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  1. v1.5 released Removed debug text from planted tree/bush names and added more information Planted trees and bushes now have randomized rotation for less repetitive look Fixed clay tree planter recipe Download:
  2. v1.4 released Added tree and bush planters Tree planters can be made in 8 materials - brick, clay, marble, pottery, sandstone, slate, stone and wood Bush planters can be made in metal or wood Tree/bush growth is controlled by new treeGrowthTicks setting - how many "field ticks" takes 1 stage of tree/bush planters to grow (e.g. if your fields grow every hour, 10 means trees will grow every 10 hours) There are 6 stages .... sprout, young, growing, mature, old, very old No overaged/shriveled, once they get to very old they will live forever Every time it grows a stage (or would grow if it wasn't at max) - you can harvest it once and pick sprout once Harvesting isn't controlled by normal seasons, can always do it Tweaked planted planter names to be shorter and clearer[/list] Note: If you used v1.4-beta1 and created any stone magic planters, they will say "birchwood stone" and look like wood. Those can be fixed by running "#planters fix" command as a GM level 5 - this will fix all affected planters on the server. Download:
  3. Hello Everybody, I invite you all to join the new discord that will be used to communicate about Modding for Wurm unlimited. You will be able to send all your requests, and ideas, talk directly with the coders, like Bdew, Coldie, Goveror and many others, but also many owners of servers, because we decided to work all together : coders, art dessigner, owners and players to continue to add content to WU. We are also going to create a new forum decicated to WU soon where it will be easy to find all the mods of all the coders.
  4. You can join the new discord channel created to continue discuss freely about Wurm Unlimited : A new forum will also soon be created.
  5. Planting in Cave

    this mod has just been released :
  6. I want on my side say a big big big Thank you to you Bdew to gave me the honor to work with you ! thank you to have took time to share a litle part of your incredible knowledge , thank you to be so patient and so tolerant. I really enjoyed work with you of course , it have been wonderful . And i agree, thanks to Governor and Coldie, members of Wurm Art&Coding with who all is so simple and always a pleasure to work with. This is the second Mod of the team, and i'm still sure that it will not be the last !
  7. Dye Maker mod

    @Retrograde thank you so much, this is really touching me that you like the model and the Mod of Cuddles/Coldie ! thank you so much for your kind words. And more generaly, i'm happy if the wurm players on all the different WU servers are enjoying the Mod
  8. Dye Maker mod

    I really enjoyed to work to try to do my best to create the model - I really enjoyed work with Coldie, and our team is made by wonderful persons, very generous, patients, happy to help ! we are already working on the next possible mod(s), and it bring me lot of happiness, thank you to all the members of Wurm Art&Coding to start to contribute to keep WU alive !
  9. GM - Game Management (Owners) : Angie -GM/In game help/Builder for the Servers/Creations of Events/Website maintenance/Discord maintenance/Donations management Goibniu -CA/Maintenance of the Servers/Mods maintenance/Technicals problems manager If you take the time to visit the forest of Brocéliande, you will find not one but two maps! You will enter the Forest of Brocéliande in the Mol Rehan Kingdom and will have to make a choice: settle on the main map ''Dessertion'': The Kingdom of Mol Rehan, which will provide you a X10 action/skill gain, 60,000 creatures and 60% hostiles on 4096X4096 map made by us with mountains, rivers and lakes. You will find the security so start in Avalon where you will find all you need to start increase your skills without starve and will be protected by a spirit Templar! You will find from here a system of teleporters to make your journey faster across the large map. All the teleporters having been decorated with care to make travel more interesting. Some of the scenery includes: the small merchant harbor, the fishing port, the rice fields, the swimming pool, the hut of the witch and many others. Your second choice will be to settle on the second map ''Affliction'': map of the horde of the summoned, in other words: the kingdom of the horror, where you will have to work hard for to stay alive, with a X1 action/skill gain, 10 000 creatures, 95% hostiles on a 1024X1024 map, no starter town, and no one to help you! (or yes maybe if you accept to play with other players), where the bravest of our players will certainly try to find the valrei and rift creatures that spawn only on this map. The maps are linked, allowing the Mol rehan players to come and go in order to try go kill the Valrei and Rift Creatures. On both maps, to make your life easier, we are using many mods all created/re-created and maintained by Goibniu. We also try and check regularly any new mod which seems to be interesting. Note: GM Angie is willing to speak in French in private message if anyone needs it. For everyone and especially for those who cannot play to often: you will be able to find your deed without worrying about your crops that will never rot. It's free to settle, and payment of the upkeep has been reduced to the minimum (5 irons per tile, 50 copper per guard). So money will never be a problem! We also schedule events to make your game even more diverse, and new areas are added frequently. So take 5 min and come try the adventure! We have a group of very active and friendly players, everyone here will welcome you warmly! Visit our website@, make sure to check out the rules page to see if we will be a good fit for you.
  10. Lol Welcome back to your deed and thank you everybody for the help
  11. It seem My -co Owner found that it have been an issue caused because our hosting comapgny moved our server just after the update to the 1.8 ... he is trying simply to re update the mods ( and more exaclty the 3d Stuff mod ) on our test server now. I think it will work ! thank you for your help !
  12. Hello, i'm one of the owner of the server - the mods are all updated correctly - her toon is ok - the problem seem come from an item or a tile - The server work correctly eveywhere, no problems elsewhere else - just when we enter her deed, the toon who enter the deed crash. My co- owner is checking the database and the logs for try find what is causing the issue - like it don't seem to be the 3d Stuff mod of Bdew , Any other help is welcome on what can cause the problem . Thank you everybody.