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  1. Sold

    4. Pickaxe 83WoA 72CoC - 30c 5. Stone chisel 77WoA 63CoC - 10c 6. Sickle 82CoC - 10c 7. Shovel 70WoA 73CoC - 20c 8. Pelt 76CoC - 5c 9. Horse Gear - 1s full set cod all to me please (or what is left)
  2. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add Vlaanderen at 1119, -4993 Mayor: sethdark
  3. Last Post Wins

    *much sneakier post*
  4. Loyalty bonus

    Cool, thank you!
  5. tbh I love the sheep, It's cute and pretty unique while it doesn't give everyone some trinket just to make a profit in a few months/years. It also didn't "waste" too much effort on as said above a short event.
  6. Hobbies / interests , what is yours ?

    oof so many interests. But I presume my animals (horse & cat), sports (gym/american football - no not from the states, I'm Belgian, long story) & my bike (motorcycle) are the main ones. Add in some D&D, tabletop, family time, lazy netflix, 3D art disappearing in the woods for a few days, reading and gardening to that, and I realize I spend too much time swapping hobbies. pics in spoiler
  7. What do you look like

    my forum pic is me so I guess that's kind of unnecessary just wanted to comment on how many amazing people we have in this thread, amazing cosplays and historical reenactments, hope these continue to be posted because damn!
  8. Loyalty bonus

    I'm not sure if this is intended or not but thought I'd mention it at the page of yellow potion (link below) the loyalty bonus page goes to settlement token, and I can't see or find a page with the loyalty bonuses displayed.
  9. Sinks for non-saccable items

    not exactly the same and don't want to hijack the thread but we need to bump up offdeed decay, the amount of wagons beds flags etc on old deeds that stay there for a year or more is insane.
  10. Last Post Wins

    *sneaky post*
  11. [Close]

    got 1K beef (between 20-50ql can't remember exactly how much) for you to pick up for 30c at Xanadu pm if you are interested
  12. cheries on trees are cubes and look goddamn adorable, I love it, headbobbing is fine, and I don't mind, flipped my s### when i went to meditate and i actually sat down with the camera, for farming it's a bit annoying, but overall I love it, might turn it off for the alt who does excessive farming and keep it on the main. all in all, very pleased, thank you! Also the broken heart on sheeps are disgustingly heartbreaking, I almost felt sorry for killing it, 10/10 would murder lovesheep again.
  13. First! See but now I really want to kill them to see what it does....
  14. in game you can press F2 to check your skills, or do I misunderstand something?
  15. What has made you hate Wurm?

    You keep that evil away from me and my alt!