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  1. Ok did another refresh. It's up now. They must have been doing some updating or sumpin.
  2. Yeah the server list is why I even know it exists. But nothing on the launcher.
  3. Don't see it on the launcher.
  4. 🤣 There is absolutely no way you can know if someone is using ESP. You would have to burn so much time spying on just one person it becomes impossible to allocate the needed time resources. That's all you would do for hours at a time. No, not an option for a sane server operator that wants to keep themselves sane.
  5. This would be a great mod if there were a way to control what does not decay and/or how fast things will decay. For instance remove decay from buildings but keep it turned on for other things. Or reduce decay for carts by 50%. Is this the line that controls the decay? cls.getMethod("setDamage", "(F)Z").insertBefore("if($1<100f) $1 = 0f;") If it is then would changing the $1=0f to some other number for instance $1=10f be possible? I have never used Java nor can I compile it because I don't have the knowledge nor the time.
  6. Soooo...I experimented with lots of things. Negative armor factor. Negative affects for different armor types. Putting the tempsourcefactor way high or way low. None of it worked. Then I decided to go the low route and set the tempsorcefactor to 5011 and that took care of the over heating. So far no damage from over heating. But it's getting dark ingame so I'll have to wait until morning to see if it holds. That's with difficutltysetting at 1 standing at sea level. In the south standing at sea level /mytemp shows 213 but still no over heating.
  7. This would be a useful mod if players didn't overheat without being in the water. I'm sure it wasn't meant to be this way. Is there something I'm missing? Is there some way to limit over heating or turn it off completely?
  8. Will this ever be modified to disable the much too high over heating? It destroys the usablility of the mod completely.
  9. Seriously? Knowing where everything is every second? Everyone has a radar implanted in their heads. Yeah, sure seems like a medieval thing to me. Don't bother making an RP server unless it's a space colony where satellites pinpoint everything..
  10. Client helper mod

    Is it possible to make something where you press a button and the game plays itself while you sit on your lazy arse and watch it happen? Oh wait, this is it. Why would you even bother to play the game with stuff like this running?
  11. It's sad that this even had to be asked. ESP destroys so many aspects of this game.
  12. I have been on servers with a mod that removes ESP ability to see underground deposits. The deposits are still there and it has no effect on the game other than disabling the use of ESP underground.
  13. Is there a mod that disables some or all of the ESP mod? For some servers it destroys the whole point of the server and now someone has created a client side mod that goes so far as to display mobs and other very fine details on the minimap.
  14. There needs to be a way for servers to disable this. It reveals far too much and ruins the point of even having some servers.