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  1. WTS 8K slate bricks

    16s Free delivery coastal, pm me on forum.
  2. ATLAS

    don't even worry yourself into the hype , its going to die like Ark did.
  3. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    Hi cod this to Nargaroth : stone chisel, BOTD85: 60c
  4. WTS 50s (sold close)

    Want to sell 50s 50 Euros or 55 Usd (1,10 usd) Paypal Pm : Nargaroth ingame Or Forums
  5. WTB rift material

    i have this items, i don't know the price for them so make me an offer
  6. Close

    i don't know the price for these, give me an offer.
  7. Hey Davih how u doing? the QL 81 Pickaxe c81 w76 (72c) / QL ~84 Shovel w83 c80 (80c) cod to Nargaroth please thnx!