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  1. The notion that we can simply eliminate something we dislike from reality is ridiculous. You'll have to face the problem eventually. I have no grievances with properly constructed/shaped houses; it's the apartment complexes and floating houses that I disagree with. It's perfectly reasonable to expect a player to make an amazing castle in 7 stories or less, and without any unsupported overhangs. Message of the day though for many people here: I have as much right to express my opinion on these forums as you have the right to disagree. That's what these forums are for. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you win. 'Bigotry' to put it into one word for you.
  2. I also just looked up the wiki article on insula ( and it makes no specific mention of how high the buildings were. Rather it says there were typically six to seven apartments in one insula, which doesn't necessarily mean they were all on top of each other. Yes I know that there were many buildings in ancient times that were even taller than six stories, but they were constructed using many architectural techniques. I have yet to hear of a six story living quarters in ancient times, mainly because it would've been impractical given the technology at the time and also because there wasn't a means to support a livable or accommodating apartment complex that big. So call me crazy for wanting a little realism and practicality in the game that I play; there's a fine line between fantasy and lunacy.
  3. If that's the case then why not throw caution to the wind and allow the players to code the game. I mean, it's a sandbox isn't it?
  4. Considering that Chaos and Independence are 4x larger than Deliverance/Exodus/Celebration it's reasonable to assume that they'll take a bit longer to reload. I highly doubt it's intentional.
  5. I think this might be Rolf's way of dealing with the non-aggressive animal population.
  6. Keep Pristine pristine and keep old players off it period. They have no reason to be there as there are nine other servers to play on.
  7. Test Tower

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Can we please just have normal HOUSES for Bob's sake and create something different for mage towers and castles that seem to be so desperately wanted.
  8. Players asked for a few stories years ago. I don't recall anyone suggesting that we should be able to build freakish-looking skyscrapers until recently.
  9. Only difference is that those who are against actually presented an argument whereas everyone else is basically saying 'deal with it.'
  10. Glad you think the opinion of half the people here doesn't matter. Also sick of seeing dragons being used as justification to endlessly introduce utter nonsense into the game.
  11. Right, so tell me the tale of the 41 story high house built by Bob the carpenter, my mind is rather rusty. 'I just want it' isn't a good enough reason for anything. Rolf does change his mind and I'm sure there will be more voices once players actually witness this change.
  12. Of course it's a fantasy game. Aren't most video games pure fantasy? My point is that this feature turns Wurm into a mockery of the Medieval Age which, like it or not, is a theme that the game gravitates around. Yes there is magic and dragons, both of which were common tales during the period. I do not recall any 41-story high living quarters in the Medieval Age and buildings that were that tall were often utilitarian and built on strong foundations. Here is the tallest building built during the Medieval Age, http://en.wikipedia....sbury_Cathedral The SPIRE was 123m tall, not to mention the large amounts of buttresses and arches as well as the four foot thick foundation needed to support the buildings immense weight. A 41-story high box is no achievement in comparison to something that could be done like this, it is purely nonsensical.
  13. A game being a sandbox doesn't necessitate that players should be able to do anything they please as much as being able to alter the landscape. Wurm is beginning to deviate from the medieval feel from my perspective. Rolf's word is also not the law of the land as he has changed his mind in favor of players on many topics.
  14. Test Tower

    How does this create a need for 41 story high towers? 2-3 stories is ideal for aesthetic and practical purposes; 5-6 is really pushing it. Also, creating limits on what one can make and protecting enclosures are in no way related so I'm unsure as to how you're connecting the two unless you're just looking for support for your argument. I had a thought that maybe Rolf is creating so many stories to narrow the gaps between floor creation, but that's what makes higher leveled carpenters more valuable. It's extremely hard to know what Rolf is thinking though when his frequency of addressing his players is equivalent to that of guest appearances on a talk show. Even the PR department is rarely heard and I thought they were supposed to be the medium between the players and Rolf.
  15. We do, that doesn't mean we have to agree with them. And considering there is no real justification for having 41 stories other than 'it's a fantasy game' I'm not convinced.