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  1. I've never really played elf-style in Wurm, but it was something I enjoyed for a while in Minecraft
  2. November News It's a bit late this month, sorry folks. Life has been busy, and hectic. And I missed the dragon-slaying last weekend as a result. *le sad* But some of our wonderful members were able to attend, snap some photos, and it sounds like they had a great time! Not a ton going on right now, but here are a few updates! The deed of Lions Gate has officially joined the Lunar Alliance; we are glad to have Smwoodburn as our ally! He is potentially interested in someone joining him on his deed; it is much further north than the Academy, so it may be a good opportunity for prospective fighters! I have promoted Palmiradeprez to the rank of Lunar Citizen! While mostly a formality when she is already the owner of her own deed, I wanted to acknowledge all the hard work she has done, both getting herself settled and helping us at the Academy! I would also like to announce that we have added two Priests of Vynora to our alliance: Smwoodburn's alt, Wraithshadow, and Palmira's alt, Jaquelinedeprez! They are both relatively low-level, but I am still jealous, and can't wait until I finally take that step as well at Lunalong! November 15, 2020: A couple of big announcements! I would like to welcome the newest member of Lions Gate, Valhala, to the Lunar Alliance, and to Wurm Online! I am sad to say that Slahn is no longer a member of the Lunar Order Academy. But I am extremely pleased to announce that Slahn is now the Mayor of his own settlement nearby, Old Amsterdam, and he remains with us as a member of the Lunar Alliance! He has also been promoted to the rank of Lunar Citizen, recognizing both his improved skills and continued dedication to our community! November 25, 2020: some big updates coming, folks! Hey everyone! So there have been a few updates, including the addition of Gavias to our listed Alliance members, and adding Smwoodburn's Merchant Advertisement to our Services Offered section. I also want to let people know that the big news post for December is likely going to include some big updates! This will include a revision of our current system of Ranks and Titles, along with a few other things that are still in the works. Our Alliance is growing in size, I am pleased to say! And in order to make the most of that wonderful opportunity, I am looking into fixing up and reinstating some old ideas, along with polishing up and presenting some new ones as well! But I want to consult with our membership a bit more before moving forward, hence waiting until December before putting everything out there
  3. RIP Horses Your sacrifice will not be in vain! Thank you very much for putting this together, @Ekcin and Alliance
  4. I don't think that this is a derailing suggestion at all, I think it's a good one. Even if the /politics, /religion, etc., channels are open by default, they can be closed with a little click on a red X. Political discussion can be allowed to flourish within a designated space where people going in know what they might have to deal with. Whereas GL-Freedom can be a bit more moderated to make it comfortable for a wider audience by keeping emotional topics in a more optional part of the chat community. I have no problem with a perfectly reasonable question/criticism being raised regarding my position, @Amata I do think the question is a bit complicated. Ideally, I think Wurm/Code Club *should* take a stance and put it down in a "written ruleset," on some things at least. As noted above, Wurm did go out of its way to make a pro-BLM post some time back, setting their stance on that issue to some extent. I don't think that means that they should clamp down on every discussion of "Blue/All Lives Matter" and ban those involved, but I think it makes clear that they will draw the line against explicit anti-Black racism, for example. Some of the respondents would argue "well duh, that's obvious." But what they're failing to understand is how much the current discussions of things that they see as "just politics" actually ARE discussions about things like racism, transphobia, etc., or are from the point of view of people on the "other side." Where it does get a bit messier is with things like discussing the current US presidential election, for example, where obviously a large portion of those supporting Trump do not consider him a racist and consider discussion or accusations of racism to be a political maneuver rather than a good-faith criticism. Discussions of Trump's or Republican policies will flag as "across the line" for some, but not others. This is why my support for limiting political discussion is implicit on it still being able to continue somewhere, whether that be private channels or a new public one created for that purpose, as per @Antony's suggestion; these kinds of things DO need to be discussed to be resolved, but I am sympathetic to the position of those who come here for an escape from that stuff, and don't want the parts of the chat devoted to casual banter being inundated with subjects that are controversial and (RIGHTLY) due to provoke emotional responses. Back to the original question of 'who decides,' I agree that even if the senior management of Wurm/Code Club sit down and make a written list of "appropriate/inappropriate" topics that can be moderated in chat, there will almost inevitably end up being grey areas and disputes and differences of interpretation depending on the mod in question. The more they are willing to communicate and cooperate on the guidelines, the better, but I try not to place unreasonable expectations on the small staff Wurm has available. But I think the guideline that "any time people are starting to insult each other over their political positions in GL, staff should step in" is a good one, for example. Being more aware of "controversial" topics, and WHY they are, would help but, again, we're talking about volunteers, and there's a limit to the expectations that should be put on them. Broadly, the point should be about empathy, and if people can make a reasonable argument for why their feelings deserve a reasonable amount of accommodation, I am in favour of it I don't think confining political chat to a few less channels, or asking the moderators to manage it more seriously, is an unreasonable ask under the circumstances. P.S. For a simple analogy, this is "censorship" as much as the "be quiet" signs in a library; it is not the declaration of a topic as taboo, but simply a structuring of the socially-acceptable format for those conversations for the purpose of considering the needs of everyone present.
  5. I am among the people who did make a new toon to play on the new cluster a little bit, but it was mostly to spend time with a friend from Xanadu that moved north; never had any intention of abandoning what I have in South Freedom. Mostly for the reasons people have listed; I just finally started getting ahead with my two toons, not interested in a completely fresh slate again. I also just have a good connection with people in the South Freedom cluster, and I'm making more friends every day I'm not bothered by the new cluster, I can actually understand the concept; only thing that bugs me is that new players are often *encouraged* to join North Freedom over South Freedom, but I've made my case against that elsewhere.
  6. Just to step back in for a second, respond to all those people commenting on how the problem is people who can't control their "feelings," not the speech in question. Now to piss off a bunch of people by accusing them of showing their privilege A lot of people following politics these days get to do so from the comfort of "I don't like this, but it will not likely have any seriously dangerous repercussions for me in the immediate future." This may shock you, but much of the current global political climate is not just an armchair-philosophy-problem for people whose actual rights, access to healthcare, etc., are on the line. Some of the political debates of the current era are literally about the validity of some people's identity and existence. To argue that people whose actual lives may be tangibly impacted, possibly even endangered, by the politics of today should be able to discuss those matters dispassionately, without "feelings," is an intensely ignorant, privileged, and selfish position in my personal opinion. Good for you if your future isn't up on the chopping block to the same extent, but don't tell people who might be that they don't have a right to have feelings on the matter. As @Amatahas correctly noted, almost no one is actually a die-hard absolutist about anti-censorship; people just have different standards for what is "appropriate" in the "public sphere." And again, no one is arguing for an absolute censorship of the topic, where getting caught discussing it in /tells will get you banned. But people have a right to have strong feelings about the *bleep*ing mess that the world is turning into, and wanting some limits on how much it invades their game-space is not an unreasonable request, especially when similar topics have been placed off-limits. And religion might be the best example, since I didn't even know it was banned before now, and I kinda suspect that it's enforced like jay-walking laws; only when stuff actually gets out of hand.
  7. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so GMT -7 My playtime can be somewhat irregular, because of IRL business or the fact that I have a grocery list of hobbies that split my attention, lol. I was trying to catch you online yesterday, but I can probably do a better job knowing when to expect you around Thanks for your patience with all of this!
  8. Sounds good to me as well, more the merrier I'll try and get in touch with you when I'm online next, add you to the alliance
  9. I think I would give this a "conditional +1" at the very least, based on two premises: 1) As Amata notes, the inclusion of religion on the no-fly-list seems to suggest that the point is to avoid topics that have the potential to get extremely ugly due to strong feelings and disagreements, and politics in our current era absolutely seems to apply if we're basing the decisions on that principle. I honestly don't see a good argument for making religion, but not politics, off-limits. 2) My understanding is that, generally speaking, "chat moderation" is confined to the public server-wide channels; so long as no one reports harassment or bullying, people are permitted to discuss whatever they like in their local or private channels. If people really want to discuss politics so badly, they can arrange for it in-game or out-of-game; no one is arguing for an active clamp-down on every single conversation, just putting restraints on the channels that everyone on one or more servers across the game can see. That doesn't seem so unreasonable to me when we're talking about places where 12-year-olds might be reading what's said.
  10. Hey there Smwoodburn We're a bit far away, but the Lunar Order Alliance is moderately active in southwestern Xanadu; we're mostly based around O8. We're looking to get our community more active, and another member of the alliance would be a welcome addition! There's not a ton of information out for the alliance, but here's the recruitment thread for our deed/alliance
  11. Literally the reason we exist, CasaKnova! We would be glad to have you, help you get on your feet and learn the game
  12. October News! Greetings Xanadians! I would like to begin by welcoming our newest recruit, Grimrash, to the Lunar Order Academy! Secondly, while I made a post about this previously, I wanted to include in the October News an official announcement of the Lunar Order Academy's new Paid Work Program. In order to provide activities for new players to develop their skills while providing meaningful contributions to the community, and be rewarded for their efforts, I am making an effort to reach out and encourage new players to take up paying jobs to help provide the Lunar Order Academy the resources and equipment that it needs to operate. Included is a set of standardized payment guidelines that will hopefully make it easy for our recruits to figure out what their time and effort is worth. As noted above, the payment rates are not excellent, but they are on top of all the benefits that Lunar Order members enjoy, and we do not mind if players earn their coin on the open market instead. 2020-10-22 Our late October news update! Not a ton to report really, but I figure I should try and make it a habit if there's anything worth saying. Unfortunately, the above-mentioned Grimrash has chosen to leave our ranks. But I realized that a very overdue official welcome is due to Slahn, who joined our ranks during the lull in my regular news updates; he has since been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler!
  13. So we have been a bit late in responding to the big Steam newbie wave, because I have been puttering around with some ideas for a little while now that I wanted to get worked out. And while I plan on bumping the Xanadu topic soon with an October monthly news post, I figured I would grab some attention here with the following announcement: The Lunar Order Academy is recruiting, and we are offering opportunities for paid work to new players! We are not necessarily offering mountains of coin, but we are actively trying to promote a village-scale economy by paying new players to invest in particular skills and provide specific services to the community. Our main forum thread in the Xanadu Recruitment section has been updated with some guidelines being considered for payment offered, along with a list of jobs that we are looking to hire people to complete! Don't see your chosen profession on the list? Don't worry, I'm probably trying to figure out how to fit you in there too!
  14. @EkcinWithout commenting on the motives of "MilitiaMasterV" and those who are 'liking'/up-voting their comments/"slander," my remarks are based more on two different examples of criticism/hostility towards the staff that I have encountered in-game, from people who I regard as dedicated Wurm players who nonetheless have expressed concerns with the staff. Their names will be left out this, but one case involved an accusation of deleting a comment or Steam review that the staff did not like, the other involving a player who flat-out refused to be involved with an event being hosted by a Game Master. I don't claim to know all the details of these instances, but I would not have made such a strong assertion based solely on the remarks of one disgruntled former player. And I can say I recall at least one time on these forums where a member of the staff treated someone with a complaint quite rudely, in my opinion. Again, I don't know the truth of the matter; I am inclined to believe that the Wurm staff are human beings with a lot on their plate, and sometimes they make decisions that are reasonable but unpopular, while other times they make legitimate mistakes that are worthy of criticism. I think they are, as a rule, passionate about making Wurm the best game possible. But again, I think it's unfair to treat the criticisms of the staff as completely off-base if you're going to criticize the players for *their* impact on the image of the game.
  15. To a considerable extent, I agree with the perspective being put forward here by @Amadeeand @Retrograde. An important thing to consider in communication is that no one ever has access to "The Truth (tm)"; it's all about perception, and getting aggressive or defensive around the subject of criticism is not a good look. Especially since, as posters above have noted, Wurm really is not especially intuitive, and you're going to have a bad time if you go into it without a willingness to do a bunch of background research or get tons of help from the community. And while the obvious answer might seem to be "do one of those things," I have a RL friend who considers that to be a mark of bad game design, period; that I disagree is why I'm a Wurm fanatic and he's never tried it lol. Being patient with people who don't understand these things is important. Being confrontational and holier-than-thou simply gives people who are undecided less reason to give the game a chance. But now I'm going to get a bit spicy, perform a bit of an experiment. I am going to preface by saying that I have never personally had a problem with the Wurm staff. But as someone who has been here for a little while now, I have seen some version of this attitude expressed in various ways at various times: "I played this for 4 years. While it’s a fun/great game, and the general population is usually decent, the staff are corrupt as heck and do loads of things to protect their friends/investments... There is no ‘reporting’ the bad ones either, because the ‘head’ person (Enki) is one of the problems. There is a ‘boys club’ vibe to the whole thing, where they are protecting their own mob-style." - "MilitiaMasterV" Without taking any stance on the truth of such declarations, it is an undeniable fact that this also gives Wurm a very poor image. As does the fact that even veteran players frequently accuse the staff of censoring criticism, even deleting posts on these forums. Taking the time to call out the toxicity of players when one of the harshest critiques to be found in those comment sections regards the supposed toxicity of the staff comes across as a bit unfair and disingenuous to me. The experiment is, of course, to see whether or not this post survives