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  1. Yea I know its a little quantity, but real life is really calling for help ? Anybody interested in 5s for like €4,5‎?
  2. Selling 30 Silver coins. 30s = ‎€29 or $33 Pm in forum for more info; Only with Paypal verified! Thanks!
  3. Really hope he is enjoying everything he can, and fighting back with all his will! All the best from the wurm community
  4. Everything done! I will edit the reserved comment below the main one with all the info of the event end!
  5. Now that 4 out of 5 rugs are already on bid/sold, I've deicided to run the free rug already So as soon as the event ends It will happen, thanks for everybody so far
  6. Interesting point. The point of the post is not about the raffle; Its whole purpose is only to congratulate anybody who has participated. Even if the person didnt win. I dont see much of a gambling when I think of this. It obviously has Randomness involved, but only as an extra - a bonus. Anyway - Well, As I searched I found no event like this on the forums, so Im totally open to talk with a GM if needed. Otherwise the raffle will run normally
  7. Yes, I've checked out the Gambling rules before posting. The intention of the auction isnt to pay for a raffle, it is only a bonus for those who bid anything on the other auction items. Also, even if somebody raise your bid, you are still on the raffle, so there is no problem here
  8. Last 48h is on! Only Rugs #2 and #3 left on stock, and needing your bid for the raffle to start
  9. Third auction started, now only #2 and #3 left, and the free to be raffled as soon as both are bought!
  10. Ouchhh :c thats so sad, may all the peace be with her and her family - All the best for you guys too, keep all that good work always up! ?
  11. Amazing! Sent to brattygirlsback [16:03:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  12. Awww, you should have specified the name ? On your forum main account its also still brattygirl Well, in case you have no access to this account you could take any of Rug #2 or #3 instead, or we could try contact with support to see if theres a way to retrieve the rug back from CoD... or wait for the automatic retrieve in some days