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  1. personal merchants

  2. Leveling/Flattening Borders with Dredge

    No the pedia is not exactly wrong but it only pertains to a tile and not the border (so maybe incomplete). You can flatten and level a tile with a dredge but you cannot flatten or level borders with dredges as there is no option as there is with shoveling. Sometimes you only need to level a border and not the whole tile. Since it seems to share almost all features of a shovel, was hoping it can share all features and help me out of my mess ***Most times I am unable to level a tile as the slopes of 280 are higher than my skill. If I were able to level the slope/border as you can with a shovel out of water, it would help.
  3. Would love to see Level and Flatten available on the options menu for dredges (as they are for shovels). i.e. I put a wand of the seas down and did not know anything about it (thus ended up with Knarr in the middle of new island). I put it down way to far out in the water and can't expand due to slope limitations. With some good effort you can work around it some but then becomes next to impossible with no option to level borders as shovel does not work under water.
  4. Crashes with Modern Setting

    This was also happening to my toons when I went to her deed. Happened to 3 different toons on different computers. The only way I was able to leave her deed was to switch to Legacy and then get on boat and leave (of course log back in with Modern after). Only on her deed does this happen. Thinking all that darkness has corrupted her and her deed
  5. Xanadu Community Map

    hi ... forgot to mention that Enderman is no longer at Sancrist Harbour and that can be removed as it overlays On 3/17/2019 at 1:28 PM, Silvanoshaya said: Spot for my alt Dras-Leona 7867, -4059
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    Spot for my alt Dras-Leona 7867, -4059
  7. View Change when holding Left Click

    I am not sure how to get you a video on this but having issues when holding the left-click down. When I left-click and hold, the view moves (down to left when head bob is off and down straight when head bob is on). Why hold the click? When I am on auto run, etc...I use the mouse to steer me by holding down the button and looking around, etc.. In addition, I use Free Look quite a bit and when I click/hold mouse to look around, it points me to the ground and gets you quite disoriented. For now, I try to click and release quick each time I need to move view - it is hard to break long time behavior though. This started after the update... I have gone through my settings and don't see anything changed that would cause this behavior so thinking its a bug maybe? Update *** I had 2 monitors up - when I moved the one of the windows back to main screen all worked fine - starts back up again when move to the second monitor
  8. 30/day limit

    Who's to say what is a mess, leftovers, or someones's non-premium masterpiece and/or disaster. But I do agree to leave some inscription as to who created an ensemble (this in in play today on most items). With that said .. no to 30 day to 500 day bashing but yes to w(ho)tf do I plead beg and borrow from...
  9. [SOLD] WTS Blood 82c per blood

    I will take what you have left
  10. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add my deed and my alts deed The Islands of Time 7712, -5988 (P26 and P25) Timeless Isle 7817, -6129 (Q26)
  11. Saddle dyes

  12. Rideable worg