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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I went back and added some notes to the original post. work holiday coming soon, I should I time to get all this setup. Thanks again, and feel fee to make more suggestions.
  2. I am looking to setup Wurm Unlimited for a single player experience. (not looking for an argument on why servers are better). I don't need technical help of how to setup server or install server and client mods. I have played both a little solo and on a server before, i just need long breaks that don't workout so well with a persistent community server. I want to know which mods would improve the gameplay for a completely solo experience, but I don't have much experience with Wurm. I want to remove some of the grind and the clicking. I am mostly interesting in terraforming some virgin land into a long term building project. maybe add some mods to give me things to do outside of building. Here is a list I made just from going through the mod list with very basic descriptions. any feedback would be great. Things like X mod is only useful in multiplayer or x and y will not work together. Or mods I may have missed. Thanks for any feedback Server: Creatures age mod crop mod spellmod Action Timers Fix Better Digging Better Farming move to center (still has move to corner) no build limit not really designed for normal gameplay Highway Portals Taxidermy location command fire burn time double bulk capactiy boat mod bounty mod digLikeMiningMod SalveMod Creatures Mod (miss this one on my first look at the mod list) Client: improved compass custom actions max toolbelt time lock skill gain tracker better tooltips cave vision Maybe Server: no damage not really designed for normal gameplay non-combat pets mod (minipets) dragon mounts kingdom items bounty on burn treasure hunting (by Ulvirla or Sindusk) **mark and recall - quick travel mod DUSKombat - Full combat system rewrite (requires SinduskLibrary) **Survival mod **More Potables - Plant 'anything" in a pot like herbs and spices **suggested for single player Edited: added some notes to the list from the replies.