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  1. Licensed to kill

    So here I was listening to rain on YouTube reading the opinions of the day and thinking about how I'd probably disappear most of these opinion givers if I was in charge, which led me to thinking about how much I'd have to pay Rolf to own Wurm, which led to me realising I probably couldn't afford to buy all of Wurm, which led to me brainstorming how I could control and influence parts of the game I'd like to see improved, which led to me having the idea of buying the PvP element of Wurm Online. I'm not 100% on the terms of how it would operate but an over simplified example could be, WO PvP becomes like a WU PvP server that operates within the WO clusters with all its protections whilst paying a portion of it's revenue from active PvP players and deeds/instore purchases for continued client updates and PvE related content yet having complete control over all PvP related matters and code. It would incentivize the new PvP element owners to actively generate revenue for that aspect of the game whilst still providing revenue for WO and freeing up the WO staff for WO's real money maker, PvE. PvP orientated players can goto town on PvP content without detracting anything from PvE and if done right will only serve to boost WO as a whole. Something like that, I thought it was an interesting idea and worth sharing a rough version of what it could be. I wasn't joking about the rain, it's great background noise.
  2. Wsa silver sales and safety

    If you don't fix the mechanics of a system being used to scam players, increasing the pool size of players only increases the potential for scammers. My suggestion wasn't trying to fix the economy, it was to stop people scamming unsuspecting players and causing harm to our player base whilst creating an actual economy, not this 'sandbox' version of one.
  3. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Hey, you wanna buy some silver?
  4. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Wurm is a game and not a revenue stream for players, or a potential scam platform as has been proven time and time again. We need to start securing the games future. Make coins [bound] unless spent at a money sink or a merchant, give all in-game items predefined monetary values and allow those values to fluctuate based on supply and demand. This way Wurm benefits from the purchasing of in-game currency and players can buy it safely. This creates a real economy and is a lot more transparent and fair trade friendly.
  5. -18 I would make great use of this but the impact on the landscape I could do alone worries me, imagine what a motivated group could do. Rock terraforming now is fine, you can do some kool things if you think creatively, would be fun on a WU server though.
  6. The art team are doing a grand job as is and aren't scheming and abusing mechanics to turn a profit behind the guise of self promotion for the benefit of the game. We definitely don't need to inundate them with more custom graphic requests from every village/alliance or player with an alt army from the Freedom cluster wishing to change their sigil all the time, even once is enough. Which you definitely know will happen, just think how much money you could make charging them all to design their sigils for them!! The bigger picture.
  7. I think that's the problem with what he did, used a game to make a profit. It's a game not a business venture. More than enough people use Wurm as a means of income and it has only ever hurt the 'game'. We need to move away from mechanics that promote profit for players and instead reward players with in game rewards to further their game play not their real life bank balance. Not long ago I asked in CA chat if someone with money could do as Gofs has done solely for the purpose of having a unique design for my personal use (an actual rare wagon) and the response was 'If you can secure the kingdom long enough, probably.' The Crow kingdom design was added so fast and disbanded equally as fast to increase value, it's almost as though devs want to encourage this type of game play. I understand wanting to be unique but exploiting a game for profit is weak and should be discouraged. +1 to making it harder to have graphics added to profit pmk's
  8. WTS Hexd

    Name: Hexd Gender: Female Path: POI 11 Religion: Magranon Titles: 188 Tomes: Smoke from Sol Red Tome Blood of the Angels Green Cherry Green Tome of Magic Black Tome Blue Tome Scroll of Binding Libram of the Night Slime of Uttacha Tome of Incineration The dump: https://niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/PayPig Buyout: €1500 Offers: In excess of €1200 Payment will be accepted through PayPal as a goods or services payment. Some of the journal stuff says not complete but the account definitely has enough on certain counters, like legendary kills, theory is next kill will trigger both journal entries. If I've missed any information out post here and I will add it.
  9. WTS Hexd

    If you don't agree with my pricing, feel free to post an offer.
  10. WTS Hexd

    Thanks, though as good as your intentions maybe, I've got this. I'm in no hurry to sell.
  11. Troll Camps

    We need the tools to create our own events. Some sort of API bridge letting us script fun stuff with lua would be a great start.
  12. Dig strange bones from tar

    I recently dug few hundred thousand dirt and got a couple bones. I'm about to dig tar for a reason so sooner you add this the quicker I can finish off my scale set. +1
  13. Transfer rarity

    Using superior bones on items already having rarity status replaces the bone used with the rarity replaced. For example, if I use a supreme bone on my rare chest piece my chest piece becomes supreme and I get a rare bone back.
  14. Transfer rarity

    Please, only serious comments thanks.
  15. Transfer rarity

    I thought people would have got that from the first 3 words of my post.
  16. Two containers, one that only allows the owner of the container to take from it but still allows anyone to deposit and another that lets the container owner add to it but only allows the player whose name matches the items 'rename' option take from it.
  17. Vynora Priest [PAUSED]

    Name: Tamitra (female) Freedom Faith: 100 Vynora Epic Faith: 76 Paaweelr (HoTS) Meditation: Love Tomes: None Transfer: None Premium: None https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Tamitra
  18. Vynora Priest [PAUSED]

    No longer for sale for the time being but maybe in the future. Thanks
  19. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Buying additional accounts as means of transportation is not a solution for poor game design.
  20. Chaos Freedom Portal

    @AyesIf you're talking to me then I don't think PvP should get special treatment. A portals between Chaos and Freedom thread might be the catalyst but I clearly stated portals between starter towns of a hugely fragmented community, that means as a whole, not just PvP. @DavyI think it's wrong to assume the players with ties to Freedom will only ever join Chaos when a fight is happening, players will 'vacation' between the two I suspect, spending some time over a couple days/weeks on Chaos and then heading back to sort out Freedoms stuff and vice versa. There will be players that will cross for PvP only, but Chaos already has players that only login for the fights. Having more players in fights is a good thing anyway, plus it'd probably get 'some' of the people lurking around the forums to actively participate again.
  21. Iirc we used to be able to declare war between settlements on JKH, I was kinda new and never got to experience the mechanics of it but I think 'if' we allow players to use violence (KoS) as a solution on PvE then we definitely should allow violence in all it's glory. Maybe people will relax a little bit knowing that conflicts could escalate to a point where it becomes uncertain of the outcome by letting disputes be fought out by willing participants with full PvP rules of engagement.
  22. A warning for first time using unlocked carts

    Remove the unlock feature. Why is it even an option when we have a whole permissions system. Locking something should claim ownership of it and unlocking it should remove ownership. That solves all the problems. This way if someone leaves an unlocked cart and a new player takes it and adds a lock it becomes their cart.
  23. Rework Journal.

    Remove rifts and all the shite that goes with them. Make Wurm an actual Sandbox and not a theme park where player piss and moan about what time the rides start or how long the queue is.
  24. Rework Journal.

    I'd wager he means that most goals have a trick to them like doing it on Epic or some method to make it easier, but 100 rifts means going to 100 rifts.