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  1. I hope you make more of these. I'm lurking the hell out of this thread. These are amazing.
  2. I've since then de-activated the mod because I couldn't get any help with it. But I wanted to answer these just because they were never answered. People were idling while I would be sleeping as well. However that command may be useful in the future. On our server you get 999ish max favor and it restores hella quick. Faith gains are immediate and the prayer timer is basically non-existent. You can just lay on the pray key for a while and get your faith up to max in just a short while. We have graciously been allowed to use Ausimus's religious fragment mod for sacrificing. One rock shard produces tons of these and they bring your favor up almost instantly if they're high enough q (and with the skill gain on our server you only struggle for a small time) so that's not even the issue.
  3. Thank you so much- that would be incredibly helpful.
  4. Is there a way to make an option that will allow the burning of a unique corpse? I run a server where there's an over-population of uniques, so I'm curious.
  5. I've been hearing people complain about this for a while but I'm not sure if Timer Fixes is something that can help this or not. Is there a way to get the timer fixes to "fix" leveling tiles in a mine? I'm told they're still going slow as default.
  6. I apologize for such a long wait- I never saw a notification for this post and found it while looking through my old topics. I can definitely check tomorrow but we definitely do not have the armory mod installed. We do, however, have a few Sindusk mods installed. One person having the issue did say that they had messed with settings before having the issue. Reverting the settings seemed to help.
  7. I'm not trying to be rude- it's honestly your preference and your right to feel that way. It's just the way I'm trying to run my server is all. I'm still in search of this so for anyone who can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful
  8. I have autopay on my server for players online. Is there a way or a mod to kick players after being afk for more than 20 minutes? People are literally getting paid for sitting on the server all night while they sleep.
  9. I have a more relaxed server and plan on releasing mass uniques for a challenge. People have lots of FS easily. However you can imagine the carnage if bashing were still an issue. I personally have no qualms with people penning uniques seeing how they'll be common occurrences.
  10. Quite a few of my players have been getting this error on the server. Some report that it boots them off frequently, others say it's fixed after some time. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? If it's any help the mods I have running can be found on this page Edit1// One of my players were able to send me this (apologies for the size- I don't think they thought to grab the text instead) It seems something is complaining about display? Edit2// "ok so how I got it to go away was changed my display size... then closed the launcher window.. and opened it back up.. then had to retry connection about 3 times and finally got in" I'm looking to stop this behavior if I can. Please let me know. I'd rather my joining players not suffer through this if I can prevent it ?
  11. I'm getting away from getting help here but I'd agree with you- however while I went to them with the issue they could have just told me they didn't know. Instead they attempted to help-- and in retrospect I wish that particular person hadn't because it killed the server. I'm just thankful someone was able to help me get it straightened out afterward. That being said- I'm still looking for help to get the server packs to work.
  12. Since the roll-back, yes. I'm not a good comparison seeing how we had to put everything back to how it was beforehand.
  13. I noticed issues with it as well when I installed it as per their instruction but by this time things had already gone down the toilet. The issue was definitely before that mess so you should be okay lol
  14. I hate to post here but Pingperfect seems useless when it comes to this. I'm trying to get the server packs to work on my server. Only three of us are playing at the moment. We all have updated client mods- server packs should be working from our end but it seems like it's not working on the server's end. Hitching posts come up as question mark bags. I spoke with Pingperfect and they told me to edit stuff in the config file that just broke every single mod on my server. Had to have assistance in rolling everything back because when I did it nothing changed. When they completed that nothing had been fixed regarding the server packs so when asked again they simply told me "It's an abandoned mod and there's nothing we can do" :I So please please please- can someone help me with this?