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  1. Riverland 2048x

    I've made my first private server for me and my guild with this map. It's really lovely. Just trying to figure out whether we can access the Altar of Three because it seems to be underwater.
  2. New Avatars and Clothing

    Reviving this thread because I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to change the human skin textures/colours the way they have done for animals. I would like to make some darker skin tones.
  3. Complete Mod List

    Does anyone have a working version of the JPWM Offspring Names? I don't need to be able to name individual animals with custom names but I would like a modifiable list of horse name elements that I can add to.
  4. Making creatures non-aggro

    Neat, thanks. Changing its skills was going to be my second choice. Would have been nice to have a friendly dragon around but making it a fightable dragon is the next best thing.
  5. Making creatures non-aggro

    Is there a quick way that a character with GM powers can turn a creature docile? I made a server for myself and a few friends, and we have a dragon hatchling awfully close to our deed. There's no way we'll be able to kill it with just us so I'm wondering if I can just turn it into a non-threat.