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  1. Happy to get things started, so min for both #1 and #2
  2. Good to know that, could be useful if away from deed. Although if my alt is branding and standing right in front of the bison it would be more convenient he could also name.
  3. +1 Annoying my alt can do all my breeding but my mayor needs be at deed to do any naming
  4. Hopefully still being worked on, that and the xanalag would be my top two things to improve at the moment. Maybe the North should still have the most spawns as people deeded there for that reason, but increase the spawns South to some extent. And reduce the spawn rate of hyenas, they are almost as numerous as unicorns were before that was fixed.
  5. I am loving this fix, there are actually mobs in central xan now and have to pay attention on deed when I'm on alts. Hyenas are way too many and could use a big reduction in spawn rate to let more interesting critters spawn.
  6. How did the move go?

    If mobs in any way contribute to lag it's time for a cull. Can barely find wild horses and bison now everything is unicorns and hyenas.
  7. When I'm dragging items to a container or shelf I've noticed if I'm not careful I tend to sometimes drop into the one below - feels like the snap point of the drag icon is a little low. Maybe i just need to get used to it if it's down to my scale and resolution. Also undocked the skills and fight chats to place on a separate part of the screen so that i can see Event and whichever of those I want together. But I need to do this every time I relog, so unless I'm missing how to store this layout I probably won't bother, too fiddly doing every time.
  8. Set of four breedable bison added 1s50
  9. I like this, I find the text much easier to read no more mistaking WTB and WTS in trade I hope. Some suggestions Have the quantity of a pile come up in the tool tip - at reasonable window width sometimes I can't see the quantity say on a stack of logs in a crate. Should at least see it if I mouse over e.g. Logs x31 Have the name/label come up in the tooltip - it's also a pity there isn't an option to display the name first. I know I have crates in my crate racks it's the QL or Wood labeling I really need to see. For those of using Wurm Assist smile and examine it's more clumsy clicking icons. Add an icon which does smile+examine or give us option to put these back to menus. Can i set a bind on smile anyway? Tried it by holding key down on menu but didn't work. F was my farm key kind of disappointed with a rake active i don't get Farm as default F action. If I look at a ripe field it could default Harvest, checking on scythe equipped if grains. Like others pointed out the R option is kind of strange - i could repeat harvesting but as soon as i sowed a field sow was stuck there even when i harvested again. As said don't show actions aren't valid. Be nice if we could finally fix selecting the next seed in a satchel when one is sown. Having a text scale and a UI item scale separately might be good as Whane suggested. I like the text size but other things I would perhaps scale down. Searching on all storage windows would be great (BSB, FSB, BCU, chests, large storage, crate racks, etc) Give toolbelt the same look as the windows and second the comment for a middle size - the small size is tiny on my resolution Also noticed the bug dragging multiple items from an open inventory group to an FSB is fixed thank you! I didn't really think on it before but when reading Muse's post what is the need for R if you can just hit F again? Maybe if the R action is same then it could offer an alternative action. For example when holding a rope F would offer Lead, if I am already leading one horse R could offer Breed. All in all though I like it and won't be using the previous client again so thumbs up
  10. Thanks for making that trip to buy and hope you had a quicker trip back
  11. Also in caves .. where I am on Xanadu it is fine most of day but when sun gets around to roughly SW of me at 5pm wurm time the glare suddenly appears. Otherwise this is a fantastic update.
  12. This would be awesome, had to redesign a building recently when i realised knocking down a ground level outer wall results in the ugly build plan wooden beam displaying so had to put in arch where i really wanted nothing. Supports left and right to allow high arches on second or higher floors would be a wonderful further addition.
  13. I've found one nice high ql meteor so far and I wonder how many will just rot as noone finds them out there in the wilderness. So add a Magranon spell to locate fallen meteors Can be cast on tile or enchanted on pendulums Tile cast locates all within radius scaled by power of cast - like reveal creatures. Type of meteor can be revealed by cast. Pendulum enchantment locates nearest meteor within radius scaled by enchant power - like lurker. Lower function vs priest tile cast intended. Radius could be same as lurkers or a little smaller to give some challenge to also explore some to find meteors. Give mag priest another useful enchant and tile cast gives the priest an advantage for finding - either way be nice to see Mag get more utility.
  14. Bump starting to sell bison too
  15. Yes please, and a little more draw distance inside would be nice too
  16. As my main is smithing focused I'd love the +10% mag improvement on metal items - but vyn still has the 10% skill gain. Mag could also have 10% same as Vyn on Smithing and sub-skills? Doubt i would switch from vyn at the moment, it's not quite tempting enough.