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  1. Except Wurm is an open world sandbox and you want to skip the open world because of convenience. Yes it can be tedious travelling over long distances so chose not to by living with your friends on same deed or use summon soul. Is like you get a girlfriend but only want to have sex every other interaction you refuse it and claim that they are tedious and not something you enjoy so her thinking is flawed for expecting to get those too. This is why talking to someone on the internet is useless. I explained to him 5 times by now that in order to get to an objective you can either pace yourself and do it in a longer time or grind the progress reach the objective faster but risk burning yourself out. Then i told him that i am aware if i take the 2nd choice then is going to be my fault i burned myself out not the fault of the objective requiring time and effort to be reached. So get my point or a multivitamin suppliment once a day to enhance your understanting of things being explained to you. Unless you think one thing then post another i have the right to be confident i know what you think. So my statement is valid and you just need another vitamin intake. Have you not found anywhere information that said Wurm is a slow pace game where you need alot of skills to do stuff? Blisters are not the main enjoyment of hiking they are the consequence of doing it too much without proper breaks. You can reach a summit by hiking without getting any blisters if you pace yourself they are not mutually exclusive. What you want however is to reach the summit in no time without blisters so you ask to be airlifted by a helicopter to the summit because you love nature and hiking but an airlift means you dont get to experience most of it. So you argue that you will enjoy the nature from the summit. Fair point is your preference but the people that organised the hike did it for the ones that are interested in actually doing it. You are repeating yourself so i will just copy paste answers for you at this point: Unless you think one thing then post another i have the right to be confident i know what you want. So my statement is valid and you just need another vitamin intake. I summon thee Rolf!! (just give him a bit of time he is slow in the mornings) I thought you played the game. You think they ended up with this design by accident? That they did not know what they were doing? Funny thing is that Rolf and Notch started this project then they argued over the design so Notch left to make Minecraft that is alot less grindy and Rolf stayed and made Wurm what it is today. So how much more of a proof do you need that Wurm is ment to be a grind by design?
  2. So the solution is to have "the slow" parts replaced with ones that make the game play the character on his own while the player is afk? Remove the grind? WoW did that right? With each expansion things got easier. And they still lost subs. People get bored of a game no matter how fast or slow the gameplay is.
  3. That directly contradicts Stop making statements without even presenting arguments to substantiate them is a mediocre internet discussion behaviour. What i said is not a contradiction because you can complete a goal by playing 1h/day is just going to take you longer. The choice of playing god knows how many hours a day is the player's choice. So if i play 5h/day to complete that goal faster than i would by playing 1h/day and burned myself out in the process then is my fault not the game's design. They even have the fatigue system put in in order to stop nerds going full wurm You never did something you liked and hoped you will never get tired of it but you know you eventually will? If not then you might be the perfect boyfriend. You miss an important factor in your thinking: Is called adaptation. You want the devs to adapt to your requirements while refusing to adapt to what they decided they want their game to be and claim is flawed design that makes people not want to play the game. It might be in your case but that just means Wurm might not be for you or that you are operating on a different consumer market speed of playing games. Slow down. Chill. Play Wurm to relax not to complete quests. Is why they did not even put quests and raids in it. My thinking is: i saw Wurm i informed myself what is about i knew it was a game where everything you do is dependant on a skill and on that said skill's level. At that point i made a decision if i want to play it or not and if i am willing to accept and adapt to the concept of the game and be okay with it. I knew i get too focused and invest too much time trying to complete an objective and burned myself along the way. The time you spend playing is your call not the devs. You want to make "little changes that would please me" and turn Wurm into a casual 1 month experience be sort of another flavor of the month game you buy on steam and then stop playing after making a house and a boat and just tell your friends you cannot wait for them to make wurm 2 but with better graphics this time and flying mounts. Wurm is still monthly subscription is in their interest for things to be slow. I want them to switch to PoE style where all gameplay aspects are free and they sell skins and cosmetics and stash slots (stash not inventory) for money. PvE skills and actions in Wurm are slow. You have faster everything in Wurm Unlimited, 4x actions on Jackal, 2x xp on Epic with guarantee skill ticks. Choose any of those if pve Wurm is too slow for you. Is also very ignorant behaviour to think that after 15 years of Wurm you are the first guy to show up and say: but what if they make this and that like all flavor of the month games out there? Dont they want ppl to play the game?!!!!!!! The answer is they do.. is why they don't make it a forgettable experience. You want to achieve something in Wurm you can if you work hard enough and long enough.
  4. Hi Wanted to change from insanity to knowledge but i cannot see the Change path option anymore just Leave path. I asked in CA_Help and others said they do not see it either anymore. We could only find the patch notes when it was added in: Path of Insanity followers can change path one time with no penalty via an option on the meditation rug. But no patch notes of it being removed. Is it a bug or got removed in anticipation of the loyalty rewards?
  5. Give Libila a spell called Absorb Chaos that would be 3x or 2x the effect of Absorb on mycellium but this one could only be casted on a zombified pet, killing it, so it should cost like 5-10 favor since they spent more favor on casting Rebirth. If that is too much then replace Libila's Corrupt spell (or what is called the one that makes mycellium) with Absorb Chaos that would be like 10-15favor and have the effect of Absorb on any type of tile, maybe buff the heal based on the power of the cast. Give Mag a spell that repairs mine doors (use the Vyn's Mend code) but put a long cooldown on the door so ppl cannot chain spam it in pvp on same mine door? Give Mag a spell called Magranon's Burden that can be casted on armor and would reduce the weight of the armor piece by 10% at 100 power cast. Give Fo a spell that makes mountain gorrillaz evolve into players :0 or devolve?:) Give Fo a spell that can be casted on a Foal/Cub/A baby age creature that has a chance of spawning a twin but will make the twins share the traits. Say you ahve a 2 trait horsie you cast and get a twin for him then each will have a trait. If number of traits is odd just have 2 to 1 or just make it even by substracting then share the traits. Example: you get a bison with 3 traits cast the spell get a twin for him game sees odd trait number removes one trait now has even trait number and shares between them. The point of the spell is to make animals where you dont care about traits too much or refresh your zoo... wild cats deer bears wolves etc etc. If is not good enough still could make it so the twins don't share same genetics (the copy could have Fo listed as both mom and dad) so you could get a low trait breeding pair if the twin is the oposite sex from the original Dont know if you should be able to cast it on Champ mobs or maybe could but get a normie twin dunno. Give Vyn a spell that could be casted on tiles and people can use the tile as a bed. Pretty much get the path of love Enchant Grass code and make it a vyn spell that makes a tile act like a bedroll:) If is too strong make it give just 75% sleep bonus .. oh wait that is the bedroll... dunno Just give Vyn a spell that can be casted on carts and wagons called Country Roads ( ) that would give 10% vehicle speed on paved tiles if that is too strong then make it so it reduces vehicle weight on paved tiles by 10% that way you gain speed when on heavy load since the animals will have less weight to pull but not gain almost any if the vehicle is empty. Could make it castable on saddle bags for similar effect? Give Vyn a spell called Origin that can be casted on a compass then can use the compass to link to an object and after that, as you move about, the compass is also gonna show you in which direction that object is from your current position. As an example have Origin casted on a compass then link it to your ship and go about and you will always know in which direction (on a straight line) the ship is from you. Could link it to a mine door or a house door etc. Could make it so that the ql of the compass and/or the power of the cast decides how many tiles away from the linked object can have the indicator on the compass show. If is too strong then make it so the compass can only link with players. So if your buddy you play with is navigation challenged can use your compass to link to him and he can use his to link to you so you both know in what direction the other is. Still debating wether you should be able to link to a wild mob or an unique. If is too hard to make a compass that points towards 2 things at once use something like the jackal beacon green beam to pop on top of the linked object for 30s while you do Use on the compass like you would on a pendulum to find stuff. Bonus fun: can link your compass to the horse you are riding to make the beam/needle spaz out:) Could give every priest a spell called Harmonize Elements that can be casted on a tile and upon success it would create a 3x3 meditation area with a special tile in the middle and the path of the special tile could be determined by the priest that casted it: fo - love vyn - knowledge mag - power lib- insanity. If they would simplify things to much could make it so that they only can cast it on an already existing special tile and upon succesfull cast can put some glowin markings (rare effect on some runes?) on the tile to indicate is a special one. Could also increase the chance of getting a meditation xp tick by like 10% or remove rug decay on that said casted special tile. Because it would have the cool glowy effect it could be wanted not just for meditation but also as a cool looking spot to enhance someone's deed look and vibe. Buff Essence Drain from 30% heal (a 90 cast ED would heal like a 30 cast LT) and 10% weapon damage to 50% heal and 10% weapon damage because 30% heal makes sense only if you have mycellium in my opinion or make it 30% heal and 15% stamina gain.
  6. Give Vynora a castable buff (like Excel and that Sense thing) that increase the chance to create and/or attach a rune by 10% if the cast is 100 and just substract from that. If is too much work then just have the Sense buff give this buff too. Give Fo a spell where he can turn taming mats from uhm... ones that are .... vegetal to.. uhm... biologimicamal.... sorry Madnath wanted to bamboozle them into coding something that could be used for transmute metal later on but i cofused myself Just give Fo a spell that can be casted on a tamable creature and for the duration of it the player can use any material used for taming on the creature (hey devs is easy to make just tell the mob they are a pig for 15m :0 ) so you can use grass to grind animal taming on a bear for instance. Give Libila a castable buff that would remove all priest restrictions for landed spell power determined duration. ..............................................(i almost snuck that one past right?:) ) If is too strong then give Libila a castable buff that would remove all follower restrictions for landed spell power determined duration. (hey devs is easy just tell the game they turned unfaithfull but cannot be seen/lose faith) You could still give the spell that removes all priest restrictions to Libila, call it Ghost from the Past and once you land it you could do all the actions of a crafter but cannot do priest stuff anymore. So say you cast it get 25m so you can imp but you are locked out of casting spells, favor regen, priest buffs etc. Could make it so that the body mind and soul stats and skill stats gained from imping with a Ghost from the Past buff are only 50% or 25% of the xp normal crafters get. Give Libila a buddy make Magranon BL 2v2 let's go Give Libila a castable buff called Mycellium Phantasms and when is casted on a BL follower or priest they get the bonuses as if being on mycellium. You have to give this one noone is gonna cry about no mycellium on freedom and WL priests have their bonuses on all the time in pvp so why should BL not have the same oportunity?
  7. You make Magranon black light then you give him a spell called Corrupt Matter where you can cast an object and the spell will freeze the ql of that said object (takes no damage cannot be imped) but instead loses Corrupt Matter power on use so you balance it to run out after like 2 weeks if not used at all (no actions performed with that tools or weapon) or after a few thousand uses. If is too strong and will remove the need for re-imps can have it that the item loses 10-15% quality when Corrupt Matter is consumed completely from it. The ideea is to just grind in peace without having to repair the gear for a week or so then just send the items to be reimped all at once or do it yourself during the week-end. Is also excellent news for shield users (if you think that would make shields too good can just have it be non-castable on them) but i think it should be castable on shields too. TL:DR BL Mag with a spell that freezes items QL for a period of time or untill a certain number of actions have been performed in order to not have to repair spam and just have your gear re-imped in bulk at once.
  8. No game out there satisfies everyone is why i said the devs need to make the game they like not the one the people ask for because then people will ask for conflicting ideeas so since is not posible they should please themseves since they are the ones puting the work in. So now that we established how a game cannot please everyone can we deduce that Wurm fills a niche that is not necesarily appealing to the "let me play bubble gummy for 10m on my phone" market? Then you have the i can play 2-3h during the week-end types then the i can play 2-3h daily types and so on... Each category has games that are perfect for them others that are close but no dice and others that just dont fit with their shedule and playstyle. If you start eating a pizza first bite is going to be great then as you keep eating and getting fuller is not going to feel just as good so by your logic all Pizza's should be just one slice not that you should just eat a slice every meal and save the rest for later. So no i don't want to get burned out on Wurm but when i do i realise is because of me playing it too much not because the game requires a long time to grind the skills to get things done. I will make another analogy since i know LurkyFlubby loves them: Music has different genres that can be perfect for different occasions and moods. Games are the same. Wurm is not aimed at short or mid term gratification for completion. You can still get gratified for completing intermediate steps but since the industry moved away from grindy MMO's to please people like you now you have the oposite of the spectrum too. Want to play fast Wurm? buy Unlimited and join a 10x server or something. Still too much micro? Play Fortnite.
  9. Ok so you dismiss my arguments with a simple: says you Then proceed to present your arguments guess you are getting a: says you too. Wurm was not made for instant gratification and fast rewards you want that play Minecraft or Ark or similar titles. You come to Wurm and demand that is made simpler and more automated. Welcome to the club of the other 9999999 people that asked for it and did not get it.
  10. I think this misses the point of "game". No, the point is to make a game they feel like is fun and enjoyable and then you decide on your own if you agree and can have fun playing what they created or not. Obviously we can make suggestions but whether they decide they are worth adding them to the game or not is up to them. I agree with you up to a point: Is healthy to have choices but when one choice is so much more convenient and low effort compared to the alternative up to the point where you end up with the game playing itself, then is not really a multiple choice. This is the heart and soul of Wurm. Needing to grind the skills, the materials, the tools in order to create any items in the game. Having a market for these items is how Wurms allows you to not have to micromanage and make everything yourself while rewarding the ones that do. You don't even have to spend money can just specialize and barter or live in a village. You should not be able to live alone and be self sufficient with minimum effort. Is not what Wurm is about. If they allow micromanagement but don't enforce it then nobody will micromanage since we as humans tend to choose the path of least resistance. I get burned out on grinding and get fed up with having to make every single thing myself too but when that happens i just take a break.
  11. I will actually be a nice guy and give you a solution for your problem: alliance portal You can build it on any deed belonging to an alliance and just have the alliance members be able to travel instantly between deeds using that. So there you have it instant travel to see your friends no effort no priest needed. But now what hapends if you have friends outside the alliance that you want to visit? Every alliance will have to make portal deed scattered across the server's cardinal points and not only those so the members can just teleport to the closest one for their needs. See? To every solution 2 more problems appear. But i am a nice guy and i have a solution for that: friend list portal Now you can make a portal and be able to teleport to any deed on the server as long as the mayor of that deed is on your friends list. And ppl can just make a 2s alt give it the mayor title of their deed then sell friend list slot for 20c so ppl can fast travel to and from it. And now you can play teleport online But wait! even in this scenario ppl will be able to make 1s maint deeds across the server to just teleport as they please and to sell slots to others. And now you will have people coming on the forums complaining about not being able to expand their deed and/or live isolated because the devs ruined the game and announce they are quitting because they allowed these pesky people to make 1s deeds all over the place to hunt for uniques and god knows what more: sell transportation services.. why mail 2-3 backpacks of stuff thru mailbox is too expensive and with a wagoneer is not enough weight and too slow.. just pay a guy to get them in inventory then teleport next to your buyer and give it to him. Nice fee 15c /trip buy 3 get 1 free Just, please, ride the damn horse for the sake of humanity!
  12. Yes i am the one at my limit and dont know how analogies work so let me refresh my memory Analogy Definition An analogy is a comparison in which an idea or a thing is compared to another thing that is quite different from it. It aims at explaining that idea or thing by comparing it to something that is familiar. Metaphors and similes are tools used to draw an analogy. Therefore, analogy is more extensive and elaborate than either a simile or a metaphor. Consider the following example: The structure of an atom is like a solar system. The nucleus is the sun, and electrons are the planets revolving around their sun. Here, an atomic structure is compared to a solar system by using the word “like.” Therefore, it is a simile. Metaphor is used to relate the nucleus to the sun, and the electrons to the planets, without using the words “like” or “as.” Hence, similes and metaphors are employed to develop an analogy. Examples of Analogy in Everyday Life We commonly use analogy in our everyday conversation. Some common analogy examples are given below: Life is like a race. The one who keeps running wins the race, and the one who stops to catch a breath loses. Just as a sword is the weapon of a warrior, a pen is the weapon of a writer. How a doctor diagnoses diseases is like how a detective investigates crimes. Just as a caterpillar comes out of its cocoon, so we must come out of our comfort zone. You are as annoying as nails on a chalkboard. Examples of Analogy in Literature Example #1: Night Clouds (By Amy Lowell) The white mares of the moon rush along the sky Beating their golden hoofs upon the glass Heavens. Here, the poet constructs an analogy between clouds and mares. She compares the movement of the white clouds in the sky at night with that of the white mares on the ground. You can read the full thing here: Slowclap for your coping mechanism Why read when you can ball park what you think the other person might mean to say based on your own intelectual capabilities then proceed to explain to the person how wrong they are I am in tears
  13. i said: "Say you need to get to the 4th floor of a building." Your coping mechanism invented the biological emergency or the elderly which by the way neither exist in Wurm Online so your interpretation of my analogy is extremely superficial and not aplicable in, once again: Wurm Online. You want to be social and see your friends in Wurm? Live on same deed or deed close by. Instead you deed far away so you don't share the tiles around with anybody but once in a while you feel social and it sucks that Wurm's travel system makes you buy trait horses and gear and need to push keys to get to them. Oh you have 2h of gameplay available and want to go help them on their deed for 2h? Well your automatic travel system would still take time to get there the only difference is you wont have to press any keys or have a horse and gear so how is that relevant to our discussion? Meanwhile a summon soul would instantly get you there but you are sad because you would have to have a 100 favor priest to summon yourself back or have to ride back? Yeah well then put the work in or walk/ride you are not supposed to get anything for free in Wurm. Death is for free.
  14. Going to the 4th floor with an elevator or going 4000 tiles away with auto travel is the same thing you just choose to ignore it because of, dunno, coping mechanism? That is a fair point. But what happens when another player does not like another aspect of the game? Shoud that be scripted and automated to apease their preferences? How long untill all Wurm's sytems have to be automated because one or multiple players don't like them? No, what is funny is that you play an MMO (Massive Multipleyer Online) but expect to be able to do everything the game has to offer alone and be self sufficient like in some offline game.
  15. "If you like the random encounters, you're free not to use auto travel and will not begrudge you for that choice at all." " Where did I say manual travel should not be an option anymore? Or what else even implied in my previous post that no one at all likes it?" Say you need to get to the 4th floor of a building. You are in the lobby. You can take the stairs or the elevator? Which one do you choose? You know the stairs are healthier but require more effort So you and me and 90% of people hop in the elevator and the stairs are reduced to being relevant only when the elevator is broken. "It's clearly you who should abide by the flip side of your first statement and accept not everyone is into the same stuff as you, rather than being a gatekeeping hypocrite." Is one thing to not like a certain aspect of a game and another to ask the devs to implement something in said game that would allow you to not even have to deal with that aspect in the first place. Then you argue that i am against the proposal because i dont want the wurm market/economy (muh market) to shrink because of it?! How is that unreasonable in a game that prides itself on being one where everything is player made and player controled? You would rather have them make a script that would automate traveling and lower the need for many player skills and player made items? What is Wurm about sir? What is to stop then people that burned out and hate imping demand that imping items should be automated? Sure manual imping can stay in the game but who is gonna do it then? What is to stop then people that burned out and hate resources gathering to demant that resource gathering should be automated? Sure manual resource gathering can stay in the game but who is gonna do it then? What is to stop the people that burned out trying to grind faith and channeling on their priest demand that faith and channeling grind should be automated? Sure manual faith and channeling grind can stay in the game but who is gonna do it then? "I'm already on an indefinite Wurm break, and insane travel times are precisely one major dealbreaker why that is" Cool nothing last forever a break will give you the chance to miss it. "Advocating for changes that would alleviate the problems that made me leave is the best next thing. So what precisely was the point of this imperative? Just a petty attempt to shoot down dissenters?" You have a solution use summon soul. The devs have no obligations to design the game to please you or me or anybody else. They have an obligation to make the best game they could think of. Even the most perfect game will have people quit it because they spent too much time in it. Make an experiment for me: Think of your absolute favorite food. Got it? Cool. Now proceed to be the only food you eat. 3 times a day. How long would you last before craving something else? Something that would never be your choice in normal circumstances but now it sounds delicious? You played too much and are burned out (i burned myself out too and just took a break) so now you just think the solution to make Wurm enjoyable is any proposal that allows you to afk and not play Wurm and then you claim that would make you come back to play Wurm? You see the irony? You want them to put in systems where you dont have to play the game in order to come back and play the game As for the personal shots here and there i guess they are just the mediocre internet go too's: i dont agree with your position so i must be insecure vengefull or have something against you Nevermind i provided plenty of game related arguments in my replies to support my position the truth is i must have something pshicologicaly wrong with me and/or against you. Cool.