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  1. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Here is our new map. Thread updated as well. Join us, and reinforce the kingdoms! To those who were with us previously, we regret the tower issues we had, but it was beyond our control, it was our rented service that did a terrible mistake. All is clear to go now, stable and bug free and no more wipe planned.
  2. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    We appreciate your feedback, although it is taken totally out of context, Blinksy. People that played on the server are aware of the issues and that it was nothing that we done, and they are understanding. Those who aren't ... well that is entirely their prerogative. People took a vote, and a restart happened. We usually do not do anything without consulting our community, unless it's absolutely necessary. I would appreciate if you do not bash people and things out of context, or without the proper info at hands. You went and antagonize people to the point that we received tickets reporting some of your actions. Ultimately, you admitted yourself on exploiting and cheating, so your review is entirely biased and void of any objectivity. Thank you and have a nice day, sir.
  3. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Due to unforeseen consequences, we had no choice but to close the cluster, due to tower guard being severely bugged after a bad configuration from our hoster. We are currently revamping the whole thing and we are going back to a single server way, and intend to get a VPS to migrate the thing to avoid further problems. More info to come. Planned PVP server : Important server characteristics. -3x, 3x action -One alt only. -No macro. Those caught macroing will suffer skill penalty. Suspensions and bans for ulterior offenses. -PVP(2k). -Characteristics starts at 19.5, BC at 21 -Deed costs and upkeep Enabled -HOTA Zone, Champions enabled, PMK Stables, diminished rites requirements (in terms of praying and sermons) -Unlimited meditation/No priest restrictions, rites cost max 150. Unlimited praying but skillgain every hour
  4. Question about cluster

    We thought of that. We have a homeserver Freedom login, we tried playing with such settings as well, nothing did. But the damage is done now anyway, and the login map is basically a desert already. We failed in our cluster attempt so we will salvage what we can with the PVP map and it's current player base.
  5. Question about cluster

    Also, thanks for the quick answer bigsteve, I appreciate
  6. Question about cluster

    Everything works well, but every since we have a cluster, we have been having weird issues. On the second server, some things seems "doubled" when they aren't supposed to. (Example, a tower with only ONE guard will see two guards responding twice when asked for help) Some messages and some things are always written in double. But that's okay. The main issue is when any guard is killed on the second server, it goes into a crazy loop. One guard spawns, insta dies, another guard spawns, insta dies, and it creates a crazy loop of sound of people dying and a flood of text. About 5 guards spawns and die per second, and everybody around it starts crashing due to a buffer overflow. I have ruled out about everything else, the only thing that changed since we had that issue is having a cluster.
  7. Question about cluster

    I had recently created a cluster, which worked, but ultimately, we realised we had a few peculiar issues, and we wish to remove the cluster, specifically the login server. My question, if I kill the cluster, and set the second map as standalone, should all characters and work be retained on that map when booting it up, or will it create issues cause of missing info from the login server? Thanks.
  8. HOTA Delay not changing..

    +1, I'd like to know the answer to this.
  9. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    We are hours away from launch! Come join us on this new adventure, quite a few people waiting on the discord already. We will be handing out fun little trinkets (cake, yellow potions, fireworks, etc) and we will be having a raffle.
  10. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Simply on account that the pictures came from earlier in the process, that particular error was since corrected. The depicted characteristics in the post are 100% accurate. +Post updated
  11. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    If I meant what? Sorry if I was unclear or if I am misunderstanding. Deeds costs are enabled, so are upkeep. As to answer your question, yeah, should there be no deed costs, I believe you will still need to pay the upkeep on the next tick.
  12. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    Sure thing! Both pictures of ingame map linked in original post.
  13. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

    PVE is on the menu, as well as PVP accross two maps. Other undisclosed mechanics to be added down the road as well. We got a few ideas up our sleeves! It is a safe environement for new players, and they can try PVP at their own pace, travelling to the PVP server. The starter deeds on the PVP map also serves as an example of how a PVP deed usually looks like. Our goal is to try to bring more players into Wurm PVP, without feeling too much pressure. You can own a deed on each map so you can only be in PVP mode when you wish. On the login server, EVERYONE is freedom. When travelling from PVP to PVE, everyone non-freedom gets converted to freedom temporarily, and their kingdom will come back on their return. Date determined : Coming Oct. 12th.
  14. [SOLVED] Cluster problems.

    They didn't explain to us all the technical details, but I noticed they changed the machine it was hosted on to be on the same as the login server, and it worked after that. (Maps were hosted on different physical machines prior to that) I would assume it was a firewall thing, most likely blocking the RMI port, that prevented DB from updating each other.