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  1. Black Opal - 32.47ql - 5s + CoD Star Ruby - 52.08ql - 4.5s + CoD Will be mailed from Independence, feel free to contact me in-game on Linaelia
  2. Closed, thanks!
  3. Can you hitch your horses to the war tent as well? That will make hunting so much fun!
  4. To my knowledge lockpicks cannot be used on locks that are not your own on Freedom, whether on-deed or off.
  5. Not touching the deed/perimeter debate but.. Could the tents be craftable? That could be a really awesome way to go on hunting trips without setting up shacks that people forget to take down (or mean to go back to but never do), and prevent a bunch of random decaying houses that prevent a deed from being planted.
  6. Absolutely fantastic and prompt service on an axe imp, will definitely be back again!
  7. 90ql toolbelt 1.2s CoD to Linaelia in-game please.
  8. I absolutely agree with this 100%, I can't see any logical reason to keep the sender private when accepting mail. If at all possible, a history of mail transactions made within the past 30 days or so (how much was sent to who etc), might be really handy for keeping records for merchants.
  9. Shovel, Iron (2.23ql, CoC 67) = 1.17s - COD to Linaelia please!
  10. Please see PM when possible. =)
  11. Pickaxe, Steel (2.45ql, CoC 73) = 1.45s Rake, Iron (2.49ql, CoC 76) = 1.51s COD Both to Linaelia please.
  12. Oh I agree, and actually at the same time I have a villager who's working on dredging out a marina on one side of the deed. I personally have a really hard time with dredging, I find it completely frustrating and far too slow when I can shape the hill behind me instead. In fact I think my villager described it perfectly "Dredge, dredge, dredge is full, drop two dirt, dredge, dredge, dredge is full...". It drives me crazy. Some people have the patience for that kind of thing, unfortunately I don't.
  13. All of these ideas are really new to me, so I definitely am going to try all of them out while terraforming to see which ones work for me and do my own experimentation, thanks all! Stumbling on rock is my secret hope actually, I'd love to have a mine entrance on my deed. But I also realize I'm rarely ever that lucky, so I was debating on what to do with it once I've got all the dirt I need for my expansion into the water. I think I have a few ideas in mind now, I think I am going to go with the terrace idea, but I'll put a building (maybe something church like? Or even an inn) on the top level with a small belltower/viewing platform on the top, with a road that goes up to it on both side of the hill, and various trees/plants and decorations planted on the lower terraces. Will have to mess around with the details in my head, but I think at least for now that's the overall idea I'll go with. I really appreciate everyone's inputs, thank you so much! If you still have other ideas feel free to post them, I'm always open to suggestions/changes.
  14. True! Though the idea is I'm taking dirt from that hill and moving it to flatraise the tiles in the water, so eventually the "cut" will be down to ground level, not sure my carpentry is high enough to bring a tower up that high. That's a really great idea though, and I may consider getting a friend to plan it out for me! I guess I hadn't thought about it that way, I was trying to figure out ways to find more dirt without paying a ton for it to fill in the scar, but if I slowly take down the rest of the hill I could get it lower, but natural looking. Thanks Guruen! If I can't figure out anything else for it then I'll definitely take it back to just looking like natural landscape.