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  1. Hello everyone, The Lunar Order Academy is no longer recruiting. I am not sure about everything that is going to happen going forward, but I am going to be moving to another deed, and as of this moment there doesn't seem to be anyone available to take on the task of managing the settlement. The Lunar Order Academy was the first deed I joined when I started playing Wurm, and I have a lot of fond memories there. That's why I've spent the last while trying to recruit players and bring it back to the level of activity it had when I first joined. But that's a task I'm just not quite up to; I'm far too casual a Wurm player, not around enough to be the glue holding together a community. It is possible that someone else will taking over running the Academy, and maybe they will be recruiting again down the road. I don't actually own the deed, so I don't have the final say there, but if you might be interested in taking over running the Academy, feel free to reach out to me and I can get in touch with the owner. Thank you very much for all the support that people have given over the years. Thank you everyone who joined our community over the years, I'm sorry I wasn't more up to the task of turning it into something great. Wishing all of you the best, and hopefully I will see you around! Best wishes, KharnovKrow
  2. September News Hey folks! It's been a little bit since my last post, for a few reasons. There hasn't been much to announce lately; I was holding off for a bit because I might have some news to share, but that didn't end up happening. So I figured it was time for me to make another post in here just letting folks know that we're still around if anyone is looking for a chill place to live Not a lot is happening at the Academy, but our alliance is continuing to grow and expand, and we had one of our old neighbours returns from a bit of a hiatus! Cheers, KharnovKrow
  3. July News Hello everyone! This last little bit has been pretty chill at the Academy, just more casual grinding on my part. The lovely Zelva was kind enough to provide me with a pile of corn to use for favor sacs, just need to get it chopped up so I can keep working on my Channeling skill! There's still plenty of space at the Academy for people looking for a home, especially newer players who need to get on their feet! Feel free to reach out if you are interested in staying at the Academy
  4. Hey everyone, just a bit of a bump, letting folks know that we're still around, still accepting recruits. As the post above might indicate, it'd probably be better to send me a PM if you're interested, so I get a big shiny notification that I won't overlook by accident. I also follow the post in Xanadu recruitment a bit more closely if you want to get a hold of me there Cheers! UPDATE: 2022-11-30 Hey everyone, I didn't want to bump this thread, so I just made this into an edit here, but the Lunar Order Academy is no longer recruiting currently. Feel free to check out our thread in the Xanadu sub-forum for more details.
  5. June News Hello again, folks! Mostly just the same old stuff going on. But last month was the one-year anniversary celebration for the Blue Banner Alliance! Much fun was had, many Drunkard titles were earned! Things are still being figured out, but there are plans for more fun events in the future, for alliance members and other folks who might want to attend! We are definitely still accepting recruits, if there is anyone looking for a home in south-west Xanadu. Have a good one!
  6. May News Greetings all! It has been a little while since my last post here, and this is mostly just a glorified "bump" so that people know we're still active. Things have been pretty quiet at the Academy for the most part, but we still have plenty of space for anyone who might be looking for a home. Thus far we have been very happy in the Blue Banner alliance, some excellent people there for sure I do have one cool thing to announce as well: I got my hands on a champion wild cat! Well, more specifically, I got my hands on a third champion wild cat, as I already adopted two that were in need of a new home a little while back. I've only got so many care slots, so I figured I would offer this beauty to anyone who might want a giant pet kitty of their own! May the Fourth be with you!
  7. Thank you, I was feeling very left out! Woody has a really nice place here, lovely view of the bay and the surrounding mountains It's pretty chill, you're free to just do your own thing, but Woody has plenty of work for people who are looking for something to do
  8. For my main toon, at least: 100 Channeling and Faith; other priest skills are bonus. 100 Meditation. Every Sorcery spell learned. The fact that I'm a pretty casual player who rarely/never grinds seriously means that those 100-level-skills are probably never going to be reached lol, but that's the hypothetical "goal."
  9. February News Look at that, it's News Time again! Mostly just the same-old at the Academy, but there has been one big change: the Lunar Order Academy is now a member of the Blue Banner alliance on Xanadu 😁 They have deeds all over the place, and plenty of great people! And we are all happy to organize events with people outside of our alliance as well, the more the merrier! We are still accepting recruits, of course, and I even managed to clear up a few abandoned plots so we have more space for people to build homes for themselves! I do have a couple that I've converted into fields for crops, mind you, but they can be freed up for use if needed
  10. I haven't read every post that you've put out, but I did take a look at the Mentor post, and the only reason I didn't respond is because you expressed an interest in someone you could eventually meet up with "in person," something I would never be able to do because I only play on the older South Freedom servers. There is definitely a lot of Wurm players who are predominantly focused on "hermiting," doing their own thing by themselves. And it's true that the population in Wurm is quite small compared to more popular games. And it doesn't help that Wurm players come from all over the world, meaning that it can be hard to find people who are online at the same time as you. But there are plenty of community-minded players. I don't know as much about North Freedom, but I do know Cadence has a relatively large population, and I'm pretty sure Melody is described as the least-active server up there. Down on Xanadu where I play, I saw 150 people online the other day. The alliance I am part of isn't especially big, but I know there are some which frequently have a handful of people online. I myself am interested more in community-building than building-building or gathering resources, haha.
  11. Hello! I only found out about this a bit before bed time, so I am hoping someone can provide information that will help me resolve this tomorrow. A member of my deed asked me to brand his horse for him, and I did earlier today. But now it seems that he's not allowed to ride the horse. It's *his* horse, so I'd like for him to be able to ride it again ASAP. P.S. Apparently I jumped the gun, my deed mate managed to figure it out! But if people want to share their answers anyways for future readers, please feel free!
  12. January News Happy New Year everyone! First news post of 2022! Not too much to report! Some people were cleared out due to inactivity, other people have come back! I am very pleased to say that I FINALLY took some pictures to show off all of the excellent work that Hoseph has been doing for us! He has done some redecorating, here's a look at the front of the Main Hall now! Here's a view from behind! And a close up on the planters he set up for us behind the Main Hall! While it's been put on hold for a bit so I can level Channeling more to make the process more efficient, I have started working on making enchanted sets of horseshoes for the Academy and our allies! Other than that, just a reminder that we are still accepting recruits, rookies and veterans alike! Cheers, KharnovKrow
  13. Please add 'Lunar Order Academy' at 709, 5475
  14. Aside from what has already been said: 1) Summon Soul means you're limited to what you can carry on your person. Lots of times people want to be able to take more with them; a mount or even a vehicle with hitched animals. 2) Posting in your server's Freedom chat is probably just about as effective, given that you're limited by whoever happens to be online at the moment anyways. (maybe) 3) Most people who want to use Summon Soul to get around already have the relevant connections with the priests in question. Wurm is a relatively small community, and most of the people who've been around long enough to reach that level have made friends and connections that make a formal list irrelevant. I think the only frequent use of Summon Soul that I've ever seen involves big events where lots of priests are already in attendance anyways; slayings, impalongs, etc. Otherwise they're very niche situations like someone who got stuck or lost somewhere.
  15. December News A belated Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone on Wurm! I have not been very active on Wurm lately, but I have been around. Not much has been going on lately, but I do want to offer my thanks to Hoseph for work that he has been doing around the Academy! Wishing everyone all the best, and a Happy New Year!