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  1. WTS supreme great helm iron

    Yes i have it
  2. Im filling mortar and any kind of brick bulk services and i deliver the orders in all server, also i can come to your deed to work as well. Prices: 1k/1s for bricks 2s/1k for mortar
  3. Friendly active people! Im glad im living there!
  4. bump because they are nice ppl in a nice village
  5. [Resolved] Annimations are moving

    yes. I fixed it, thank you. This thread can be locked now.
  6. Hello! I noticed a bug today. The animations are moving by themselves. I can see the objects moving slightly left and right, like when we are standing on a boat and the waves moving it. I hope i described it well.
  7. Lunar Order Academy is recruiting!

    Welcome on board emanuel!
  8. WTS supreme great helm iron

    WTS supreme great helm iron Im taking offers