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  1. Auctioning a 6 slot 50ql rare tool belt Starting Bid: 3s Buyout: offer Increment: 1s Snipe Protection: 10 minutes per bid
  2. Did the female bison I bough give birth recently? Cant seem to get the pair to breed even though they arent hungry, keeps saying she isnt in the mood
  3. ah ok thats pretty cool, hope you can find some folks who are interested, looks like you do some great work.
  4. Let's get really crazy here, and say mayors should have the power to remove ANYTHING that is left on their land, carts, tents, bsbs, anything.
  5. These look really amazing! As for the service im confused- are you selling yourself doing all the terraforming and building, or just deedplanner type designing?
  6. Yeah ive decided to stop putting it off and get a gtx 1060 since they went under 300 now. Wont have the money until november though so i will just be ignoring the problems while i do grindy stuff to keep my account from being deleted
  7. Got everything pretty much as low as it can go. Other than getting a new graphics card is there anything i can do? I've been wanting a new card for a while they are just insanely overpriced. Would the low memory client work for me?
  8. I copied the log text to a spoiler. I see im missing a few sounds and hairs
  9. Whenerver I play I get weird textures that stretch across my screen. they go away on their own most of the time, and only appear when looking in certain directions. I've changed all my graphics settings to all kinds of levels, even updated java, nothing fixes this. examples of weird stuff
  10. I'd really be interested in joining the village. I havent started a character on Deli yet, played for a bit solo on Xanadu but quit due to getting frustrated with my lack of skills and just bad luck. I'm hoping to be active in a village and end up doing taming/breeding