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  1. I understand your concern. I did however reply to a similar post on the first page of this topic.
  2. Thanks Batta and Bdew!! I already added and tested the new actions on the better digging mod Thanks Governor!!! I forgot about the stand alone version of the leaderboard you made.
  3. Anyone know if this mod still works? also it seems it cant be downloaded anymore.
  4. Coldie, would you be willing to make a stand alone leaderboard type mod that players can view to see top 10 in any particular skill and possibly other things like Fish caught . If not , no worries, I just thought I would ask. Thank you for all the other great mods you have allowed the community to use! Rezden
  5. I hope you like it 😃.
  6. Update -updated fishmonger mod -added cropmod from Wyvern mod - added leaderboard- right click skill or body on char screen to pull up leaderboard -added meditation mod- easier skill gain, meditation on any of the correct tile - higher bed ql will increase sleep bonus -now regain stamina in a vehicle on any slope Thanks again to all the creators of these mods!
  7. Thank you for the update Cuddles!
  8. I am looking for a current leaderboard mod, i read that the old one i found can cause problems. I am also looking for a mod that allows combining logs and a stand alone mod that allows configuring meditation settings. I am totally willing to pay for any time spent creating these for me. Thank you, Rezden
  9. I added complete list of mods to the original post. Thank you everyone that made all these great mods!!!
  10. Thank you, I hope you like the server!
  11. Thank you very much Brash_Endeavors for the very nice banner!!