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  1. it needs to be filled in people lets get at it! missing stuff like masks and newer stuff!
  2. ok a couple ideas right now I feel the small tortoise shell is a gimmick you need great mats and even then it cant be prepared….what about waxing it to mend the damage? that could be doable right? the second suggestion is just for show but if we make a practice doll with a carved pumpkin the face should show. just saying that would be some customization in a small area but it could be nice
  3. your application link says 404 not found so is there anyone that I may contact ingame?
  4. Im looking for a starter village i have not really played with a lot of people. I want the village experience. I want to try to stay on the south side of independance so that i can make it back and forth to my deed on release. You can contact me in game at blackbeardxiii