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  1. Bug - PoI Msg on PoP path

    [09:40:30] Congratulations! You have now reached the level of Initiate of the path of power! Will let you know if it goes back to PoI or anything,
  2. Bug - PoI Msg on PoP path

    Yeah I just messed around with it some more, and it seems i either had not changed, or reverted back. I am pretty sure that when I went change the change was accepted. I have now made the change again, and am meditating on a PoP tile, so hopefully that will make sure I am on PoP.
  3. Bug - PoI Msg on PoP path

    Hi, I started on lvl 0 PoI then changed to PoP path via the PoI option. Approx 4 rl days later i was getting the following: [10:05:14] You feel strange and out of time. which apparently is a PoI thing. Thought u might like to know. I was still 0 PoP at that time as far as I was aware.
  4. Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that I added concrete to a surface rock slope to get it to 41 height on Xanadu. I didn't test beyond that height (didn't want to waste concrete), but the wiki seems to say u can only get height to 40 as in link below. Cheers