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  1. Jola's Wonderful World of Dyes

    look very nice:)
  2. WELCOME TO JOLA'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF DYES ! I have pleasure to invite you to the wonderful land of colors NEW FANTASTIC BUOYS !!! Now you can decorate your home, paint items and transform your piece of wurm into something special I invite you to bring some joy and a bit of pleasure and luxury to your game. I offer lots of great and quality dyes. You can find here anything you need. Prices are : dyes 90+ ql (except black) - 20c/kg (price is negotiable if larger amount) black dye 90+ ql - 30c/kg dyes 80-89 ql (except black) - 10c/kg black dye 80-89 ql - 20c/kg For more info PM Jola in game. My speciality are bright superlamps And some other pics with my dyes
  3. white dye

    can fix white dye beacouse it does not work?