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  1. i wouldnt even mind it not showing the correct metal type, just that it would show the correct item type. Plate armor would always display iron etc
  2. When they add rifts will they add the metals? Im under the assumption being told by the CA's theres no intention of bringing moonmetals to the northern isles.
  3. I believe masonry is supposed to be hell to level due to the fact its the general skill used in building. The idea being if you build alot the skill will level up. However if you build out of carpentry materials or just aren't a builder and have a fence, options to skill it seem pretty limited. Perhaps contract yourself out to people that want a builder, they supply the mats you spend the time putting it together.
  4. Unsure if its been suggested but a simple /balance that then displays your bank funds would be enormously useful
  5. Wow that seems like it would take a lot of priests and a lot of money to be able to passively regen it all. If no bans or rollbacks come out at least they've lost quite a bit of cash.
  6. As a new player id like to jump in and ask what the deal is with linking? Ive never quite understood it from reading the wiki. I come from a unlimited server where every priest had the same spells and could pray an unlimited amount per day. Ive never had to use it and dont understand how it works, or quite frankly how the exploit made linking good. If someone could do an ELI5 id appreciate it.
  7. This would help significantly with larger projects like boats but is just a nice QOL change overall and especially useful to new players who don't understand even if you roll a 5% creation chance for a cart, the rest of the cart will still be extraordinarily difficult to continue. When attempting to add an item via right click and you get the continue build option (for instance adding clay to a uncompleted forge) just show the chance of successfully attaching it, or when in the crafting panel, im not sure where you would find the ui space to add it, might need to be altered slightly, show the success chance of said item. Sorry if this has been suggested before but it looks like plenty of new ideas come in daily and i didn't see a post for this.
  8. Thank you Eirwengale! i truly had no idea the longer an action takes the more skill it gives, that seems like an odd mechanic but its excellent to know! Im still not sure if i quite understand the website but with a little fenagaling im sure ill get it. My take away from this is you want to create things that are at a 75% chance (idealy) or imp things. My question would still remain for imping, what is the appropriate quality imping tools you would want in this circumstance? High or low? I guess for example you would want a 1ql file for longer actions?
  9. Hey man its a great updated guide compared to everything out there but i find a lot of it difficult to understand as a non wurm vet. "This guide assumes you'll be using the skill grinder at and have a basic understanding of how to figure out effective skill+tool ql vs difficulty for some parts, and know the basis for skillgain is a roll between 1.01-39.99 (will be reffered to as 1-40 so i dont have to type it out each time). If a skill has its own tab in the grinder, use it." Dont really understand the skill grinder, or what you mean by the rolls. Also what do you mean by diff? Difficulty? Difference? Also how does imping go? What if your imping mats are 1ql (new to WO came from unlimited) so all my skills are trash. Why is it you want 1ql tools? The wood chopping section made no sense to me, why use a lower ql hatchet? Thanks for any help, id like the guide to be clarified to help other new members because the last proper guide that comes up on google is from 2012.
  10. Thanks, i did find this one but all of the technical stuff going into rolls vs skill vs quality scared me off, ill probably ask around in CA chat for help with it though.
  11. Hello everyone, im looking for a skill grinding guide, made or atleast updated after 2015. Anything i can find currently is extremely old and i dont know if the information is relevant, it doesn't explain a whole lot, and most times doesn't include every skill. Personally right now im trying to level every skill to somewhere in the respectable range, about 20. Im new to online from unlimited so things are much different. I know there are private skill guides out there, or updated ones however when you do a google search of forum search its buried beneath all the older ones. Any help is appreciated. This is the #1 search result guide:
  12. Would you also happen to have the .bat file sindusk was talking about?
  13. The original topic was created in 2015 and the downloads give me a car ad I was unable to find a download in the comments farther in. Is there anyone with an up to date download?