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  1. Lots of current players will create at least on toon on the new servers. I guess the real numbers (of new players) will show after 2...3 months or so. Regardless, I trully want and hope that Wurm will be successful. After all, it really offers a trully unique gaming experience. Good luck Wurm team.
  2. You can actually un-hitch one single animal from cart/wagon. Select rope, right click the animal and select unhitch. Done...
  3. Great thing there are people like you out there. I was trying to get this "Legendary creature" kill for months (Journal task). Thanks a lot.
  4. They are very light and can be kept in inventory (alt would work best), especially if high QL.
  5. Interested in a dragon scale armor set. QL or enchants not relevant. Aiming for a red or blue set but opened for other colors as well.
  6. If it is, I promise to sub for a year as well
  7. I am also mad about the priest changes. But at the same time Wurm is the best sandbox out there. So I want to play the game like 10 years from now. For that reason I will give the devs the benefit of doubt and I will keep my subs for a while. Maybe we do not see the big picture (just yet )
  8. With a constant shrinking player base, there might not be a "long run" for Wurm after all... Make a poll that people playing priest to have a saying on that. At least gauge what players expect from this change.
  9. I would have used all that above wasted energy to something that would have made the game better. After all, we are all on the same side.
  10. Really nice indeed. Congratulations. As a side note, I would have loved to have a bit more close up look on the little stone keep (left of where you start climbing the long bridge).
  11. Glad I am not the only one feeling that way. When I returned to Wurm after long break, it was amazing to find the land the way I changed it before. All those memories... all the hours spent on terraforming with my friends, the one tile wide road... This is the reason I stayed. Because it was continuity, not a simple reset. Anyway, Ayes put it the great on the post above.