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  1. @MthecI am having a issue with your custom currency vendor. I have server currency on my server. Its a coin that I made that your currency vendor takes, but the sleeping powder and anything else that I purchase from that vendor using that currency which is just a gold coin with a different name does not work. Like the sleeping powder acts like a normal meal, the personal merchant contract doesnt spawn a merchant the buyer contract doesnt spawn a buyer merchant. But if I put it on a personal merchant and sell it for normal gold coins it works just fine. So I thought maybe it is the server tokens I created, so I tried selling it for normal silver or gold coins and nadda still acts like a normal meal. I am totally confused is this normal behavior? Is there a log or something that I can send to you that will help you to track down the issue?
  2. @Coolboydoes this still work and if so where do i put WUAHelper I have been trying to figure this ot for about a hour now and just cant seem to get it running. Maybe im just not doing it right, but it seems like this is the tool I have been looking for. If you could help me out I could then make a youtube video for it that might help others in the future
  3. hmm @Mthec I am trying to use the Buyer to buy by ql level. But when I setup my ql 1 diamond for 1 copper and hit save prices the hit add item and selected diamond and put it in for ql 10 and 2 copper 10 iron it overwrote the ql 1 diamond one i put in there. I know I must be missing something extremely simple but I have been trying for 4 hours now. What the hell am I missing?
  4. Every time I click on my Manage Local Serve and click on creative and click on launch offline game it just hangs and sits there for as long as i will let it. I have check wurm.log and there is no helpful information about port forwarding or routing there what so every. THe strange thing is about a month ago this worked just fine. I could launch private game servers to my hearts content and paly off line all i wantedits just recently that alll of a sudden I cannot do this at all. I have even formatted my pc and reinstalled wurm dedicated server to no avail same issues it worked twice and then blam it stopped working. Ideas Solutions? Anything would be helpful! wurm.log.o
  5. [06:52:11 PM] INFO othertrader_4394426746113: Trade changed. [06:52:12 PM] WARNING othertrader_4394426746113: Imbalanced trade detected. java.lang.Throwable at com.wurmonline.server.items.CurrencyTraderTrade.setSatisfied( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.CurrencyTraderTradeHandler.balance( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature.poll$1( at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor13.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at mod.wurmunlimited.buyermerchant.BuyerMerchant.poll( at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.classhooks.HookManager.invoke( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature.poll$2( at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor12.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at mod.wurmunlimited.npcs.customtrader.CustomTraderMod.poll( at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.classhooks.HookManager.invoke( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature.poll( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creatures.pollAllCreatures( at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zones.pollNextZones( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop( at [06:52:12 PM] INFO othertrader_4394426746113: Gull received adamantine sickle, id: 13362201019650, QL: 25.0
  6. Will download install and attempt a new free trade asap. Will post the results here asap. An intresting detail I noticed is that the items with enchants tho I did put a price of 12 antara gold coins on them it shows up as 0 antara gold coin. The Items with out enchants show up fine. But I will do a trade and post the log for you ASAP. @MthecI just thought that tidbit might give you something to go on until I get a break and can get to this.
  7. Check I just downloaded it the other day None that I could see. If you have a email that you feel safe giving to me in a DM I could e-mail you the log. A Item that I created thru a mod called Premium Currency. And I set the advanced settings for Gold since its made of Gold and a quality of 10 since that is the quality Level @Mthec Im wondering if I have something in the config wrong could that be a possibilty? Also was wondering on how to use these merchants as a player merchant where players can put imtems they crafted in the merchant and sell those items. I cannot seem to figure it out I know its gotta be something simple
  8. Has anyone been able to get the Currency buyer to work?? No matter what I set the currency to and the price to people are able to buy the items for free even if I set the item to 10 currency. ANy help would be great! If I enchant a item or make it rare or anything like that my players can get the item for free. I think that this is a bug but I am not sure @Mtheccould you verify? I really wanna use this vendor but cant get it working
  9. After years of oppression under and evil King, the time has come to rise up, band together and start a new colony. Only together can we break the tyranny of the evil King. So brothers, sisters RISE UP join the movement, and lets break away and start a new and better life free from tyranny and oppression! Glory Honor and Steel!!!!!! Chronicles of Antara is a PVE community that is slowly growing. We are laid back and easy going. Not a lot of rules here, just your simple common sense for now. We have a custom 4096 handcrafted map, active Game Masters, a discord, thats used as our forums for the time being and our major form of communication. Our teams is passionate about Wurm Unlimited and working to slowly but sure bring the best experience we can. Our rigorous testing process makes sure that things are right for the server before they are released to the public. Also we listen to our players with a dedicated suggestions channel in Discord that is monitored daily. Decision's are made on a majority rules basis. Everything is put to a vote and the majority rules. Whether the server owners want it or not, whether the GM's want it or not, the major rules and stands period. We have several mods installed on the server and frequently add more to make the experience better. Each mod must test a rigorous testing phase before being released into the production environment. Mod settings may take a few try's to get them right for the server but we stay at it until we get it right. With no priest restriction's on te server, people who love to play priests can level fast, and with our increased maximum favor, yu will ind it easier to be able to cast those favorite spells several times with out waiting to have to regenerate favor. Normal favor cap is 200 and ours is presently set at 400, and will prolly be going up even more here soon depending on a few other things present in testing. Server Settings: Skill Gain 15 x Characteristics Mind Logic and Body Control start 30 x Fight Skill Start 10x Overall Skill Start 20 x Combat rating 10x Action Speed timer 100x Max Creatures 32,000 with 25% hostile No Settlement Upkeep. 51 Mining hits required 2 Hour farming timer Mod List: Added Kingdom and Mission Items Alchemy Announcer Antara Premium Coins Bag Of Holding Banker Anywhere Beast Summoner Better Dig and Better Farming Bounty on Burn Bulk Separated Buyer Merchant Crafter Creature Age Mod Crop Mod Custom Trader Gm Deed Maker Double Bulk Capacity Drake Mounts Fire Burn Time Fishy Tweaks Fuel Storage Mod Global Chat Gm Commands Harvest Helper Location Command Mark and Recall New Portals No Holy Ground Persistent Crop Tick Pick More Sprouts Poll Spawner Server Tweaks Spellcraft SpellMod Survival Mod TabardMod Tentsleep Tool Purchaser Treasure Hunting We are working on getting a live map that will render once a day setup. There are a few other more important systems that need to be put in place first before we are going to launch this feature. This server will not be going anywhere as the hosting has bee paid for for the next 5 years. Like I sadi we are a chill and laid back community that just loves the game of Wurm. We ove to see what peoples creativity brings out in them. We also have a server premium currency that you can do public works jobs to get and use to buy special perks n game. Thinks like a level 99 Pick, a Large/Small Magical Chest a 100 slot Knapsack, an upgraded PMK Wagon, PMK Tabard PMK Banners, Rods of Transmutation and many many other things. We are still in the provcess of setting alot of the perks and other things up right now, but the server is in a playable state and we are looking for feedback from our community. So would you like to join us? Would you like to start your adventure today on a chill and fun server? Discord link: Wurm Server Name: Chronicles Of Antara Don't forget to say hi to Gull when you login and get your welcome package!!!!!!
  10. After a bit of playing with server fies and such I think I have come up with a pretty decent elevated gain modded server. SOmething that everyone can enjoy but doesnt take months to level. Server Name: Kingdom of Kantrum PVE or PVP PVE Map custom 2048 Game Masters: Pretty much hands off unless you need them Skill Gain Multiplier x28 Characteristics, Mind Logic and BOdy COntrol all start at 30. Fight skill starts at 15 Combat Modifier is 1-0 Action Seed Multipler is set at 10 Creatures 10,000 with 30% aggressive Mining 51 hits Tree SPread odds 82% Field Growth timer is 6 hours Breeding mulitpler is x5 Max Deed Size 40 by 40 Max Templars 75 Number of Allowed Settlements Per Steam id = 2 Many Many Many mods. I am willing to add a few more but not right at this exact moment. As would like to see with the mods I have and the settings how does that effect game play. The only other mob I might put n is the rift spawner mod. Mods List Added Kingdom Items Announcer Better Digging Better Farming Bounties Bounty on Burn Bulk mod Buyer Merchant Crafter Merchant Crop Mod Creature age DeedMaker Delivery Contracts DPS Dragon Rider Enhanced Chicken Coupe Fire Burn Time Fish Monger Fishy Tweaks HArvest Helper Hithcing Post Hw Portals Inbreeding Warning Inc Merchant Cap Leaderboard and Titles Mark and Recall Meditate Minipets Mod Tree Farm Move Mod Move to Center No Build Limit No Mail Cost Pick More Sprouts Simple COncrete Spell Mod Stable Master Taxidermy tent sleep timer fix tool p[urchaser Treasure Hunter Waxed. Server should be up 24/7 and rght now is a 5 slot server but will be changed if a increases is ever needed. I am working on a discrod channel on the Legends Gaming Discord fr discord to server and server to discord chat.
  11. Anyone know how I can compile the code for the survival mod? I used to love this mod!
  12. Is there better documentation anywhere? The wiki is useles. Doieesnt reallly explain anything
  13. Thinking about starting a wurm server. It would be modded and would allow automation scripts. Prolly be like a custom 2048 map, map two we will see. Just dipping my toes in here to see if anyone would actually be intrested in this as I dont want to start a server and then have no one join I can host the server for free it's not going anywhere anytime soon if I can get about 5 to 10 normal players. And I'm not asking anyone to abandon anything play two hours a day for all I care. I mean I'd like to see more but I won't complain. I have a rather grand idea in mind for the server and hopefully some people would like to help Im also thinking about a roleplay system. Where someone can pick a role say Blacksmith and they level that skill up as high as posssible. THey t hen couldsell all thier goods to a traveling merchant, or the local townsfolk. If and when we get someone that can program ava i would prolly have custom mods made for events and such. I mean it really is open to what the community wants. It wont all happen at once it will happen as Ican afford it,but slowly but surely it will grow mature and become something spectatular!. I just dont want to put forth all the effort of creating a map setting up a server creating a backup and restart schedule and all that if I am going to be the only one playing/. Im sure you can understand that. Im more then open to suggestions on anything and everything. Want to see the rates set at a specific setting make a suggestion, once we get enough people interested we will all vbote on it as a community and majority wins. Not alot of servers give you a say but I think give the people a say and they stay. I mean I could set it the way I like it but then no one would come lol. Most people don't let me vanilla settings but I'm willing to be flexible as long as the requests aren't insane
  14. Im placing biomes and trees and such but they dont seem to be appearing. ANy idea why this might be?