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  1. Hey, all. Looking good, folks. Man it's great to see such coordination and team work. I'm glad I could be a part of it. Feels good. Just so you know, I made some room on the south side of the west entrance for continued construction. I read that someone was thinking about planting a token there so they can better shape the terrain. So I trimmed the dimensions of my settlement, and there should be room to plant a token south of the west's land entrance which should give you at least 5 tiles west and unlimited south. I actually found a better location I like near Whitefay and was planning on moving there anyway. I'll be moving in about a month, so soon there will be plenty of room for a highway from the west land entrance toward the south, around the lagoon, and westward. I'll be helping out on the canal from time to time. September is fast approaching, and my work is going to ramp up again. It's nice to see so many participating in the project, and so much experience too. It's nice. I'm glad we can all make a contribution to it. When it's done, it will be an important part of the canal system, and it will feel good to know we had a hand in it. Keep up the awesome job, folks!
  2. Wow! Awesome to see so much contribution from so many. That's great. By all means, fellas, provide as much leadership and direction as you guys can, as your experience and knowledge is awesome. And especially since come September I will have less time on my hands. But I'll still chip-in when I can. Great plan, Zethreal. It looks awesome, with a nice land route too. I think using that as our blueprint would be great. And nice contributions from everyone else as well, Thorinoakshield, Ajala, and everyone. I'll still be popping in and out to lend a hand when I can. But summer's almost over, and so is much of my spare time. It'll be great to see when it's all done! Awesome, everyone!
  3. OK. I removed the reinforcements at the west entrance that were within my deeded area (6 south of the token, and 6 east of the token; north and west are outside the canal, and there's nothing there). I found it tough to get really good screenshots of the lighthouse base which houses the source spring. The passage past it (1 tile north and 1 tile south) are steeply sloped downward, with the tile that the lighthouse is on having straight sides down. It sits about 8 dirts above sea level. I'll see about finishing the ceiling soon. I may have to wait until the weekend or next week. This ceiling is done in about 75% of the canal. Only the diagonal and the west elbow need their roof done.
  4. Sounds good. In that case, of connecting to a highway, we should probably put it on the south side of the canal, in part to avoid the north chamber in the west, and also because when exiting the canal at the west end, there is not enough room for a highway on the north side, as it is right close to the water. A highway from the canal would have to move south first before continuing west. Similar situation at the east end, where a highway to the south is more logical. I'll put up a shot of the lighthouse so everyone can see what's there. And ok, the floor I can do down to say 10 dirts below water to get it open to knars as soon as possible, and then go down to 25 after that's done.
  5. Hi, Zethreal. It's not open to any vessels at the moment. I'm currently working on the ceiling which is about half finished. Once I finish the other half of the ceiling, then I'll dig a centerline into the floor for all ships. I'm moving east to west on the ceiling, and then I'll be moving from west to east on the floor. Originally it was built just 3 tiles wide, and I haven't expanded it wider. But we can expand it to 4 and even 5 later if people want that. All I'm doing to the ceiling is raising the center tile only, so that the two sides are sloping for a nice dome effect. So if it is expanded to 5, we can easily go 2 tiles to one side, or 1 tile on each side. I was planning on reinforcing the walls, though, because cave-ins are pretty frequent I have found, maybe something like one block a week falls from who knows where, whether the wall or the ceiling I don't know. If it ever does expand to 4 or 5 the reinforcements would need to be removed. But that's an easy fix with a priest, I'm guessing. Or, if expanding it to 4 or 5 starts very soon, I may as well not even put any reinforcements up at all. It would save a lot of work. I should have the ceiling centerline finished by the end of this weekend. So next week I'll start on the floor's centerline. If you're going to make a land passage on the north side of the canal (east along the diagonal), keep in mind there is a hollowed-out chamber immediately to the north of the short leg by the west entrance (where the first two openings are, the first 2 black squares on the map). There is only one thin wall between the chamber and the canal (1 block thick). If removing this is a problem, then we may have no choice but to make the footpath on the south side of the canal (west on the diagonal). Oh, and one more thing to point out which may require your character's special powers... that underground lighthouse (blue square in the east) is right in the middle of the canal, right on the centerline. There is only 1 tile on the north and 1 tile on the south of it for ships to use. These two tiles are sloped below the waterline from the walls inward, so that the tile that houses the lighthouse has straight sides that drop straight down. We might need your powers to expand the 1 tile passage to 2 tiles on either side. Or maybe we can just remove the lighthouse all together. Is there really a use for it? A lighthouse underground? Maybe we could move it to just outside the east entrance, if moving it is possible. But where it is right now (right in the middle of the canal) seems awkward.
  6. Great explanation, Ayes, I can really see that. What I'm thinking is that if the adjacent tile is higher than the one we are standing under, the levelling function should simply stall and quit (when we don't have concrete in our inventory) without messing-up the flatness of the tile we are standing under, similar to when leveling a lower dirt tile simply stalls and quits (when we don't have dirt in our inventory) without messing-up the flat tile we are standing on. It's not really a bug, then, but it does bug us. At first we think it's doing what we want it to do, when all of a sudden... presto... the tile we are under is not flat anymore. Levelling isn't supposed to alter the tile we are under (in the case of the ceiling) or on (in the case of dirt). A message and an auto-abort like with dirt would be better, I think.
  7. Hey, all. I'm thinking it would be useful to have height indicators on ceiling tiles when we have our pickaxe activated and hover our mouse on a ceiling tile. You know how ground slopes are indicated when we have our shovel activated? Same sort of thing on the ceiling would be very helpful, so we would know exactly where to mine to get a ceiling tile flat, or sloping just the way we want it. I know ceiling tiles don't have borders. But we don't really need them. When we have our pickaxe activated and hover the mouse on a ceiling tile, the height of each corner could be written in each corner just inside the blue outline. The number would indicate the height above the tile we are currently standing on, from each floor tile corner to its corresponding ceiling corner. It would be very helpful.
  8. Yeah. When I first moved into the area a couple of months ago, the house's walls were cracking and the building was falling apart, but the token was still there. Then about a week later, the token was gone. Then about 3 or 4 weeks ago the token came back, and the building was fixed up. So someone likely moved in again, though I'm not sure if it's the same person or another. At any rate, I'm going to continue working on the existing configuration for now. Over the next few months, if we manage to locate the owner of the deed, I'll offer him a few pieces of silver to see if he'll resize one corner of his land to accommodate a new canal entrance. If successful, we can always make a new entrance and plug-up the current one. But for now I'll just go with the current blueprints, as the hardest part is already done.
  9. (Sorry, I just saw there's another post on the same issue. I tried to delete this one, but can't figure out how.) Hi, devs. Just wanted to report a bug when attempting to flatten ceiling tiles in a cave or canal. I originally put the post in the assistance section. But after others pointed out that it is actually a bug, I decided to post it here. Here's what happens: Standing under a flat ceiling tile, I click on an adjacent ceiling tile and hit "level", which is supposed to mine the adjacent tile until it is flush with the tile I am under. The adjacent tile is lower than the flat tile I am under, so it should chip away at the adjacent tile until it is level with the tile I am standing under. While it chips away, I keep my mouse on the adjacent tile to see how the blue outline changes. After a few strikes with the pickaxe, one of the far corners of the adjacent tile moves up a notch, so it takes a bite out of one of the farther corners first. So far, so good. Then after a few more strikes, one of the near corners of the adjacent tile (which is also one of the corners of the flat tile I am standing under) also moves up a notch, so it takes a bite out of a near corner second. This, however, causes the flat tile I am standing under to become unflat. I then have to back up to a flat tile behind me and attempt to fix the first tile I was standing under. But as before, even this tile goes from being flat to being unflat. So the levelling procedure is undoing the flat tiles when it chips away at the corners that meet the flat tile. Obviously, if the tile we are standing under is already flat, then all four of its corners are of the same height, and none of its four corners should ever be mined when levelling an adjacent tile. Only the two far corners of the adjacent tile should be mined, and even then, only as much as required to meet the height of the original flat tile. Thanks, folks.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, folks. I observed a couple more details about it. When standing under a flat ceiling tile and leveling an adjacent ceiling tile, I keep my mouse on the adjacent tile to see how the blue outline changes. After a few strikes with the pickaxe, one of the far corners of the adjacent tile moves up a notch, so it takes a bite out of one of the farther corners first. Then after a few more strikes, one of the near corners of the adjacent tile (which is also one of the corners of the flat tile I am standing under) also moves up a notch, so it takes a bite out of a near corner second. And that is what causes the flat tile I am standing under to become unflat. I'm going to copy this to the "bug" section.
  11. Barring any other suggestions, the only thing I can think of to get a perfectly smooth and flat ceiling that is consistent all the way through is to flatten the floor down the centerline from one end of the canal to the other, maybe some 4 or 5 dirts above sea level. Then, I just stand on that centerline and mine the ceiling to the max height, which is 31 above where we are standing. This way, because the floor I'm standing on is the same level all the way through, so too will the ceiling be the same level all the way through, at 31 above the floor. Anyone have a better suggestion?
  12. Hey, all. I'm trying to smoothen out a canal ceiling that is still under construction. I stand under a flat ceiling tile (it says "flat" on it), I then click an adjacent ceiling tile, and click the "level" button. This should bring the adjacent tile to the same level as the flat tile I am under and make it flat too. It starts to chip away at the adjacent tile, but after a couple of chips suddenly the tile I am standing under stops being flat. I then have to move backward to a previous flat ceiling tile and try to level the tile that used to be flat. It starts to chip away at that tile when suddenly it happens again... the tile I am under stops being flat. I then have to backup to the previous flat tile behind me. Instead of moving forward and flattening as I go, I am moving backward because the tiles that were flat suddenly become unflat. How can I keep the previous flat tiles from going unflat? If I reinforce a flat ceiling tile, will that prevent it from unflattening?
  13. I surveyed the western outlet a little more. I found that a continuation of the diagonal straight into the water does seem to be feasible. The bend in the diagonal as it is now sits around 24 tiles inside. So I ran up 24 tiles north of the current entrance and found the spot where the diagonal would meet the water. It turns out to be on the perimeter of "Joe's Bar & Grill", not on his actual settlement. If we can find the owner of Joe's Bar & Grill, maybe we can negotiate with him to reduce his dimensions and allow me to put up a token just a little south of the point where the diagonal meets the water. That way, the point where the diagonal meets the water would be on the edge of my deed, and he wouldn't have to give up very much at all. Does anyone know how we can find out who the owner of that deed is? Of course, tunnel entrances cannot be at an angle, so at some point there will be a little elbow to the west just as the canal exits the mountain. So I don't know if it's really worth it to go through all that to make an extension of the diagonal. We would have to solve the adjacent chamber problem, negotiate with the current settlement owner, setup a temporary token and claim some tiles for proper removal of reinforcements and to make other terrain adjustments, and then still be left with a short elbow when exiting the mountain (the mountain's exit is about 7 or 8 tiles from the water). What does everyone think? Should we just stick with the existing entrance? I'm ok either way.
  14. That's awesome, Ajala. I can give you permissions if you give me your character's name. Or actually, now that the opening is made, I don't think we really need a token there. I don't think anyone mining the canal would even use the token to sell anything. I wonder if I should just disband that settlement? Do you think there is any further use for it, now that we have an entrance?
  15. Good suggestion, Thorinoakshield. But there is a chamber measuring approx. 10 x 20 in the way, which the first two openings lead into. When I removed a few rock blocks along the 3rd opening's tileline, I hit a block that could not be removed, giving me the message that the rock sounded hollow and it would open into an adjacent shaft (or something to that effect), which is actually that 10x20 chamber. There appears to be just one thin wall between the chamber and the canal, and I can't break that wall. But even if we could remove that wall and continue through the chamber on a diagonal toward the sea, there's a settlement in the way before reaching the water. We might offer to buy him out with enough silver, maybe. I haven't surveyed the area to see if there is enough of a rockface to allow us to punch through on the diagonal even if we did buy-out the settlement. I know the settlement is flat, only about 40 or so dirts above sea level for a distance of about 30 tiles or so. So the rockface (if there is one) would be about 35 tiles away from the sea. We could dig a canal through the settlement (if we could buy it). If someone wants to negotiate with the deed owner, it's worth a shot. But I haven't surveyed the area well enough to know if it's even a viable location for a canal entrance.