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  1. WTS Fighter

    how many alts were sold with it?
  2. Same as Oblivionn said, they are unhitching at any age, I have old, aged, adolescent and young that are all randomly coming unhitched.
  3. As title says, hell horses continue to come unhitched from hitching posts, haven't paid enough attention to see if it happens at any particular interval of time Also I believe the update stated untamed hell horses will be docile as long as they have food in their trough, yet i have been attacked by hell horses on multiple occasions while they are hitched to hitching post, with food inside.
  4. delete pls

    i was just testing something, ignore me please
  5. Looking for one charge of each, post here or forum pm me
  6. Good guy, great service, fast delivery, will order again.
  7. Numbers 4, 7, and 8 to AustinS please and thank you.