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  1. black dye 90+ ql is very hard to do ,need waste many materials for do 1 kg
  2. Hi why is that hard do good ql 90+ black dye? Ihave no problem with another colors
  3. hello Emylyna:) Wchich colors you need?
  4. ?️?WELCOME TO JOLA'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF DYES ! ??️ I have pleasure to invite you to the wonderful land of colors ? NEW FANTASTIC BUOYS !!! Now you can decorate your home, paint items and transform your piece of wurm into something special ? I invite you to bring some joy and a bit of pleasure and luxury to your game. I offer lots of great and quality dyes. You can find here anything you need. Prices are : dyes 90+ ql (except black) - 20c/kg (price is negotiable if larger amount) black dye 90+ ql - 30c/kg dyes 80-89 ql (except black) - 10c/kg black dye 80-89 ql - 20c/kg For more info PM Jola in game. My speciality are bright superlamps ? And some other pics with my dyes ?
  5. can fix white dye beacouse it does not work?