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  1. Hi all, I'd like to purchase a White Drake Set, any quality but the higher the better. Paying silver only, PM me here or in game, thanks
  2. All 4 colours still available at 1.5s each
  3. Hi, Please could you add Pineview Harbour at 4374, -6284 Many thanks
  4. Thanks for the recent orders everyone, and I still have some turrets in stock
  5. Update ...... Lightning turrets now also available
  6. Thanks again for the recent orders. I still have turrets available in the 3 colours
  7. Turrets available in 4 different colours, selling for 1s each. These are a great addition to any deed, they are fun, bright, colourful, they make great noises and they dance! Can deliver to coastal areas for a small fee, which can be waived for bulk orders, or pickup from Xanadu Q17. PM me here or in game @ Stripe for more info or questions. Here are pics of the different colours:- Frost Acid Fire Lightning All