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  1. Great! I'll message you so we can figure out the trade!
  2. Want to trade my festive bedroll for your Yule goat or Snowman statue! (the one that makes snowballs) I rarely go outside my deed, so would love to trade my Festive bedroll (which gives 100% Sleep Bonus unlike crafted one) for something cute I can decorate my house with. All of these are Christmas event gifts given out at random so I'd think the exchange 1:1 would be fair. If you just want to sell your Yule goat/snowman statue or buy the bedroll I'm also open for offers, but I'd prefer if the exchange would result in me losing the bedroll and gaining one of those items instead.
  3. Hi! I would like to buy pumpkin shoulder pads (just need one set). Please make an offer if you have them. I've slayed way over 300 mobs this event with no luck, starting to feel pretty bummed. Help an edgy witch feel pretty!
  4. Are the drops the same as before? Could we maybe have a list of what's in store so we know when we got all? For example is the troll mask a thing this year, or should trolls be avoided?
  5. 🎃 Welcome to Ansa House of Wood&Leather! 🎃 You might know me from such roles as spamming the Trade-tab with monotonic offers, but now you can find the same offers on this Forum too! Skills I currently have: Leatherworking up to QL 70 Carpentry 70 Fine Carpentry 44 Tailoring 28 Cloth tailoring 21 Feel free to make orders if you feel my skills are adequate for it. I try to offer affordable prices for everyone! Most of the time I have a stock of QL50 toolbelts for 50c, other items will be made for order. I am located on Cadence in case you wish to order non-mailable items. ✨ Contact Ansa in game or feel free to contact me through the forum too. ✨
  6. Edit: Got it, thank you! ^^ This thread can be closed now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTB a Yule Goat, the one from straw with red ribbons. ? Feel free to cod me (Kiralie) one if you have one to spare and be sure to answer this topic, so that others know I already got one. Only need the one. ^^ Would be awesome to get it under a tree for the holidays. ?