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  1. Bug reports!

    I suddenly can't open my own small barrels.
  2. Sawrio Server

    Thanks very much, it worked.
  3. Sawrio server isn't up to date. I also can't find the host, frozenjim on the forums anymore. Is the server abandoned ? I hope not, I have almost 500 hours invested in it.
  4. Sawrio server has been down all day. Coming back soon ?

  5. Sawrio Down

    Thanks very much. I didn't know how to reach them.
  6. Sawrio Down

    Sawrio server has been down all day. Maintenance ?
  7. Sawrio needs update

    Thanks :)
  8. Sawrio needs update

    Can the person who runs Sawrio server please update to 1.7 ? I'm dying to set stuff on stuff. lol. Seriously, pls update. Can't play there till you do.