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  1. PanFilling & Baking

    Awesome service, great set-up and very professional!
  2. Make Priest Faith Transfers Purchasable

    I really like this idea!
  3. Green Drake Hide

    Bump, just need a little bit to change colour. Cheers
  4. WTA All 90+ Casts Supreme Longsword 90QL

    Yeah it is, Exopath if you've like my screenshot with the time stamp pm me mate. Cheers
  5. WTA All 90+ Casts Supreme Longsword 90QL

    Nice try but my bid was placed right after yours
  6. WTA All 90+ Casts Supreme Longsword 90QL

    15s - Cod to Nathan plz
  7. Green Drake Hide

    Looking to buy a small quantity of green drake hide, pm me with what you've got and a price in mind. Also interested in bulk quantities of scale if the price is right. Cheers
  8. [Sold] Close

    Cod the Drake Hide to Nathan please will pick it up when I get home from work. Cheers
  9. WTA Rare Small sailing boat

  10. Dem Capes!

    Looks like a mini skirt from behind o.O
  11. Store charges of enchant and erupt

    +1 nice idea, could lead to a few new interesting tactics though with erupt .
  12. It's weird at least 500,000 + karma on Epic (99% from missions) and 50,000 on Freedom. Only sitting at 70% for the first mission 35/50 journal entry. Something doesn't feel right. Finalizers should at least count if possible as Elentari mentioned.
  13. Thanks for the great update...went from 10% to 100% for slay 20000 Creatures! Still sitting at 0% or unstarted for 'Destroy 25 Veins via Mining' which is a bit odd but could be true I guess. Cheers