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  1. I present two images of a steppe / grass boundary on my server, generated by our livemap, approximately 3 months apart. Three Months Ago - Recently - When I initially discussed this with others, it was believed that this was the result of animals packing grass and steppe tiles, and, as a result, allowing steppe to spread onto the grass when it packs and then un-packs. However, if this were the phenomena occurring, we would expect grass to be spreading onto packed former-steppe as well. By close observation of the maps, we can see that the only change that is occurring at this boundary is the spread of steppe onto grass tiles. Apart from 3 tiles located adjacent to the road that were changed as as a result of player action in constructing the road, all changes between steppe and grass have been from grass to steppe. I can think of no explanation for these observations other than that, as current mechanics are, steppe will spread onto grass over time albeit very slowly. Further, I do not believe this is intentional, and hence this spread is a bug.
  2. Libila Religion: You can now become a follower or priest of Libila by visiting the bone altar located in the swamps in Southern Denethak. Denethak's settlements choose their allegiance: 2 December - 9 December War for control of the Kingdom of Denethak is imminent. Deeds established in the region can choose which side they wish to back from the following: Doshaal III of Senuthesia Princess Amytis High Priest of Libila Over the course of upcoming events, Doshaal, Amytis and the Blacklighters will fight for control of regions of Denethak, including the possibility that your deed will have it's allegiance flipped. Nothing bad can happen to the deed itself from this - it will merely be a change of control in lore terms. You can support whichever side of the conflict you wish regardless of what your deed's allegiance is. If you do not choose which side to align with by 10 December, a geographically appropriate allegaiance will be given automatically.
  3. Mining is hard-coded to be harder to raise than other skills. The typical skill with no dependencies (for instance, paving or butchering) has a difficulty of 4000. The easiest skills without dependency are about 2000. Mining is the hardest of all skills without dependencies, at 8000. While this difficulty comparison doesn't really work for skills where they govern loads of different actions (e.g carpentry vs blacksmithing), it does work for skills where there's only one kind of action. Of all the skills without any dependencies, mining can be expected to have the slowest skillgain. See this post:
  4. Thousands of years ago, it is said there was a king that ruled over what is now Gallonia. While travelling away from the capital along one of its roads, the king and his entourage were ambushed by bandits, who were seemingly unaware that they had attacked the king. With the group entirely wiped out bar the King, who was left wounded and dying alongside his personal wagon, he had given up. When a passing Libila follower saw him and approached, he wished the bandits had finished him off. However, the Libila follower healed him and brought him back to safety. From that day onwards, once a year, on the anniversary of his rescue, the King would permit Libila’s followers to enter his capital city freely for trade, business, and other events. This tradition would continue until the end of that King's reign. The story is likely entirely a myth, but regardless a tradition resembling the one set out by that ancient King remains. Usually, the followers of Libila are hunted down, and thus they hide in the far untamed corners of the world. However, for two weeks of every year, the dark is permitted to enter the light, just a bit. This event is called The Meeting of the Lights. During this time, Libila’s followers in Alveron interact with the followers of the White Light gods freely. A custom of interest to the more adventurous inhabitants of Alveron is the habit of some of Libila’s followers to set tasks for them to fulfil. While the tasks are always menial, the rewards they hand out in return often contain a cryptic clue as to the nature of an even greater reward for those who can solve the riddle. ----- Halloween Event Details: There is a messenger within Settler’s Step. Talk to her to receive directions to two followers of Libila who have requested assistance during the Meeting of the Lights. Pay attention to their words and their actions carefully, for they hold hidden meaning. Getting everything done will involve a lot of travelling, so be sure to bring provisions for that. The event will run from the 23rd of October until the 7th of November.
  5. The max setting being designed to only stop the trader receiving money when it's already exceeded the limit is definitely going to be a big problem. If the kingdom coffers system works I could use that as the means of limiting trader replenishment... Additionally, if I understood the code here correctly, the amount replenished will be divided by the number of traders that exist on the server? Maybe? It's a bit odd but I can't identify how in this code the amount replenished (value) comes out to 50s, unless it's counting the king's coffers themselves as a trader, so kingsmoney 100s / (1 trader + 1 king) = 50s. && (Server.getInstance().isPS() || != 15 || Can you describe what these variables refer to? We saw the kingdom coffers remain at 100s even when the trader was just given 50s. Then when I deleted that trader, it obviously went up to 150s in total. I'll reset it back to 100s later and keep an eye on our current trader to test this behaviour further, and get back to you with more comprehensive results on that.
  6. I've spent way too long investigating this issue myself, and have decided it's likely a straight up bug. Trader set to max money 1s and initial money 1s. The initial money part works. The max money part does not. As soon as traders replenish, they end up with 50s + whatever they had remaining from the starting 1s. Additionally, this money appears out of nowhere instead of coming from the King's Coffers (although I've not investigated whether this is the intended functionality in WU anyway). I've tested this both with summoned "Salesmen" and Traders created from contract. Same happens for both. I've tested selling them items, buying items from them and doing nothing at all with them, and it still happens. I've not tested what happens if you set the max to any other number. Traders placement is set to be disabled in the feature manager.
  7. Replicating a similar gameplay experience to that of WO was our intent from the start. There are a large number of other servers offering a wide variety of gameplay possibilities that have faster skillgain. Replicating a vanilla-like experience was our intent from day one. Not every server can cater for every player because different options are mutually exclusive, and that's OK. However, if you are specifically here for the map I don't know what to suggest.
  8. We have deployed the fix for the sandstone veins now.
  9. See the linked thread, it has the solution.
  10. We'll investigate this and deploy an appropriate solution to it. We will likely code something with WurmAPI that targets specifically sandstone tiles so that it won't restore other ore types if they're nearly depleted. Until then, unless you're fine with quickly exhausting any sandstone you find, avoid mining it out.
  11. I based the plan for a map off an old minecraft map I made a few years back. I adjusted the plan to compensate for the requirements of Wurm maps, such as needing water at all 4 edges and not being able to place water above sea level. I then hand-painted the heightmap and tile type map. In particular, 10 different types of forest were created by combining mask layers with random noise. I imported those files using Map Generator 2.9 and generated clay, tar, peat and the cave layer there to finish it up. Lastly, we took the generated map and put it through a bit of code we wrote with the WurmAPI to correct a bug in the Map Generator where rock tiles can retain dirt depth.
  12. When we use this on a Ubuntu server, it runs fine with one exception. Taking 256 tile size as an example, every single saved tile comes out to a total of 262,604 bytes. This indicates the PNG isn't being compressed properly at all when it's saved. The correct size would typically be about 1/10th that, as I tested by just downloading the tiles and resaving them with any image editor. Before we start scheduling some system involving something like optipng or mogrify, is there something we're doing wrong that's causing it to spit out such bloated files.
  13. Alveron is a new PVE server with 1x Skill gain and 1x Action timers. Alveron uses a detailed 4k map with a variety of different forest regions, plains, mountains, expansive deserts, swamps, islands and ice sheets. Alveron features a storyline covering the history of the realm and its five distinct regions, all ruled by the High King. Players, their settlements and their exploits will optionally be worked into the story of Alveron. Visit our website here Server IP: Port: 3724 Rules 1. Be respectful towards other players. Do not harass them or do actions with the intent of disrupting their ability to play on the server. 2. Racism, bigotry and explicit content will not be tolerated. 3. Speak English in any public chat channels. 4. Certain events will require that you roleplay, and possibly follow other instructions from a GM. 5. You are permitted to have as many characters as you want. However, only one of your characters may participate in any given GM ran event. 6. Do not try to disrupt other player’s deeds without permission from them. This means not building houses, fences, farms or terraforming within 25 tiles of their perimeter. GMs may remove offending structures at the request of the deed’s owner. 7. This includes making sure any deed you found gets no closer than 25 tiles away from neighbouring deeds without permission from them. 8. Do not lure dangerous mobs with the intent of using them to kill another player. 9. Do not steal from other players. 10. The GMs can take action in cases where, beyond the scope of the above rules, a player intentionally disrupts the normal functioning of the server, the intended gameplay of the server, or the ability of others to play on the server. Gameplay Information Mods Lore
  14. I've solved it. No complicated algorithm.