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  1. Things are pretty quiet over at the Lunar Order Academy, mostly just 2 or 3 of us around these days. But just bumping this thread so that new players, or anyone else looking for a quiet place to settle, know that we are still accepting recruits, providing a place for players to get on their feet in Wurm
  2. June News Hello everyone! One of my semi-regular news updates about what is happening with the Lunar Order Academy. Not too much to say really; I myself have been away from Wurm for a little bit until recently, and our active membership is pretty low currently. But there is one fun tale to share with you all! This fine fellow decided to spawn nearby, and proceeded to stroll right up into the middle of the Academy! I was not especially confident in my own ability to handle this threat. But fortunately, Zelva pulled my rear out of the fire, chopping the eight-legged beastie into bits with just a few mighty blows! And after the fact, Thorinoakshield decided to commemorate the event with a piece of poetry: Crampy Champy spider, standing near a house, Inside was Kharnov, Trembling like a mouse. "Is there anyone to help me?" he yelled in fear. Fortunately, Zelva was near. Swinging her axe, with much skill, "Oh ######," the spider thought, "she's aiming for a kill." Two hits later the spider was gone. For Zelva the deed was done. And now, while enjoying her Cider, she panted: "I hate spiders" Hopefully my Fighting skill will be in a better place soon, so I won't need to give Thorin an excuse to dunk on me in verse lol Other than that, just the usual reminder that the Academy welcomes anyone looking for a quiet place to settle, especially new players who would appreciate some support while they get used to Wurm Online
  3. Yes, I can confirm that, in our December News post, COINCIDENTALLY, Liberton had joined the Lunar Order Academy around the same time that I was forced to make a public post warning about the risk of theft, due to an enchanted item being reported stolen (mortar and pestle I think). Previously, we had problems with a member of our alliance named Aeliar who was accused of stealing rare forges from another alliance member. Other players I know are saying that Aeliar and Liberton are both alts of the same player, in which case this person has tried to take advantage of us twice now.
  4. 1) It was ALWAYS listed as Oakshield, I dunno what you're talking about. And we have always been allied with Eurasia against East Asia, of course. >_>; 2) I 100% agree that being part of a larger alliance is to our benefit, and I never thought that you'd try and stop us from doing stuff how we like, no fear! All I mean is that before, when I was actually trying to manage an alliance on my own, I was trying to incorporate all of our Rank and Title stuff into it for fun. Some of that changes now that we're part of a larger alliance with its own existing practices instead, I just mean that I need to work out the details of how that shift is gonna look
  5. February News Late as usual! Yet again, a blend of RL business and affairs with other games and hobbies have kept me away. But I come with a big announcement that will make my unreliable presence a bit less of a nuisance, I hope! The Lunar Order has joined the ranks of the Loch Ness Alliance, led by Thorinoakshield! By doing this, we become part of a larger and more active community, with members who have been planning and attending events together for some time now. My hope is that it will allow me to focus less on trying to set up larger events and projects that are a bit outside the scope of my experience, and focus more on the Academy specifically, along with my personal projects in Wurm. While I am still interested in developing the concept of the 'Lunar Order' as a group with membership across multiple deeds, it will obviously need some reconsideration now that we are no longer an independent alliance. I will probably put some more effort into both the 'flavour' and the tangible rewards that come with membership, but more details will come when I've had time to figure them out.
  6. Valley Hold (930, 5930) has disbanded.
  7. Happy New Year XANADU! January News News post is coming out a bit late this month, sorry everyone. Really busy IRL, plus other distractions >_> I am very pleased to say that my main toon has FINALLY become a priest of Vynora! Now I just need to spend several years casually stumbling in the direction of a half-decent Channeling skill! My personal goals aside, our alliance includes a number of priests of different faiths, capable of potentially providing a wide array of enchantments Shoutout to Millzy, who has been helping out a bunch with farming at the Academy. Him and I have been working on clearing space off-deed that can be used as farmland until we decide to expand into the area. He is kindly donating half of all his harvests to our stockpile While I have been too busy to really take advantage of the kind offer, we are hoping to be involved in more activities with the alliance of Thorinoakshield in the future! Probably stuff I am forgetting; it is early, I slept poorly, and I am not yet finished my oversized mug of coffee. Once again, a Happy New Year to all my fellow Wurmians!
  8. Aside from Wurm, the only other thing I've really been playing for a little while is GTA Online. I also have a friend that I play Age of Empires 2 with; he bought me the Definitive Edition for Christmas. That doesn't include the various hobby games I'm into off the computer, mind you.
  9. Hello Bloodreina, I agree with previous commenters that your thoughts are well-written and reasonable for the most part. I also consider myself something of a casual player. Free to Play This is a matter that I myself am very of two minds about. For the purpose of optics and the general market, I agree that describing Wurm as "Free to Play" probably comes across as deceptive to many. But, for a few reasons, I honestly do believe that Wurm technically *does* qualify as Free to Play. Aside from hypothetically earning the coin for constant Premium with considerable drudgery, one can get by with only partial Premium in many cases; as noted by Crez, many features can be permanently unlocked for a non-prem toon if they level up the Characteristic while premmed. And I actually have someone on my Friends list who says he hasn't premmed his toon for five years or more, his house isn't on a deed, and he just logs in every month or so to tend it; that's Free to Play. But playing Wurm completely free is either very hard work or for a very special person, agreed. Chores See "Community." Themepark See "Community." Again. Major in Wurm See "Community." Again! But with a small addition that some weird nerds *coughs* consider this a feature rather than a bug. COMMUNITY Maybe it's kind of lazy to chuck my response to most of your comments into one section, but I am actually going somewhere with this. In my opinion, many of the problems that you've described above are probably tied into something I find rather fascinating about the intentions versus outcome of Wurm's game design. See, I am almost certain that Wurm Online was built to be a community simulator. The whole point from the start was that one person doing everything is supposed to be nearly impossible, because that, in theory, encourages people to form communities and specialize in particular skills. Where the irony comes in is that the actual crowd that found the game the most engaging as a whole tend to be more private individualists and obsessive skill-grinders who see those challenges as things to overcome on their own, or, again, see them as a feature rather than a bug. Regarding your experiences with the community, I agree that the friendlier and community-minded people are a bit more of a minority, but we definitely are out there! If I'd known you were feeling left out of things, I would have made more of an active effort to reach out, because my experience with the Wurm community has been almost nothing but positive from the very start, taken in by a bunch of friendly and patient people. Only a handful of us still around, and I get ribbed a lot for not being on as much as many of them lol, but our alliance has expanded a lot recently with veterans interested in events and happy to help newer players out
  10. It is (probably) not a sex thing Ajala. It's a "roleplay" thing, not in the sense of "roleplay in the bedroom," but "roleplaying games where you actually act out your character instead of just killing things and recording stats." It's pretty common in all sorts of online game communities, many MMOs have dedicated "Roleplay" or "RP" servers for it. In the context of "roleplaying an elf," they are talking about being sensitive to nature, using "Elven" names (likely based on Tolkien's expansive work on the languages of his fantasy world), and focusing on skills that would seem appropriate for an elf. As noted above, "appropriate for an elf" might vary based on the type of elf; to use Tolkien as an example again, the Noldor were smiths and built cities out of stone (Gondolin), while the Sindarin Elves lived in forests, and tend to adopt natural caverns as homes if they dwell in stone at all (Menegroth, Mirkwood).
  11. What you're talking about is literally what Wurm Unlimited exists to do. If the $30 price tag bothers you, it goes on sale for less than $10 on a pretty regular basis; have it on my Wishlist, keep meaning to grab it just so I have it, never get around to it. Pretty sure they've been offered a lot more than $30 for what you're asking, and have said no, but that's just hearsay.
  12. Happy Holidays, folks! The Lunar Order Academy is still accepting recruits! New players in need of a home, or older players who are willing to help newcomers get on their feet, there is a home waiting for you at the Academy. The Lunar Alliance is also expanding its ranks, with settlements extending along most of the western coast of Xanadu! If you own a deed in Xanadu and would like to join a friendly supportive community, consider becoming a member of the Lunar Alliance. And of course, just a reminder that our monthly news post has gone up. Bump bump. Merry Christmas!
  13. December News Happy Holidays, everyone! A lot has happened over the last month or so! The Lunar Alliance has expanded significantly, bringing some highly-skilled and all-around great people into our community! I would like to offer a warm welcome to Gunnbjorn, Shiraishi, Liberton, and Millzy! Many of our new allies are mighty warriors, slaying epic monsters and battling at Rifts. While I have still not managed to find the time to join these valiant heroes in their struggles, I can say that it's been a long time since prospective warriors of the Lunar Order have had the opportunity to fight beside so many skilled champions. Without going into too much detail, I would also like to add that several of our new allies have helped to increase the access that our alliance has to priests of the various gods of Wurm; I believe at this point we have at least one priest of every god save Libila in our alliance! In order to help manage communication among our growing membership, we have made some updates to our alliance Discord Channel! After considering several options, we've decided to keep that as our primary means of communication outside the game, in addition to these forums. This might also be our first public mention of the Discord channel on this forum, but I will soon update our introduction post to include it. On the recommendation of some of our new members, I have made a small update to our Rank and Title system. The skill benchmarks for each rank have been raised by 10, which also puts their requirements more in line with the conventional skill title system. It makes more sense with a larger proportion of our membership now consisting of veteran Wurmians. I am afraid that the last bit of news I have to report is a sad one, but I feel it is my responsibility at this point to be upfront about the matter. There have been several occasions in the past where members of the Lunar Alliance have reported items to be missing or stolen, and another instance has occurred recently. In response, I felt the need to edit our Policies and Guidelines to include a Warning, and some recommendations. Since I assume not everyone makes a habit of regularly re-reading a thread, I wanted to include mention here. It sucks to end on such a downer note, but I really do believe in our ability to overcome these kinds of petty struggles and do great things together. We are on our way to making the Lunar Order a force to be reckoned with once again! Merry Christmas!