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  1. Priest penalties are a relict of the past, all good with this system. Everyone wants to be a priest, and there are a lot of them. Get the second character.
  2. I am generally for the complete independence of the Northern Islands. Never mix them with others, and even more so, do not let players who have been grind in other places for years. Everything here is from zero, let it be so.
  3. So archery was roll back to 45 after 1 day of use*exploit* 1 day. Where roll back channeling????
  4. + idea. need info for 3 kingdom, not only green+red.
  5. It would be great if after hitting with a shield, the hit icon disappeared. And it appeared when a сooldown passes and you can beat again. Or while the skill in cooldown would remove the yellow halo( now its near shield icon, yellow glowing) , and when you can hit it again, it glowed. Because now you have to press the button and you don't know whether you can hit with a shield or not. For exmpl images: Now - LINK Cooldown - LINK
  6. I from Ukraine. + for regional price. We have mutch less money in country.
  7. Network Error

    I too. And sometimes wurm not answer.
  8. I think devs prepare to hight online with steam players, so no worry
  9. Oh, 16 x 16 wow. I was thinking about 4 x 4. 16 its great. Very nice maps! Cant wait for start on pvp lands.
  10. Oh cant wait start. Guys, in steam regional price for many products. In steam WO one price for all country all with regional feature?
  11. Guys, how open this program? I dowload java files, but cant open this. Thx for answer.