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  1. Sold a few more things. Have 84s now, and willing to sell for 72e. I'm quitting for quite a while and am going on vacation.
  2. can break it up, but prefer not to tell less than 20
  3. Yes, it does come with a rock layer. It would be very difficult for me to list all the bricks etc materials since it is simply so many crates stacked ontop each other. However I am very happy to take pics of the island. Terraforming is started but it's fairly fresh
  4. If I have accidently mailed anyone something 1c over, forgive me and send it back. I thought that I had to include the mail cost.
  5. Will also throw in a knarr with 10% speed.
  6. I'm looking to sell an Island deed on release. Happy to post pics. Wand of the sees was used. I'd also like to sell it as a package with 10,000s of bricks, mortar, easily 100s of large crates, tons of bsbs, 10,000s of meat/raw mats, and probably 60k+ dirt. Just gauging interest. If nobody is interested, will sell it all separate.
  7. Due to inquiry, yes, the main will come with an armor set.