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  1. The skill transfer seemed to of worked fine for my priest and he received a message and ticks in the skill window, Nathan however hasn't received any messages or skill gain. Cheers
  2. Awesome service, great set-up and very professional!
  3. Bump, just need a little bit to change colour. Cheers
  4. Yeah it is, Exopath if you've like my screenshot with the time stamp pm me mate. Cheers
  5. Nice try but my bid was placed right after yours
  6. Looking to buy a small quantity of green drake hide, pm me with what you've got and a price in mind. Also interested in bulk quantities of scale if the price is right. Cheers
  7. Cod the Drake Hide to Nathan please will pick it up when I get home from work. Cheers
  8. Dem Capes!

    Looks like a mini skirt from behind o.O
  9. +1 nice idea, could lead to a few new interesting tactics though with erupt ?.
  10. It's weird at least 500,000 + karma on Epic (99% from missions) and 50,000 on Freedom. Only sitting at 70% for the first mission 35/50 journal entry. Something doesn't feel right. Finalizers should at least count if possible as Elentari mentioned.