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  1. November News Hello everyone o/ My apologies for the radio silence the last little while! There has been a lot of stuff going on, and that ended up getting more of my attention for the last little bit, along with the usual life stuff. For the most part, those of us at the Academy have been working on various projects or honing our skills. Hoseph has been doing some nice work, I keep meaning to get some photos and post them. Stay tuned for that! We are definitely still accepting recruits, feel free to get in touch with me here or in-game if you are interested in joining the Academy!
  2. My apologies for failing to respond for so long! I haven't updated this thread as recently as our Xanadu recruitment post, so I missed your post. Yes, we are still accepting recruits! We have a few good people working on some neat projects at the Academy, always happy to add more! Some of us are getting a bit busier, and aren't available as much as we'd like to be, but we're still glad to offer a home to anyone who can treat their neighbours decently
  3. Bravo! Congratulations That is an epic feat!
  4. September News Greetings everyone! Monthly news post is a bit later than usual. Not too much to report, I've been a bit absent this month. But as the post above indicates, we've been joined by Hoseph! I am very pleased about this, because it means someone can help with the farming! Hoseph also happens to be training as a priest of Fo! While there are certain spells he cannot cast yet, I am excited that we now have priests of two different gods residing at the Academy Meanwhile, I am close to the point of being able to cast Wind of Ages, though my Channeling has a way to go before I can cast WoA/CoC reliably. But it is definitely progress! I am also pleased to report that Zelva, using one of her alts, has kindly been enchanting our pastures for the last while! Soon all of our animal pens and stables will have enchanted grass!
  5. Greetings all! I would like to announce that the Lunar Order is actively recruiting once again! While we are based in Xanadu, we can possibly arrange transportation for players on other servers, dependent on scheduling. We are primarily a haven for new players to establish themselves and learn the ways of Wurm, but we welcome everyone so long as you are a decent neighbour. We have beds, food, and resources, along with plots of land for members to build a home for themselves. Our active membership primarily consists of Zelva, who focuses on Animal Husbandry but plans on picking up Tailoring IIRC, and myself, a novice priest of Vynora with an interest in Cooking. We could use players with all sorts of skillsets, but we have one or two projects currently available for Miners in particular.
  6. August News Greetings all! For the most part, there is not a ton of big news to announce. Things have been proceeding fairly quietly at the Academy. However, I would like to announce that we are actively recruiting once again! We have beds, food, and supplies available, along with plots to build a home for yourself. While the Academy primarily exists to support new players, we accept people with any level of experience, so long as you are a decent neighbour. Members can pitch in to the communal resources, but there are no costs or requirements to live at the Academy.
  7. If you're looking for a nice community in northwest Xanadu, I'd strongly recommend checking out Lions Gate Woody is good people
  8. What brought me to Wurm was the fact that it's one of the rare games where the entire "society" is player-run and player-built, and your story is entirely yours to write. A lot of what keeps me around is the people I've met.
  9. July News Greetings all! This month's news post is a little bit late because there was something I really wanted to include, but it took me a little while to get around to it, find the time, and get the help that I needed. But I am very pleased to announce that the Lunar Order Academy now has a dedicated wagoner camp and market space! His name is Kelvin. Everybody say Hi to Kelvin! o/ I want to give a special thanks to AirborneASE, who was kind enough to donate his wagoner contract to us, along with plenty of other great stuff, when he made the decision to move up to the Northern Freedom Isles! I also want to thank Zelva for her assistance, since I had not actually trained up Paving on my toon and needed someone to plant the waystones for me. A champion lava spider has appeared to the south along the highway; apparently there is a mission going on, so consider this a hint if any hunters are lucky enough to read this in time! Aside from that, there has not been too much else going on. We are still accepting recruits if anyone is looking for a home
  10. I appreciate the offer, Woody I might take you up on it some time, but for now we are good where we are.
  11. Things are pretty quiet over at the Lunar Order Academy, mostly just 2 or 3 of us around these days. But just bumping this thread so that new players, or anyone else looking for a quiet place to settle, know that we are still accepting recruits, providing a place for players to get on their feet in Wurm
  12. June News Hello everyone! One of my semi-regular news updates about what is happening with the Lunar Order Academy. Not too much to say really; I myself have been away from Wurm for a little bit until recently, and our active membership is pretty low currently. But there is one fun tale to share with you all! This fine fellow decided to spawn nearby, and proceeded to stroll right up into the middle of the Academy! I was not especially confident in my own ability to handle this threat. But fortunately, Zelva pulled my rear out of the fire, chopping the eight-legged beastie into bits with just a few mighty blows! And after the fact, Thorinoakshield decided to commemorate the event with a piece of poetry: Crampy Champy spider, standing near a house, Inside was Kharnov, Trembling like a mouse. "Is there anyone to help me?" he yelled in fear. Fortunately, Zelva was near. Swinging her axe, with much skill, "Oh ######," the spider thought, "she's aiming for a kill." Two hits later the spider was gone. For Zelva the deed was done. And now, while enjoying her Cider, she panted: "I hate spiders" Hopefully my Fighting skill will be in a better place soon, so I won't need to give Thorin an excuse to dunk on me in verse lol Other than that, just the usual reminder that the Academy welcomes anyone looking for a quiet place to settle, especially new players who would appreciate some support while they get used to Wurm Online
  13. Yes, I can confirm that, in our December News post, COINCIDENTALLY, Liberton had joined the Lunar Order Academy around the same time that I was forced to make a public post warning about the risk of theft, due to an enchanted item being reported stolen (mortar and pestle I think). Previously, we had problems with a member of our alliance named Aeliar who was accused of stealing rare forges from another alliance member. Other players I know are saying that Aeliar and Liberton are both alts of the same player, in which case this person has tried to take advantage of us twice now.