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  1. will take small oakenwood shield c94 steel hatchet c93 cod to Gregor, thanks
  2. will take rare studded leather jacket, blank, QL 90 - 2s40c , cod to Gregor thanks
  3. will take steel hatchet c94, cod to Gregor thanks
  4. Rares/Supremes: sailboat, tools, chain

    Will take rare leather jacket 1,5 s ? if ok please cod to Gregor
  5. Will take rare leather jacket, cod to Gregor
  6. Will take another pack of 30 ql coc 90+ tools: file, steel saw, steel small axe, steel small anvil, steel and thanks for a great work
  7. [Everything sold] WTS random woa/coc items/tools

    will take pickaxe c85 20c, cod to Gregor
  8. Great. 30 ql will suit well, no rush cod tools to Gregor when they're ready.
  9. Hi I don't need hatchet anymore. Will take steel versions of: needle, leather knife, awl, carving knife, butchering knife, hammer with 90+ coc, waiting for your response
  10. will take small shield oakenwood c99 meditation rug c97 small axe, iron c95, cod to Gregor
  11. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    will take water BOTD96: 1s 35c, cod to Gregor
  12. Short Bow, Willow 37q 91coc 1s, cod to Gregor