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  1. Thank you - please also send Rift wood 41 ql / 2,2 kg ----> 66c
  2. Rift crystal 41 ql / 1,6 kg ----> 48c Please send to Wardein

    stone rune of Jackal, brass 10ql - 20c COD to Wardein please
  4. Enchanted items and Blacksmithing service

    fine with me - please send pn when sent
  5. Enchanted items and Blacksmithing service

    Interested in the large shield QL 72 Send to Wardein pls.
  6. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    Hi, another order for a member of my deed: <Laxa> [22:53:06] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about papyrusmaking! Please send him: [22:55:46] <Laxa> body strengh ; Forestry ; woodcutting ; Long Bow ; leatherworking ; Fishing Thanks in advance
  7. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    thank you - received it. great doing business with you
  8. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    Interested in a test meal - will order at least 5 meals afterwards please send to Wardein ingame [07:46:05] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about first aid! I need: Mind Logic Body Strength Mining BlackSmithing Weapons Smithing
  9. closed - WTB Silver

    can be closed
  10. closed - WTB Silver

    still looking for offers
  11. closed - WTB Silver

    Hello, looking for a decent amount of silver to buy. Depending on the price up to 1 gold. you may also contact me ingame: Wardein.