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  1. +1 from me too, not there yet taming wise, but that almost makes it seem not worth grinding to that lvl..
  2. nope, hadn't been playing for longer than 30 minutes when it happened and like I said the only thing I did since logging in was stay inside my house imping a keel section.
  3. As the title suggests while imping a keel (the same thing I'd been doing since logging in 30ish minutes ago) I received this notification: [02:14:03] You have received 100 karma for 'Kill a wild sly creature'. I did no such thing, I asked CA Help about it and they suggested making a bug report.
  4. If still available, can you mail me the rare chain armor pieces and the shoulder pad? player name: durzlgog location: Oakheart on Xanadu
  5. Highly recommend, quick response/delivery, polite guy, all around excellent and straight forward.