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  1. Valrei International. 068

    Limit casting power to something like (channelling / 10) - (current power / 10). I'm not great at maths but hopefully you can see where I'm heading and maybe suggest a better formula, the goal would be to reduce casting power as enchant power increases and all is relative to the channelling ability of the priest whom is capped by their channelling level. Failures incur a reduction in power not QL loss and never shatter. It would work kinda like improving items with crafting but with magic, less RNG and instead players are rewarded for effort invested not punished randomly. This would bring priests more inline with how non priests are played as mains and in conjunction with the other priest changes would make playing a priest as a main much more viable.
  2. Wurm skillcheck/skill gain simulator. Wow! Neato!

    Awesome, thank you.
  3. Newspring starter deed voting!

    I wasn't interested in doing all the digging and surface mining, that's all. It's very time consuming and I'm working on another project of my own and didn't want to invest that much time into the starter deed. No one paid me to change my mind Was encouraged by some comments but ultimately just want the glory of designing an actual starter town, bragging rights and all that. Yes, my life is that empty. Retro told me about Lib not being allowed on Freedom (WHY?!) in a PM prior to him posting my entry; he also said I could change it before he posted but I was asleep and he posted before I could update it, hence the *post* edit. Not trying to skirt the rules. The 'updated' version fixed the Lib issue and changed the material theme as per Retro's comments. I re-added a version of the east exit bridge based on a comment in the thread, just wanted to show how it could be changed with little effort. As for everything else it' should be fine as they can already be imported/created on Freedom. If it's not then it should explicitly state this in the rules for future competitions. I'm enjoying the creative side of this process, I actually waited a while for this opportunity. Obviously I'd like to win for making a superior design but also not ignorant that the locals are going to benefit from this more than I am. Still an annoying argument to use in a design competition, makes me wonder if I lose because my design is sub par or whether the 'community' is tighter than my skills.. Win or lose, I had fun and will win the next one; after all, I am only in it for the glory!!
  4. Newspring starter deed voting!

  5. Newspring starter deed voting!

    *edit* Changed my mind, if I win I will build it. Also idk if it's allowed but I tweaked mine a little after some feedback and reading some comments:
  6. Newspring? More like -a better view-spring! (I'm sorry)

    Here is my vision of Newsprings. The idea was to demonstrate a lot of what can be done in Wurm without making it look too patch work, whilst retaining a aesthetically pleasing feel. I tried to make it functional by having buildings which serves a purpose, such as a work building which houses most of the harder to make tools like kilns and smelters and loom and such so new players could always default to the starter town when in need of such things. An Inn to house the bar tender NPC that feeds newbs and a trade house near the docks for the trader NPC. The portal would go in place of the spirit gate. Load it up in Deed Planner, screenshots don't do it any justice in my opinion.
  7. Good Bye Wurm

    Good luck Envy, all the best for whatever the future holds. (Beardyman, from Dead Island)
  8. Ambient Lighting

    Bring back the good ole days when night time was dark, almost pitch black. Right now at night time you don't need a light source to navigate which in a survival game is very Disney. So I suggest lowering the brightness of the ambient lighting during night time.
  9. Valrei International. 040

    No new clusters!! The PvP player base is split up enough which is why there is the possibility of transfers. Epic skilling in general is fine. We do not need to change the entire system to provide easier means for new players to get into PvP faster. This can be done with a few tweaks to certain processes like imping items needed for PvP, removing all the things like moon metal, DR/CR bonuses and alike. Less is more!
  10. Players shouldn't need or be expected to use 3rd party software to enable game play, that is very poor game design. This mechanic serves no purpose, it prevents no malicious actions of a determined player and only inconveniences legitimate players. The better solution to this is permanent bans for the toxic players offending, it won't be a problem for much longer after the first couple of bans. I mean that's how we punish in society isn't it? Rather than tolerate them and try to prevent them and their misdeeds.. Reminds me of people locking their kids up and preventing them from going outside for fear of something bad happening, the criminals keep on breaking the law while the innocent children are punished 'for their protection'. It's very dumb.
  11. It's a pointless mechanic that only affects people that aren't looking to cause trouble. Those that are looking to cause trouble wouldn't be stopped by this mechanic at all. It's about time it was removed.
  12. The state of Epic

    If you're smart, the worst anyone is likely to do is bash some walls, mess up some terraforming, cut some trees, drop dirt on your crops and maybe kill your animals. You can easily put people off form doing these things by not advertising your stuff in public, by keeping good items off world on alts and making sure people know your place isn't built by a newb that's easy pickings. Ain't no one going to spend the time bashing into a deed for no loot, only time someone will go to those lengths is if you've done something to piss them off. There really isn't anything to fear from being raided, only time it really stings is when you do something stupid which an enemy capitalizes on, like leave some valuable on display instead of having it locked away in a hidden reinforced mine with a steel door. Only people that would be really effected by a raid would be lower skilled new players and even those would bounce back in no time.
  13. Thinking of trying this game

    Don't listen to people telling you what's dead and what isn't because all that does is feed into the idea that it really is dead and actually ends up being the nail in the coffin for something which could have had a second wind. The fact you were able to deduce Epic's state off affairs as a new player is terrible for Epics prospects... In my opinion you should join Epic, you'll get to level faster and get a feel for the finer things in game faster which will make the game easier which for a new player is a good thing, there's nothing to worry about PvP wise, most people tend to over think the reality of PvP but it's nothing as severe as imagined, not even when the populations were higher. Once the devs do whatever they are doing with Epic, maybe it will be full of life again, if not they will be forced to do something with the players that called Epic home and that'll probably be a transfer from Epic to Freedom which at that point you'll be able to pick any Freedom server you want as they all connect to each other. So it's a win/win really.
  14. Freedom skills to epic

    You put the PvP orientated players in one cluster, you put the PvE orientated players in another cluster. PvP incentives of faster gains and faster to be competitive, PvE is standard rates but safer. Since it's slower to level up on PvE and a player decided they wanted to move to PvP, there is no problem transferring them over, one time, forever, touch black. They can even keep a duplicate of their PvE character to play on (separate skills obviously). However, taking a PvP player after they have grinded their character all fast and easy and then putting them back on PvE is a problem because that's all the PvP cluster will become, a means for faster leveling for PvE players.
  15. Patch Notes 17/AUG/17

    The only thing in abundance are the moonmetals and it's all from exploits or certain kingdoms holding dominance for long periods of time or both. I would hazard a guess that Freedom got just as much moonmetal as Epic did, they never like to be left out, the only difference is theres alot more people on Freedom so it seems more sparse because it's divided up more. Things like drake and scale are far from abundant on Epic. If you compare the mechanics of Freedom of old where scale and drake and all the unique resets over the years, definitely could say it grew on trees. Epic on the other hand used the new mechanics where very small amounts where dropped per kill, compared to the old mechanics where upto like 9 scales could drop per kill and each one was like 1.5 sets a scale, I can't remember exactly but it was a lot. This is all irrelevant too, the site clearly says I am encouraged to sell my stuff once I am done with it and that is not possible because no one wants to play. I can use the same logic in any other server.. Freedom is about survival, player vs the environment, yet it's economy in the sense of player to player trading and real world money is fine simply because it's the primary focus of devs attention and if they broke freedom like they did Epic, then Wurm truly would be over for all servers as Freedom is where the money comes from. My point is we are all players and clearly aren't all being treated equally or being held in the same regard. I would like to sell off my account and its items as is my right according to Wurm and they encourage me to do so, but I can't because it's locked to a dead server and no one wants to play there anymore making my time and effort invested worthless which in my opinion goes against the way they say the game economy should operate.
  16. Patch Notes 17/AUG/17

    When are you going to fix the economy? Wurm page says Wurm encourages an 'open economy' which means players are encouraged to sell items and accounts for real money. However, certain servers are so broken all items and accounts currently are deemed worthless and you can not sell anything. Even for extremely low prices. " Open Economy; Return on investment Wurm Online features an Open Economy, which means that we allow and encourage you to transfer your account and earned silver coins to other people in exchange for real money, via for instance E-bay or our forums. We think it is your right to capitalize on your investment in time and money." Just not on selected servers?
  17. Unstable client - Too dark

    Lanterns are more than adequate. You can apply a white dye to boost them if need be but night time is meant to be dark.. You have all the tools to counteract the darkness in-game, there's no need to change game light values.
  18. Note: I wrote this over a day or two and added little bits and pieces, it's not a complete blueprint but I reached the point where IDGAF and just wanted to post it so I could close the window. Add to it, get mad, tear it apart, whatever. It's out there now and if others like the idea maybe it'll grow into something and if not, it won't. Fair Warning: What you are about to read goes against everything you know, understand and possibly love about Wurm Online today. Please remain calm, breathe deeply and take time to truly grasp what has been laid out in front of you. If you are easily confused or offended please do not click the spoiler. Let me just say I was bored and usually can't be bothered to write out any of the ideas that float around my head. For some reason I felt the need to get this one out and while it's not polished or perfect I think it does get most of what the idea is, across. I feel it would be a fitting replacement for epic because it would be less grind focused and more about actual combat and more fun orientated gaming rather than survival simulator. I know the model is fun because Planetside 2 adopts a similar model and that game is very fun to play and very engaging, I know Wurm isn't an FPS but I think with a few tweaks the territory control system and a less time consuming gearing system, it could be just as fun as games like Planetside 2.
  19. An epic Epic replacement that'll be EPIC!?

    Yeah they have set paths kinda like a wiring loop of sorts. Keeping the home servers from Epic and having them operate like Freedom servers and switching out Ele for the suggested game mode could work. Solves people losing toons and items because they can just keep them on Epics PVE servers. Allowing 'all' servers to connect to the new game mode which gives all players a new instance of their characters, as I think the new game mode would work best if everyone started with the same stats and skills so, so having to regrind wouldn't be a factor.
  20. An epic Epic replacement that'll be EPIC!?

    Yeah that's a tough one to tackle. I don't think there is a fair way of doing it as in someones eyes it's always going to seem unfair. I think it comes down to whats best for the population in general and that imo would be to allow all current Epic players to transfer to Chaos/Freedom and simply shutdown Epic cluster. That would enable the servers used for the Epic cluster to be used for a conquer game mode or similar and might even free up some resources to help Xanadu with it's lag, don't really know how that works though. Once all players are on Freedom/Chaos, anyone who wishes could cross over to the new game mode freely via a portal on Chaos. As for Epic items, I don't really know. Allowing them to cross over is going to upset someone and not allowing them will upset someone else but imo allowing Epic players to bring what they can carry is the best option, I really don't think it's going to have much of an impact. Failing that, a nice thing to do could be to allow all the really nice items like scale/drake, rares and such to be auctioned to players on Chaos and Freedom, even the newly converted Epic guys could bid. The money raised would go to a charity and to acknowledge the players giving items they could have a unique title and some free premium time or a special non combat item/animation and a commemorative statue with all their names on a plaque in the centre of all starter towns, maybe some creative person would even write them into Wurm lore. Yes, this would enable people to pay to transfer their items but it would be in a competitive manner and no guarantee they would get their items back unless they paid through the teeth for them all and even if they did that then at least a charity some where would be better off for it. Better than losing everything I guess.
  21. Ambient Lighting

    Don't make assumptions and you wont feel so underwhelmed.
  22. Secret doors

    Yes! I want to see trap doors also that lead into mines.
  23. +1 Freedom takes everything from Epic, it's about time they gave something back.
  24. Ambient Lighting

    That's an idea, add an ambient lighting slider so we can control it ourselves, those that want darker can have it and those that don't can be happy.
  25. Ambient Lighting

    Those 'few' people stuck in the past should have to tweak and play with their settings, not those of us who use modern hardware. Get with the times or get left behind.