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  1. I could use one clay and one tar for on deed tiles, can cod to Caroc, thanks!
  2. Hello Panda, Could you please add Meetmedere at intersection of X27/X28 and Y48/Y49 in the next update? Thank you! Caroc
  3. A half measure might be to allow creation of a token replica which can be placed anywhere on your deed and allows access to the token menu. If you have a market and the real token not in good place for players to access the bank just pop a token replica by your market.
  4. Happy to get things started, so min for both #1 and #2
  5. Good to know that, could be useful if away from deed. Although if my alt is branding and standing right in front of the bison it would be more convenient he could also name.
  6. +1 Annoying my alt can do all my breeding but my mayor needs be at deed to do any naming
  7. Hopefully still being worked on, that and the xanalag would be my top two things to improve at the moment. Maybe the North should still have the most spawns as people deeded there for that reason, but increase the spawns South to some extent. And reduce the spawn rate of hyenas, they are almost as numerous as unicorns were before that was fixed.
  8. I am loving this fix, there are actually mobs in central xan now and have to pay attention on deed when I'm on alts. Hyenas are way too many and could use a big reduction in spawn rate to let more interesting critters spawn.
  9. How did the move go?

    If mobs in any way contribute to lag it's time for a cull. Can barely find wild horses and bison now everything is unicorns and hyenas.