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  1. I hope you like it .
  2. Update -updated fishmonger mod -added cropmod from Wyvern mod - added leaderboard- right click skill or body on char screen to pull up leaderboard -added meditation mod- easier skill gain, meditation on any of the correct tile - higher bed ql will increase sleep bonus -now regain stamina in a vehicle on any slope Thanks again to all the creators of these mods!
  3. Thank you for the update Cuddles!
  4. I am looking for a current leaderboard mod, i read that the old one i found can cause problems. I am also looking for a mod that allows combining logs and a stand alone mod that allows configuring meditation settings. I am totally willing to pay for any time spent creating these for me. Thank you, Rezden
  5. I added complete list of mods to the original post. Thank you everyone that made all these great mods!!!
  6. Thank you, I hope you like the server!
  7. Thank you very much Brash_Endeavors for the very nice banner!!
  8. After talking to a few folks, I have decided to leave the free deeds option permanently. Hey Martynas, Good to see you again and Thanks for the comment!
  9. The free deeds option is definitely one of the things i debated the most on, I am not against paying for deeds. maybe after talking to the players that already joined i will change this. You are right Atazs, this is my 4th server, but none of them closed while people were playing there and if you talk to the people that played on them i am sure they can tell you that they didn't leave because of how i acted or how i treated them. My biggest mistake was trying to have more than one server running at a time which divided the player base and my time. I won't be repeating that mistake again. Thanks for everyone's input!
  10. Its good to see you too! Yes digging is vanilla. correction- decided to try out better digging mod
  11. I haven't thought about it yet, but i will consider it .
  12. Founded September 20th 2019 Map- Discord- Details -PVE -2x skill and 2x action timer -Custom 4k map( 30-60 dirt layer in most places) -72,000 creatures -70% aggressive -Characteristics start at 20 -Skills start at 1 -No strength restriction for loading and unloading -Small starting area with public mine, buyer merchants, and other merchants. -8 hour farm ticks -bounty mod -free deeds but upkeep still needs to be payed -spellcraft and spellmod(added spells, unlimited faith gains hourly instead of default, and max 200 faith) -no priest restrictions -taxidermy mod -tents give sleep bonus -discord relay mod -karma rewarded for burning corpses -treasure maps -addkingdomitems mod -fishmonger mod -rare moon metal veins -better digging added -altars are now able to be loaded - action timers fix mod -cropmod Backstory After growing up in a land destroyed by war and corruption you and many others are given an opportunity for a fresh start. You are told you can take a one way portal to a new land called the Wilderness of Zindaria. Rules 1. Be courteous and respectful- harassment, racism, stealing, and bigotry will not be tolerated. 2. English only in kingdom channels 3. No political or religious debates in kingdom channels 4. Be mindful of others when establishing deeds Full list of mods Add kingdom items Altar loading Better dig Bounty mod Bounty on burn Building skill mod (3) Bulk item separate Buy merchant Discord relay Gm commands Harvest helper Hitching post Hot fixes Inbreed warning One tile mining Repair tower Server tweaks Sindusk library Spellcraft Spellmod Starter gear taxidermy Tent sleep Timer fix Treasure hunting Waxed -updated fishmonger mod -cropmod
  13. Closed

    Added spellcraft, hitching post , and fireburn time mods. 200 max faith now and Unlimited Hourly faith gains. You also gain 3x the faith on the hourly faith gain.