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  1. +1 THANK YOU. I was thinking the same thing while reading all these. I think a mod to tell what made it would help 100% because I also tend to make like pork+pumpkin and pork+potato exct... Knowing which one I have in my hand would be a better use of my time!
  2. Yes, but we want to keep it in the crafting. How would i set up an NPC to exchange pelts and furs for leather? I would definitely be up for that!
  3. I would definitely add this to my server if it gave a reward like Karma. Tree stumps do nothing but allow lag until 2-3 days before they poof. +1
  4. Was there an update after the last WU update as /Balance worked before and no longer does [06:17:50] Unknown command: /balance [06:17:53] Unknown command: /Balance Yet we have changed nothing on our side. (We use PingPerfect)
  5. On my server, at the last update one of my players found that "more potables" has stopped working. I put a messege in the thread, but the only replies i got were mine works fine and to update my java. I'm on a paid for server through pingperfect. Java is not an issue, yet the mod no longer works. Any help would be gratful. 


    Thank you

    Silver Spires

  6. no. i have a paid for server it's not o my PC perhaps I've done something wrong? classpath=MorePotables.jar classname=com.pveplands.morepotables.MorePotables sharedClassLoader=true # Template IDs you wish to be plantable in a pot. # # [default: 440] (woad) potables=6 potables=134 potables=246 potables=247 potables=248 potables=249 potables=250 potables=251 potables=353 potables=354 potables=357 potables=358 potables=359 potables=360 potables=361 potables=363 potables=364 potables=365 potables=366 potables=367 potables=409 potables=410 potables=412 potables=414 potables=422 potables=423 potables=424 potables=425 potables=426 potables=427 potables=436 potables=440 potables=498 potables=499 potables=500 potables=501 potables=502 potables=503 potables=504 potables=743 potables=746 potables=755 potables=832 potables=833 potables=1130 potables=1131 potables=1140 potables=1141 potables=1142 potables=1143 potables=1144 potables=1152 potables=1184 potables=1196 potables=1283 # Items that were previously pottable and already # have a pot, will remain harvestable until the # "plant" dies. # A list of items up to Wurm Unlimited can # be found at # # Whether or not making some of the items pottable # causes weird issues is unknown. I've tried woad, # lingonberry, and iron pickaxes with no issues so far.
  7. for some reason with the new update ours has stopped working? any ideas?
  8. is there a mod or can someone make a mod to turn all these pelts that seem to go un-used to hides or leather? i get tired of burrying them on corpses or keeping a bunch in my inventory and they just sit there taking up space.
  9. try this.. I LOVE it and it does what your wantig