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  1. Make offers

    rare oaken rope tool with 88 botd, 3s cod to Caroc if ok
  2. I have two priests in training who I haven't signed up yet as still to hit 50 prayer/channeling so a good bit away from the journal goal. However I think it's always going to be useful to see who else is needing the rites, so I would encourage to keep the thread going for that purpose if nothing else. Regarding scheduling the rites, can only hope as the backlog of priests waiting goes down this may get easier. I would probably tend to accepting the rite going as soon as a minimum number of those waiting are online and not waiting half a day for more to be online. Unfair on those been waiting longer or those who have less playtime, but the deity pool will complete on a random day and random time and noone is otherwise in better or worse position for it. Waiting longer looks clear the rite will go elsewhere. I am kind of torn on the suggestions threads, my Fo's logs show he put in 12k of the prayers to last Holy Crop but he's not ready to cast the rite. Should i really get a journal credit when i am doing the praying for 70 prayer anyway? +5 to all casts is amazing and to some extent should be difficult to achieve. Think i am more likely to +1 the window to re-cast for journal update as that is something needs at least a little organising and getting together with others too. Well done on initiating this thread in the first place
  3. sickle, BOTD88: 78c small anvil, BOTD85: 60c steel lump, BOTD81: 36c to Caroc please thank you
  4. I'll go 4s If it should win i'd appreciate the combined fragments but one
  5. I'd like to take 6k of your dirt, can send by wagoner to Caroc. Thank you!
  6. 5s if it happens to be a winning bid then i'd very much like to take up this offer *If you wish I can combine all fragments but the last one leaving you just the one fragment to attach if requested - just ask!*
  7. Rift June 7

    In K13 square just north east of Mottistone Trading Outpost, tree free and relatively flat North West and South but a steep mountain three tiles East of the rift beam
  8. Those are really nice Was looking for a before and after update, here is a view of the bare hills across Hammer Lake and now they're not quite so bare
  9. Putting this on hold as i have interest but I can't be online until end of next week to trade it The hammer is 92 ql and looking for 7s obo (accepting sleep powders at 1s each too) [10:47:02] A hammer with a metal head and wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [10:47:02] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [103] [10:47:02] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [101]