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  1. Coyote Tundra 1809, 149
  2. Very exciting! So happy to see the love being shown to Wurm. Donkey looks awesome
  3. Impressive! Went all in and now will go taunt my deed peeps to get work done!
  4. Please and Thank you! Rare Longsword, iron, 90QL MD Coc 95 LT 95 Nim 91 MS 95 dmg rune 9s 0c Dioptra, Bronze 70ql 0s 60c Scythe C94 W92 80-84 1s 92c 25% 1s 44c Hammer C97 W101 80-84 3s 80c 25% 2s 85c File C92 W94 85-89 1s 97c 25% 1s 47c Leather Knife C89 W100 80-84 2s 84c 25% 2s 13c Awl C86 W101 80-84 3s 8c 25% 2s 31c
  5. I absolutely agree and want. I am building a city in my cave on my oversized deed and this option would make this so much more complete
  6. Please send the below items to Silvanoshaya pickaxe, iron: BOTD 91: 66c pickaxe, iron: BOTD 94: 84c pickaxe, iron: BOTD 95: 90c
  7. 7717,5990 Coven of the Twilight Storm Please and Thank you!
  8. Thank you - helped me today!
  9. I will have to agree - 3 newbs I know of quit as they saw the trade as pay to play or spend 5 years grinding. I explained this is not the norm but it continues. To bad there are others that will troll your post and make nasty comments on what is causing some issues for new and old players. This is a valid issue for some. If it is not for you, don't stop and comment just to make a nasty note. Allow others to have their own opinion as the world does not revolve around you trolls.
  10. No the pedia is not exactly wrong but it only pertains to a tile and not the border (so maybe incomplete). You can flatten and level a tile with a dredge but you cannot flatten or level borders with dredges as there is no option as there is with shoveling. Sometimes you only need to level a border and not the whole tile. Since it seems to share almost all features of a shovel, was hoping it can share all features and help me out of my mess ***Most times I am unable to level a tile as the slopes of 280 are higher than my skill. If I were able to level the slope/border as you can with a shovel out of water, it would help.
  11. Would love to see Level and Flatten available on the options menu for dredges (as they are for shovels). i.e. I put a wand of the seas down and did not know anything about it (thus ended up with Knarr in the middle of new island). I put it down way to far out in the water and can't expand due to slope limitations. With some good effort you can work around it some but then becomes next to impossible with no option to level borders as shovel does not work under water.