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  1. I am using a custom map (Alaron), and sharks are spawning in land, while land animals are spawning in water. I tried running rebuild-dbs.bat in sqlite folder to no avail. Any idea how to resolve this issue?
  2. The building of Haven's Landing

    I just completed the tutorial and I must say it is a huge improvement to the previous one! The deed itself is gorgeous, and I love the idea of encouraging new players to stay in the area for a bit to craft and build, etc. I am such a huge fan of this game, and am constantly recommending it to everyone I meet. I am so thrilled that we have a new tutorial, as it will be new players first impression of Wurm. The landscape and builds are so lovely it will definitely encourage both old and new players to spend time in the area. Looking at the tutorial through newbie eyes, a few things came to mind that newer players might find a bit confusing. Please keep in mind that I am a slow learner, so most of these issues are probably intuitive to most new players. I did the tutorial at night, and it was so dark I had trouble seeing. Some lighting would be a huge help. When it said to dig dirt, I couldn't see where dirt was, and ran around looking for dirt for a while. I saw grass but no dirt. When I finally came up on the digging area, I was confused because there was sand beyond the gate, not dirt. When it came to the Woodcutting part of the tutorial, I chopped a tree but the tree was too young so it just gave one walnut log instead of a felled tree, so I couldn't make logs. I knew to cut a second tree but newbies would be confused by this. Because it was night time, it was quite hard to see what was on the ground. I had a difficult time locating the log I chopped in the dark, especially with many stumps, felled trees and piles of logs everywhere. When I tried to make kindling, I think I got "useless" four times, might be helpful to tell players to keep trying if they fail initially, and that at low skill level it takes more than one try to create kindling. Otherwise they might think they are doing something wrong. I had a hard time locating the mining area. Signs would be most helpful, as would lights. When I tried to mine iron, it told me "This is protected by the gods", which was confusing. I did end up finding a mine-able vein but new players might be confused. It might be helpful to explain how to mine (activate pickaxe then right click the iron vein and select Mine) since most newbies will probably forget how to mine once they finally make it to the iron vein. Lastly, the tutorial windows that popped up would overlap each other, and I wasn't sure how to move them as a newbie (click and drag to move seems obvious, but it wasn't to me as a new player). Not sure if there is a way to prevent this overlap or not. All in all, the entire experience was a hundred times better than the previous tutorial - and I am very excited at the thought of it being the entry point for new players. Thank you to everyone who put the time and energy into revamping the tutorial and creating this beautiful deed!
  3. Subnautica is an amazing game but I have such a fear of deep, dark water that I couldn't even play it without experiencing intense anxiety lol. Highly recommend it for those who do not have Thalassophobia
  4. The Verdant Expanse - 1x/1x PVE 8K Map

    I just started playing on this server and am having a blast so far! The map is huge, and the landscape is really beautiful with many amazing places to settle down. I'm so excited to be able to be a part of the server from the very beginning. It's a very unique experience, and one I know I will cherish forever. Taking lots of screenshots so I won't forget what it looked like in its pristine state:)