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  1. Looking a saddle, no casts or quality needed. I am willing to pay 4s for the saddle, COD to Hoppsann if you have it. I don't really use forums, I likely wont get any messages left here, but I will log in to update when I get the items. Thanks!
  2. items received, please close
  3. Issue: While mouselooking, you get randomly turned around. Therefore, you get disoriented. This happens very frequently. It is a severe detriment to my enjoyment of the game. Symptoms: It only happens directly while clicking the left mouse button. After getting turned around, mouse state has been forcibly released, and you have to click again to mouselook. It happens very frequently when clicking back in to the game from off screen. (about 1 in 3) It happens frequently while actively playing the game. (about 1 in 5 while walking around) Attempted fixes, what has worked: Setting the game to full screen mode resolves the issue entirely. Switching the mouse to a bare bones two-buttons-and-a-scroll-wheel mouse resolves it too. Current hardware: Redragon M801 Mammoth 16400 DPI Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC Windows 10 Console log: