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  1. I'd love to come and help out as well with a Nathan priest, throw up a timer and I'll see if I can make it. Cheers
  2. Replace global cast on journal

    +1 to removing global cast requirements and a couple of suggestions: XX - Channeling skill XX - Number of casts > XX quantity XX - Number of casts > XX Power XX - Damage dealt to creatures or players (maybe give double bonus to pvp damage)
  3. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Only ever had good experiences with the GM team, I'm grateful for the work and support they provide over the many years I've played.
  4. Rare Factory - Custom Made Rares Plus

    Thanks! fast and easy service got the tools the next day.
  5. WTS White Drake Set - 90ql

    Bump still for sale, looking for 90s.
  6. WTS White Drake Set - 90ql

    Looking for a price check and wanted to sell an enchanted, runed 90ql White Drake Set (no cap). All pieces are 90ql+ and come enchanted with AOSP 80+ and a single steel rune of Vynora has been attached to each so it will reduce damage taken (10%). PC here welcomed or shoot me a pm or in game to Nathan. Cheers
  7. WTS - Tome of Incineration

    Now sold, cheers
  8. WTS - Tome of Incineration

    One charge left and would like it gone so selling for only 30s over the next couple of days. What is it? Orange red golden flames endorse the covers of this tome. Spell granted: Incinerate (Damage over time spell, causing very light to light burn wounds each 10 seconds, damage and amount of ticks may vary - 750 karma to cast) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases Fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases Bite damage taken by 10%) Send me a pm if interested on the forums or contact me in game on Nathan. Cheers