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  1. Just a quick update and apology, sorry to anyone who has been waiting to see the original content for this server, I have been having problems with my PC and have been focused on work lately but everything is sorted pc wise and I should have enough free time to get started on this project within the next week or so. Again sorry for the long wait. Update: Taking this down until I can get around to finishing the server up and have a bit more cash to spare to keep the server up, I will backup the files for the Libertas portion of the server so it can be picked up from there when I get around to this.
  2. Server will be coming down January 16th and will return January 17th, I am doing an upgrade to the server architecture. All data will remain intact, we will simply have a more powerful server in preparation for the future content rollout, including the Morbus clustered server. Scratch this, I won't have the money this month so I'll have to push it back till February..sorry folks, other things take precedent money wise.
  3. Just a little update guys, I haven't been doing anything with the server for a bit now because I got a new PC and have spent the last week+ customizing and overclocking it to the teeth. I'll be starting on the first mod for this server this week, I just have a few other things to take care of. Also of note, Inverness is not done, I know it looks like a big erect donger, I'll fix it.
  4. For now there is silver available from Traders it just isn't enough to support any real settlements, most of the money I have personally made is from foraging so far. The intention is that Morbus will have a much larger pool, however the bulk of silver obtained from Morbus will be from...more non traditional means, I don't really want to give away all my plans just yet, just know it will involve custom mods. The idea is I'll be tweaking ship speeds until I feel comfortable with players abilities to travel to Morbus whenever they need to make some silver, so that the travel itself doesn't feel like a chore. I really want this server to be built around Points of Interest, and utilizing them, rather than just sticking to your settlement and relying on trading goods. Edit: Alright, for some reason 27016 tcp wasn't open, all fixed.
  5. That is not what I remember reading but yea that makes sense from my testing, my fields were still the same on day 3 haha...yea I meant it to be a total of 64, as a middle ground average...until I can actually modify that with mods if that is possible. To be honest I haven't even looked at the modding but I program in a bunch of languages and used to make Minecraft mods, I am hoping I can use a weighted random to add variance. TY, I just had to do some maintenance to get it all running as a service and just minor tweaks, I will make sure to fix that. To anyone else who has interest, the server is back up.
  6. Hello fellow Wurmians, I was a long time player of Wurm Online and absolutely loved the difficulty, then Freedom came, and to be honest, the game went carebear mode and I lost interest in a few months. Now with Wurm Unlimited I have the opportunity to start from a decent difficulty level, and as a seasoned programmer, build mods to make this server a lot harder than Wurm Online ever was. Characteristics start at 19.5, and all skills start at 1. The skill gain rate is 1, and action speed multiplier is 1.5 55% Aggressive Creatures, I kept it low because this is meant to be the newbie map. Silver will be next to impossible to get on this map, at least from traders, and Settlement upkeep and deeding costs ARE enabled. I didn't want to just make everything unreasonable so Breeding time is 2x, field growth 12.8 hours, with the tree spread set to 25% Below is the first of 3 maps 4096x4096, the others will be rolled out after the server has been further developed, the first of which is called Morbus. (Yes, I DO like latin) This server is heavily modded, the current list is: I haven't exactly figured out what the max players are going to be, currently it is set to 60. Max Creatures are set to 30,000 at least for now. As for client mods I am using Sortmod, Skilltrack, Thirdperson and Livemap so make of that what you will. I will add to this post as there are new things added to the server, but for now if you are looking for some level of difficulty, this might be what you are looking for. Until then, back to the grind.