement if the open action would be made a toggle. What i mean is: I have Open action binded on my spacebar. If i hover over something that can be opened and i press it it opens the window for that object and what i would like it to do is if i press the Open keybind while it is opened is for it to close. Yes i know i can just close with x or just double left click on that window border and minimise it or if i walk away far enough it will close on its own. I just like to hover open take an item and close it with keybinds. I have "space" for open and "a" for take so i would just hover "space" "a" "space" and be done nice and fast. The reason i decided to ask for this is because my mouse started to double left click when i try to single left click so i have to press open on my inventory groups to get acces to the contents:) Yes i can buy a new mouse but it would still be a cool small feature to add to the game. It would be a quality of life improvement for people that would preffer to do things this way.
  12. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    Have my Labia priest here Aroma was kind enough to offer a home for the Maes Knoll sermon grp ppl continuing Qdlaty's legacy. Excellent host proper sermon group members, lots of fun. If you are not a sermon logger you are more than welcomed. There are both WL and BL priest here so you will lose some alligment less for the WL since they are alot more but the black lights sit at -1 alligment. You cannot get depriested on pve servers since we are all in same kingdom but should know about it. See you there:)
  13. One handed spear

    +1 because this:
  14. Replace global cast on journal

    +1 because global cast mission promotes you getting the benefit from alot of other toons work while they only get sb. + 1 because replacing it with x ammount of casts or vessels promotes teh grind and this is a game about grind so is more in the spirit of the game. So my total is +2?! Can my "vote" count as a +2? no i am not a special flower...