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  1. This is by far the perfect answer to this topic.
  2. Mayor on Deed One can set the rights for that specific deed. Mayor on Deed Two can decide otherwise, even if it is part of same alliance. Hence he set up a special role. Point is that Mayor One cannot decide who does what on Deed Two. He owns the village not the villagers. At least that is how I see it.
  3. Simple description... I am currently part of a large deed, that has the rights set to "Does NOT Allow Actions on Allied Deeds". I tried to load some small crates on a cart, on an allied deed that grated me full rights as special role. It did not work. GM came to help but there was no way to fix it on spot. Just a side note. Once again Wurm Online proved me that it has best customer support on any game that I have played. Responsive and very polite. Thanks a lot for that.
  4. I assume the last two reply are coming from players that live on the server where they do not have to sail to get the benefit of rites. Now that is a bias reply. "Tedious for other is fine... as long as it does not become tedious for me."
  5. NFI timeline

    This means absolutely nothing... Give a concrete term not something that cannot be quantified.
  6. Crazy stories!

    "A Sea serpent is a very powerful, large, aggressive creature that is found in the ocean. They not only attack players that are swimming, but also attack players on ships Can travel around 20km/h" You really dodged the bullet here.
  7. Well, based on how alive this forum post is, Wurm will clearly not die as you predict
  8. Trolling

    This post shouldn't even exist. Thanks Oblivionnreaver for making that clear.
  9. You are correct, thank you for pointing that. Anyway, i should have only pointed out Old cluster and New cluster...
  10. For many vets the New Southern World it's just like a summer vacation. It's nice the sun bath and the pina colada but eventually you get back to your life after a couple of weeks. Give it time. People that invested years will not abbandon the North. I know I am not
  11. Cheers:D

    It's an unique opportunity for us (the players) to get in touch with Wurm creator so to me this post means a lot. It is a great honour. Thank you for creating this amazing game and all the best with all your futures projects. Please keep in touch with all Wurm community.
  12. Time to start dredging then...
  13. Horse vs Croc

    Care to elaborate? Information presented in this manner tend to not be quite reliable if not supported by facts.
  14. Old... New... North... South... PVP... PVE... We wouldn't be here commenting, playing Wurm if we would like this amazing game.
  15. A a long time player... Moving north and building my first large cart with 1QL nails and planks (that took like forever) was a great and rewarding experience. My main would have done that in a minute... But it wouldn't have been the same So it's great that new servers are isolated. New start feels always fresh. Hell, other games made a fortune from playing alts.