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  1. Same on pristine Small cart visual/click location Is a good tile away from interact position You have to stand off to the side to open/ start dragging. No other lag type issues. Re loge moves the cart to proper position.
  2. I am trying to run my game in fullscreen or fullscreen windowed on my second monitor, but when ever I switch from windowed to full, the client moves over to my primary. I looked for a note in gamesettings.txt and found the line display_settings=false\:true\:0\:1280\:1024\:32\:-1\:false\:false I know those various falses decide whether it is windowed or not, and the -1 turns to 60 when in fullscreen for the refresh rate. Will any of these other parameters change the monitor choice, or is there another way?
  3. I would love to know how to clear the cache while running. My pc Has 4G ram and the game seems to use about 3G. Or at least that's what it is using when it starts acting up. I do seem to be having issues with the video card overheating and network. So I know a lot has to do with my PC. Re logging is just the way I have been able to keep things going so far. I will look for info on java parameters. I keep forgetting that Wurm runs on Java. I used to set params. for another well known java game, back when I played it a lot.
  4. Is there a way to keep the game launcher open in the background? I don't have a lot of memory and I often re-log to clean up the game speed. It would be nice if the launcher stayed open. 1 less step to do.
  5. A new Hell Horse did the same thing. 2 days left then poof!
  6. If all the wilds around me are grey, can the ones I grabbed get changed too?
  7. I had an issue where I would get the But I am using it for WurmOnline. I did get it to work by switching the "LocalServer=0" to "LocalServer=1" I thought I would share that.