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  1. Wts priest/main

    main sold
  2. Wts priest/main

    Due to inquiry, yes, the main will come with an armor set.
  3. Wts priest/main

    Forgot to mention main has two tomes
  4. Wts priest/main

    willing to entertain serious offers on both toons
  5. Wts priest/main

    both sold to lovely people
  6. In Memoriam - Seleas(Edward) - 02/18/2019

    My most sincere condolences. I did not know him, but how terribly sad. Seems like a good man.
  7. Maes Knoll sorted can be closed

    I offered 30e myself, would be helpful to know what ballpark OP wants
  8. Wtb 25s+

    Hello. I am in the market for 25 silver. 1 silver 1 e. If you have more you'd like to sell, I am happy to buy more.
  9. Wtb Vyn Priest

  10. Wtb Vyn Priest

  11. Wtb Vyn Priest

  12. Big thanks to the GM team.

    I had issues crossing from server to server, and upon being able to cross, all my gear had disappeared. While gms were dealing with what was happening on Independence, they found time to help me and get my gear back. Thank you!