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  1. heh wasn't there at time, but glad that it was casted
  2. If anyone want to cast Right of Death on Cadence. I dont need it but i guess i can help, my Unholypolly have 100 faith and 92 channeling
  3. Don't really get it why he collected special ogres and why anyone would care about it? As i know they don't have any special loot or something like that, or i'm mistaken? And i think you missed the point about loot - you get more rift resources and they have higher quality when its more people on rift, because there more mobs and more rift points. Also you have more healers so its more pleasant experience. Its like 1 rift for 3 in terms of rewards if we compare 150 people rift and 15 people. Yes you can get more nodes of resourses to geather when there not many players, but you need wery high geathering skill and tools to get them with decent quality, instead of get lots of them with high quality only for closing rift with lots of peoples. And since when asking is rude? And not to mention all it was for more people from different time zones have more chances to participate in rifts and not for "gotta catch them all". Good that developers solved this problem and spread rifts a little by themselves, so we dont need to waste our time again and again to explain to some ignorant people that if 10 people will wait than lot more people can have a chance to cath rift in their timezone for long period of time, while people is actualy playing, although they are becoming less and less. But now we ALL CAN CHOOSE at what rift to go, one more chance and one more time in a week, to go to rift and have fun or to go to work or go to sleep or do whatever depending on time. Now if someone missed Cadence rift he can go on Melody. Its so simple, that what it was all about...
  4. There was absolutley no lag on Harmony on last rift with almost 150 people in local. There was only 50 people on last Melody rift and no lag apparently. Don't really understand what are you talking about.
  5. Super good prices, fast services, definitely recommend and will be back for imping
  6. "To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours" Thanks devs! Case is solved
  7. players trying to cooperate will receive much more rewards for closing rift on Cadence at exactly same time... One rift on Cadence with 150 people it's like whole month of rifts on Melody with 15 peoples in terms of rewards. And we have awesome healers on Cadence, come to our rift!
  8. May be there was some changes in rifts mecanics? Because what we see there something little different here. So we have 150 people on Cadense and 17 on melody and we close those rifts at the same time. And on Defince was only 5-6 people and they have almost same closing time, about 4.5 hour as i was told. Is there any way to see more accurate time of rift lenght than "> 2 Days" as Niarjja says? Only hope on Zuelatek initiative what already take some hate from some people... And with willing of ALL Melody players. Will see, and it will be very interesting one.
  9. Its fair point. I guess it will sit in my head like "you gotta catch them all" too =)) But in 1 rift cycle those Melody/Cadence rifts will be in my sleep time and it will be more convenient if they spread in days, so it will be more chance to catch some of them and have normal sleep.
  10. Why do you think so? My personal point in that post : was so if we have more diverse rift timing then more people have chanses to participate, cos in Wurm we have lots of people with different time zones. And the more rifts spread over time, the better it will be for the community in general, especially now while people are still actively playing.
  11. Yes ma'am, as you command! No really did i say something wrong so i need calm down?
  12. Yes, but there 7 servers where you can go to rifts, players CAN choose where and when to go lots of time at week. And on NFI we have only 3 servers and not many variants for people in different time zones. And dealing with 2 rift at the same time from start "because things got wrong or were forgotten" by devs its kinda different situation from SFI when some rifts was started at same time. Lets imagen that 6 of 7 servers start their rift at exact same time on SFI and you can chose Xanadu at one day and all other servers at another day. Wow its like nightmare! I think then some people wil post some comments, aspetially those who want to get 100 rifts for journal.
  13. As Thorin says, in our case, it is placed on the community, because things got wrong or were forgotten by devs, resulting in both servers having to open their rifts right away. And yeah that will be interesting to update this post in future to see how rifts will spread. As for this week we have same timing as on last week. 150 people closing rift on Cadence in same time as 17 people on Melody.
  14. no-no. After update when rifts was enabled on NFI, those two started almost at the same time, right at the update day, even without 2 days of red beam. So they was purposely coded to open at the same time at first. For instance first Harmony rift was opened after couple days after that update like it supposed to open with 2 days preparation. Or i missed something? And first rifts on Cadence and Melody both was closed in 3 hours after they start. And today they was bouth closed in 4 hours, so next week they again start at same time. And rift adjust to number of players so those pооr 17 peoples on Melody successfully closed it. So even if most of players want to delay them - they couldn't. (I don't speak for anyone here, i'm just discussing possibilities ) And sorry for my bad english
  15. Is it only me who think that 2/3 rifts on NFI starting at the same time is a bad game design? Today on Cadense we have awesome time at massive rift (apart from the terrible massive lags), there was 150+ people in local, 2000+mobs was killed. It was 4 hour rift with lots of rift points to all of us. It was really great time! And in the exact same time on Melody there was 17 people at same 4 hour rift, that was closed right after Cadens rift. We have only 2 rifts at week on NFI and even less if we not always can be there at time. And if some of us want to close 100 rifts for journal... I dont even want to think about it... Isn't be right to separate those rifts at different days so more people have chance to participate? And some pic from Cadense rift:
  16. Really? Oo This post was really confusing to me especially with link leading to Kyklops wiki. But thanks if its true =))
  17. On the edge of the steppe M20/21 Estimated Start Time: https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts (its shown in your local time) It is possible to get there from M25 but there no roads and terrain... its like rollercoaster
  18. Maybe a little further north but very close to the highway from Shipyard Mikomaroko-ovosh to Stillwater Cove Estimated Start Time: https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts (its shown in your local time) Khellus thanks for timer!
  19. Sorry for newbie question but can i clarify if i understood correctly it will be Kyklops slaying?
  20. Really? Is it normal for rifts to spawn on mountains like that?